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When Horatio Met Nathan Hindmarsh.

I was standing on a field watching Horatio do some footy training with Nathan Hindmarsh, when I heard the news that the NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell had resigned. Yes, that is a sentence that I just actually typed. We were there as we had been invited to take part in the , which is a new campaign to stop kids going and pigging out on … [Read More...]

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5 Things to do at The Royal Easter Show.

It is that time of the year, when the country folk roll into town and show us city slickers a thing or two about living. I adore the show, and go every year apart … [Read More...]

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How to fish.

This post is bought to you the Play it Safe by the Water Campaign. Over the course of last summer, my oldest kid Horatio grew into a man. Well, maybe a mini-man. … [Read More...]


I Touch Myself Project

My first ever car accident happened in 1991. I was driving back to boarding school after a weekend at home. I turned the radio up, because Chrissy Amphlett was … [Read More...]

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Ear Infection

A Sunday morning spent at the local medical centre, does not a happy camper make. You are sitting there on some nasty green and purple chairs, along with half of the … [Read More...]

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“You. a writer? Listen dear, you could not write “fuck” on a dusty venetian blind.”

I first met Wendy Harmer at a job I was doing. I was on a panel and she was the adjudicator. Could you imagine? WENDY HARMER! She was my idol back in the day of 2Day … [Read More...]

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Old Friends

Wonderful break was had in Bali, with the 9 of us mainly behaving ourselves. Although three of our party did engage in some motorbike racing at midnight, and I am … [Read More...]

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Lunch at Mama San

Mrs Ryan and myself (unexpectedly) dined as guests of Mama San. Last night we dined at my favourite restaurant in Bali, Sarong. We were fairly thirsty it would … [Read More...]

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Like Selling Ice to an Eskimo.

  Jack has made a new friend, an elderly lady named Wayan who works the strip of Legian Beach where we are staying. They bonded over their mutual love of … [Read More...]

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The Bali Nine.

Greetings from Bali, where the weather is hot, the beer is cold, and I am travelling with my sister, my mum, Jack and an assorted gaggle of mates. All 9 of us (the … [Read More...]

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Fight For You.

Brought to you by the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation. I literally grew up on a racetrack. Tamworth Jockey Club, The Capital of Country Racing to be … [Read More...]


How to get rid of nits.

Not since the summer of 2010 have the Woog's been hit so hard by a plague of headlice. It was late Sunday afternoon, and I watched one of my offspring scratch … [Read More...]

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Glamour Granny

Yesterday we celebrated Dad's 70th Birthday with a knees up in his backyard. Dad cannot believe he is 70. He told me when he was my age, and someone turned 70, they … [Read More...]

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Sunday Special Guest – Julie Shinners

When Tragedy Meets Comedy I recently read an article here about a study done by researchers in the US, which essentially showed that it takes 36 days after a … [Read More...]


Retro Saturday – Choose Life

Each Saturday, we shall be revisiting posts from the past that struck a chord with you. If you are a reader from way back, you might remember this one.  And if you … [Read More...]

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Another reason to be glad you do not live in North Korea.

There are many reasons to be glad that you do not love in North Korea... Here is another one. CLICK HERE … [Read More...]

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Let Them Eat Cake.

This morning I raced to the bakery to collect 30 cupcakes so I could despatch them to Jack's Classroom teacher, as to relieve any mother guilt that I may have … [Read More...]