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Husbands and Wives.

Last night I was watching television. Can we just discuss for a second how crap it is as the moment? I sat there watching a show about spoilt dogs, and a dog was about to have a Bar Mitzvah. I am serious! I wasn't ready for bed, so I started flicking through my phone, doing a little tidy up, deleting some apps, deleting some phone numbers, restoring some data, you know the … [Read More...]

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Are you irrational? I AM!

Things have been quite hectic here at Woogsworld, with all sorts of things going on. So I set aside yesterday for a solid day of writing when I got a phone call from … [Read More...]

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Chucking a sickie

Back in my day (when the dinosaurs ruled the earth) you had to be a world-class actress to get away with chucking a sickie. For my Mum was as sharp as a tack, and it … [Read More...]

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Rate your fitness!

It is never a good sign when you turn up to Huffy Puffy to find that you are the only victim in attendance. This is because you cannot "fake" exercise as you have … [Read More...]


The Curse of the Fussy Eater.

Sponsored post One of the biggest mysteries to me is the fact that my two kids have the same parents. There is absolutely NOTHING similar in them. One … [Read More...]

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Doesn’t like a fuss…

Yesterday Mr Woog celebrated a birthday. Now, he is not one for a fuss, but I believed that a little garden party was in order to celebrate. But keeping in mind that … [Read More...]

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A bad week for Feminism.

Unless you have been living under a rock this week, (and trust me, sometimes that is a good thing) you may have noticed that the word de jour is feminism. It … [Read More...]

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How are you with surprises? I am either delighted or mortified by them. Delightful surprises include: Incidental weight loss Finding a ten dollar note in a … [Read More...]

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You’re Fired!

Out of all the disasters in my life, I have never been fired from a job! And there have been plenty of opportunities for me to have done so, as I carried out the … [Read More...]

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The Problem with Addiction.

That is the problem with addiction. Withdrawals kick in immediately. I am getting cranky and irritable. The shakes are inevitable. You see my coffee machine has … [Read More...]

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So what did you get up to on the weekend? Apparently we are all bullshitting about how fantastic the weekend was, so we can appear cultured, sexy and interesting. So … [Read More...]

Show me your friends and I will tell you what kind of person you are.

My beloved Poppa died in 2004 just two days before my second son was born. I was unable to go to his funeral and was just bloody miserable. As a tribute, I named my … [Read More...]

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My Greatest Masterpiece.

$534.75. That is the amount I need to raise TODAY to reach my Target for LOUD SHIRT DAY. Loud Shirt Day is the main fundraiser for The Shepherd Centre, a charity … [Read More...]

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Tell me, who are you?

One of the best things about having a blog is the comment section. Over the years, this old blog has had tens of thousands of comments. Some of them … [Read More...]

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Putin on the Ritz.

So, last night Mrs Goodman and I were on our way to Trivia, so I could share my great knowledge of obscure 80's music references with the world, when we were … [Read More...]

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Would you sell your pet?

How much is your pet really worth? Well for me, it depends on the day. When my cat Chuy bought a feral rabbit into our bed last Sunday morning, I was ready to put … [Read More...]

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5 of the Best – MOM JEANS

Last week I was murdering myself at Huffy Puffy class when I noticed a teenage girl walking past. She was probably thinking "Look at those old ladies.... how … [Read More...]