And the bride wore green

I spent the weekend going through withdrawals. Netflix is my dealer and she cut me off on Season 6, episode 2 of Shameless. Debbie had just gotten pregnant and Frank was caught masterbating on the grave of his deceased lover and I was left hanging. Getting jittery, I stumbled across Chelsea Handler's documentary series. I love Chelsea, so much so that Chuy is named after her … [Read More...]

It was just a matter of time

This week a note came from our school saying that because there was such a slack take up of volunteers, the school canteen would be closed two days a week. You … [Read More...]

Add to cart

Gone are the days when I would visit the supermarket and wander the isles, chucking in random shit that I didn't need. For a few years now, I have been an avid fan … [Read More...]

How an interpretive dance can lift ones spirits

Sponsored by Bupa A baby Wooglette Having bought puppy Isobel into the family recently, I am very much reminded of having babies. I am doing the old eat, play, … [Read More...]


Don't you just loathe the way that people share their exercise habit on social media, and wear it some sort of smug badge of honour? If you are one of those … [Read More...]

Teen Speak

Yesterday Horatio said to me, as I was on the way out, "Ily Bae!" which stumped me. So I put it up on the Facebook page. What is this new language my new … [Read More...]

Woog & Berry Episode 2 – Socially Awkward

This week we discuss who we are crushing on, who is #onthelist, why Mal Turnbull outed himself as a fattist and why you should be wary of see-through tops. Go … [Read More...]

You have to have standards

May I start this post by paying my respects to Honey Badger who passed away last night and was quickly half eaten by the rest of the team. RIP HB. Your visit was … [Read More...]

Dog Park Politics

Having been given the all clear from Dr. Nick, Isobel and I headed up to the local institution that is THE DOG PARK yesterday. It took me straight back to the time I … [Read More...]

Kind and Happy!

At the beginning of last year, I deemed 2015 to be the year of PATIENCE. In fact, it was one year ago to this very day that I wrote about it.┬áIt was an interesting … [Read More...]

More mouths to feed

For Christmas Horatio was gifted a large fish tank from his Grandma. This morning the fish tank was set up, and yes. We have more mouths to feed. Years ago, … [Read More...]

Woog & Berry – Episode 1

All the cool kids are doing it, and now the not so cool kids! Welcome to Woog and Berry, a podcast celebrating the mundanities of life! Any suggestions and … [Read More...]

“Jane, this is another clematis!”

Woogs are travelling as guests of Singapore Tourism. Sometimes when the kids have been totally feral on the weekends, Mr. Woog will take them to the local nursery … [Read More...]

Are you a social traveller?

Woogs are travelling thanks to Singapore Tourism Mum allows and extra 20 minutes to get through security screenings. Yesterday myself, Mum, Horatio and Cousin … [Read More...]

How to buy walking shoes.

  I am taking it as a sign. My first official slide into middle age. Today I am going to buy a pair of comfortable "walking" shoes. You see I leave for … [Read More...]

How to remove a rat.

I was alerted to the fact that there was a dead rat by my mate Nikki, who stayed with us last night. I looked at her, my eyes pleading with hers. "You know I … [Read More...]

I’ve nothing much to offer.

It would be remiss of me to let today pass without acknowledging David Bowie. So weird hey? You know when artists, singers, actors and folk like that die, you sort … [Read More...]