Every few weeks I trip over my moustache. I will take a good, hard look at myself in the magnifying mirror and recoil in horror. PEACH FUZZ, otherwise known as vellus hair, quite often will overtake my face which is totally normal for a gal of a certain age. It is only when I wear makeup that I really notice it but I notice it and it bugs me. Like most things, I like to … [Read More...]

An opinion piece on opinions

Everybody has an opinion. And we all feel the need to share it with anyone that may raise an eyebrow our way. It is human nature to tell others of our thoughts and … [Read More...]

Is the Dinner Party Dead?

From my earliest memory, Mum would throw dinner parties. We had a formal dining room that was never used apart from her dinner parties. Mum would spent all day … [Read More...]

Never trust a fart

Warning. This blog post contains strong imagery. Reader discretion advised. Oh punters, I have been poorly. I have managed to stride through the winter, watching … [Read More...]

The Hot Flush – Episode 4

  Mrs Woog is poorly, Mrs Berry is forgetful and riding off the back of a week of unprecendent inexplicable rage. There's tea, solving the world's woes, the … [Read More...]

Best Pissing Practices

Drain the main vein. Syphon the python to keep the bladder gladder Having a piss Making a wee Whatever you call it, I know a lot more about it today than … [Read More...]

Confess Your Quirk!

  Everybody is born with a clean slate, and as you get older and experience life, you learn and experience the sensations of fear, elation, sadness, … [Read More...]

Not so dynamic

Difficult working conditions here at Casa Da Woog this week as Mr. Woog spent the weekend tending to his beloved garden. With Spring upon us he has been going heavy … [Read More...]

Prepare the Laser!

  So losing one's eyesight is also one of the many things that one can look forward to, as the years whiz by. I spent the first ten years rocking a … [Read More...]

Spring Fling!

Spring has sprung well and truly around these parts and to celebrate, I SHAVED MY LEGS! Shaving my legs is a bit of a big deal because it must be approached with … [Read More...]

The Teacher’s Pet

Sponsored by Westpac, who is proud to offer Mathspace Essentials free to all Australians Mrs. Prescott had had enough. ‚ÄúPlease do not use red pen to do your … [Read More...]

How to spot a fake

I have been around the block a few times when it comes to all things blogging, and I pretty much have seen it all. The drama, the tantrums, full scale wars at times. … [Read More...]


Unless you have been living under a rock, you would know by now that Princess Kate is expecting her third child. This, apparently, has lifted the spirits of the … [Read More...]

The Hot Flush Episode 3

Ok so this episode of The Hot Flush, The premiere podcast for the peri-menopausal IS NOT SAFE FOR WORK! Or children or churchgoers or anyone who intends to vote … [Read More...]

We are not plankton

Recently I worked on a proposal for a job that I really wanted to get. I was ENTHUSED! It was the perfect fit for me and my readers, and got all the green lights and … [Read More...]

The Influenza Bonanza of 2017

Look, I had put off commentating on this particular topic because BORING but I don't think I can anymore. Myself, well a head cold had threatened me several times … [Read More...]

The Hot Flush – Episode Two

Have you gotten the kids off to school and are facing Mount Washmore? Are you sitting at your desk at work and need to look busy but are rather bored? Do you … [Read More...]