Every morning Jack wakes me up and asks the question "What are we having for dinner?". I am not kidding. Every single morning. I don't mind cooking here and there, but I am really starting to resent having to do it everyday. My podcast buddy Kim is a terrific cook, despite having started the hashtag #everyfuckingnight. But her meals are delicious, like popcorn … [Read More...]


My face when asked "What have you done all day?" Inertia is the resistance of any physical object to any change in its state of motion (this includes changes to its … [Read More...]

The anthem of my youth.

Did you ever sit, on a Sunday night, hunched over your cassette deck listening to Casey Cason with the single intent of making the worlds most brilliant mixed tape? … [Read More...]

Writing my therapy.

To take to ones bed means to become bedbound due to sickness or infirmity. Infirmity means physical or mental weakness, and this,my friends has been me down to a … [Read More...]

For John

  There are very few people, I suspect anyway, that can claim to have died in the same room that they were conceived in. But not my (step) Dad. We lost … [Read More...]


Yesterday I went into town with Andy the Publicist. Andy is the head of Publicity at Allen and Unwin and we get on very well indeed. We have very high-brow exchanges … [Read More...]

Be kinder than you were the day before.

Yesterday I had coffee with two, relatively new mates. I actually met them via this blog! Both readers, one was a local who insisted we met for coffee and has gone … [Read More...]

Blinking Cursor Syndrome

I don't often get stuck for ideas on what to blog about, but Blinking Cursor Syndrome has hit my brain today, so why don't we explore that? Did you know that … [Read More...]

Wildly Oscillating

My new dinner set arrived. I was not in the mood to be greeted with this scene. It would appear that the postie threw it onto the front verandah from his speeding … [Read More...]

2000 Women

Sponsored by Breastscreen NSW I know that you usually swing by Woogsworld for a bit of shits and giggles, but today I want to get a bit serious. I have been … [Read More...]

Disrespecting Mrs. Fountain

This is me teaching Step Dad and his best mate about Keeping Up with the Kardashians last night. Important things that old men need to get their heads … [Read More...]

Gone Home

I have left the lads to their own devices and have headed out to my parents place, which today seems to be the hottest spot on the planet. Autumn? Why have you … [Read More...]

How do you get your glee?

I rubbed my hands with glee when presented with my lunch yesterday! Since having Isobel Barbara join the Woog clan, there is one emotion that I get to experience … [Read More...]

But tell me, where do the children play?

On Saturday, four little girls turned up at our joint yielding gifts and cards to play and celebrate Jack's tenth birthday. A more gorgeous little friendship group I … [Read More...]

As toey as a goat herder…

In this weeks episode of Woog and Berry, we discuss sex, Kim's libido which is RAMPANT, politics, my book and heaps of other stuff. Have a lovely weekend friends … [Read More...]

Three recent aquisitions

Woog and Berry Episode 8 was supposed to go live today, but because Kim and I tried to do it ourselves, and Producer Adam is in Japan, naturally it didn't work. Kim … [Read More...]

It really does stink.

I realise the tediousness of writing about dog shit for three days in a row, but somehow I have turned Dog Shit Corner into a local tourist attraction! Never have we … [Read More...]