The Man of My Dreams

I don’t know about you, but one topic of conversation that always has me reaching for my pillow, is one that starts off with the following sentence. “I had the strangest dream last night…..” This is then followed by a long and detailed recount of my companion’s dream, which really only has any meaning to them and no one else. Having said that, I came across an article … [Read More...]

The Left Lunch

Got up this morning, made some coffee. I made Horatio a smoothie and yelled at the cat. I put a load of washing on and begged Jack to stop dancing and get dressed. I … [Read More...]

A Weekend Quickie with Jessica Rowe

I first met Jessica Rowe in 2013 when I was a plus one at the launch of her book Love, Wisdom, Motherhood. It was basically love at first sight. Jess is one of those … [Read More...]

How to manage paperwork

If you came to this blog for the first time because you googled HOW TO MANAGE PAPERWORK I apologise. Because I have no bloody idea. But as I continue to play grown … [Read More...]

Hurt people hurt people – My theory as to why people are assholes

I went for a walk this morning with mates. We went bush and it took all my concentration not to tumble down the rocky paths. Once we reached the bottom of the path … [Read More...]

Sock Management 101

If you Google the word SOCKS it will throw you back 382,000,000 results, which is almost exactly the amount of socks that lives here at Chateau Da Woog! And always, … [Read More...]

Losing it

Virginity is the state of a person who has never engaged in sexual intercourse. I remained in this state until the age of seventeen, and while my friends were … [Read More...]

Mamma Mia!

“Part of the reason motherly advice bugs us as daughters is because our mothers are so powerful in our lives. They loom like giants. The reason mothers keep at it is … [Read More...]

A Weekend Quickie with Julie Goodwin

I first met Julie Goodwin at a mutual friends birthday party and I have been a firm fan ever since. Not only does she cook like a culinary ninja, she exudes joy from … [Read More...]

On being a part of a cartel

  So by now we all know that mental computation is not my strong point.  So I must have completely taken leave of my senses when I agreed to start … [Read More...]

How to lose thirty kilograms

Me and my mate Angela Mollard. I am about 110kg's here. A very good paddock indeed. I kind of almost hate myself for this post, which is so, so stupid. You see, in … [Read More...]

The end of WoogsWorld

Or so I thought..... On Thursday, about mid morning, it was bought to my attention that my blog was GONE. "No biggie...." I thought to myself, thinking that … [Read More...]

Seventeen Quick Questions

Do you remember when you were in Kindy and you had Show and Tell, or News? You would stand up in front of the class and hold out something that you found in the car … [Read More...]

How to make the worlds best chicken pie

Sponsored by Steggles There comes a time when your family moves from being a one roast chook family, to a two roast chook family. But what happens when one is too … [Read More...]

A tale of sausages and judgement

"Where is my mouth guard Mum?" And so it begins again. Footy season is upon us again and all over Sydney, puffer vests are getting a thorough airing as the … [Read More...]

A Weekend Quickie with Lady Julia Morris

FANGIRL ALERT I first "met: Julia Morris via Twitter back in the day when it was not the shit storm it tends to be now. We would have witty discussions and laugh … [Read More...]

My name is Mrs. Woog and I am a sell out.

Recently, a lot of you (thank you kiss kiss) filled out a reader survey so I can get to know my readers a little more. I was starting to read some of the responses … [Read More...]