People seem really angry right now. And mouthy and ranty. And I kind of get this. There is so much to be worried about. But I try each day to greet the dawn with some level of counting my blessings. Like right now. I am counting my blessings that Mr Woog and the Woogettes are enjoying the most wonderful time in Thredbo, while I bunker down at Mum's place getting spoilt. Last … [Read More...]

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WoogsWorld After Dark.

We tend to finish dinner early around these parts and lately I have found myself spending time with the kids doing two very different activities. I was recently … [Read More...]


The Real Fridges of WoogsWorld Readers.

I am going to guess that you own a fridge. I am not sure why, but I just know these things. And because I like to blog about the mundanities of life, I thought it … [Read More...]

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5 Things I have learnt this week (even though it is only Tuesday)

I know it is only Tuesday, but this week has yielded many truths already. So I am pleased, no STOKED, to present to you the 5 things that I have already learnt this … [Read More...]


Ten Things I Love About You – Freddie Kluger

This is a Sponsored Post Brought to you by Toyota Kluger A few years ago, our long-suffering car (Mazda) finally called it a day and went to the great car … [Read More...]

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Sunday Special Guest – Emily from Have a Laugh on Me.

Do you have a booby trap? Don’t kids say the strangest things? I nearly choked the other day when my daughter said very loudly to her teacher that “even my … [Read More...]

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Pre-Labour Preening? Or full bush…

Fox in Flats is a fabulous blog that gives mums achievable and relevant tips to help navigate motherhood in style.  I love reading it,  although I do not actually … [Read More...]

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The Top Ten things Stolen from Hotel Rooms.

I recently found myself in one of those rare and lovely positions, that being in a hotel room, sans family. It was a large chain name establishment, smack bang in … [Read More...]


Why I won’t drink Kale + Win an iPad Mini!

Sponsored by Origin Energy What is Energy? Well when I ask myself that question, my first thought is that energy is the thing that leaves my body each … [Read More...]

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In a pickle… Buying gifts for difficult people.

Mr Woog is very hard to buy gifts for. He just isn't into "stuff". Sometimes I will present him with a gorgeous lambswool jumper, or a book I think he might like and … [Read More...]

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Start the conversation.

It is hard to try and explain depression to anyone who has not been touched by it in some way. I was speaking to my friend about my own personal struggle with … [Read More...]

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Telstra Faults and Services

One of the many misconceptions when you work as a blogger, is that people think you know a lot about computers. This, in my case at least, could not be further from … [Read More...]

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Of curry puffs and manicures.

I grew up in Windsor, a town about an hour west of Sydney. If you hit the Blue Mountains you have gone to far. I still have a lot of family out there, so I get to … [Read More...]

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Guest Post Sunday – Tanya Simpson

Dip me in a bath of inspiration. I’ve overdosed on so many motivational and inspirational quotes lately, I’m now immune to them. Like when you drink all the … [Read More...]

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How I became my mother.

The first thing that I recall my mother saying to me that made absolutely no sense whatsoever, occurred just after I had had a paddling with the Board of Education. … [Read More...]


An open letter to Loretta.

Dear Loretta, Thank you for your comment last week regarding a post I wrote about being sprung wearing gym gear to the shops. From your words, I can only take … [Read More...]

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The Person Who Inspires Me the Most.

So I get this phone call from the school yesterday. You know how you start having a heart attack when the school calls? Because they are never calling you with … [Read More...]