Why I have decided to get botox

I am fully aware of my love of rugby union. I love watching the game and over the years, I have even started to understand the rules. Horatio made his A-Grade debut this weekend. It was the perfect winter day, with full blue sky and a lovely sun that ensured that I had my daily dosage of vitamin D. Horatio was very nervous and was given quite the pep talk before the match. … [Read More...]


Ahh, weekend sport. The time honored tradition of rugging up for rugby. Standing on the sidelines with a sausage sizzle in your hand as you drip sauce down your … [Read More...]

The Luxurious Period

What do these four items have in common? According to the Australian Government, they are all considered to be luxury items. This week the Greens were … [Read More...]

Inside my linen cupboard

It is not unusual to be left feeling inadequate when you spend some time on social media. It can make you feel fat and frumpy, a shit-house cook, a hot mess in most … [Read More...]

Does your brain ever default to become your enemy?

It has been about a fortnight since Putin and Trump colluded together, along with Google, to take down* Australia's Number One Ridiculous Website. I am not going to … [Read More...]

“It hurt like fire in my tits”

Do you watch the HBO show GIRLS? I did and I loved it and was very emosh when the series came to an end. Hannah, the main character pictured here with her son … [Read More...]

If I was you, I’d want to be me too. Except not.

Did you know that your "funny bone" isn't even a real bone? I started thinking about it when I whacked my elbow on the car door during the long weekend. The result … [Read More...]

Enter the Stirrup Pant

Look, to be honest I had heard the rumours but I didn't believe it could be true. That was before I walked into Witchery yesterday morning and was confronted by a … [Read More...]

Have fingers. Will pick.

My name is Mrs Woog and I am an unconscious picker. Oh, and I am also a conscious one as well! Multi-talented in the art of picking, that's me! I come from a … [Read More...]

What goes around….

I believe many things to be 100% true. I know when I am desperate for a coffee that there will be no milk. I know that when I go to empty the dishwasher, one of my … [Read More...]

10 Things Our Grandmas Got Right.

Whether yours is still with us, or has passed away, your grandma lives on in you, whether you like it or not. My sister has my Nanna, Myrtle Murphy’s physical … [Read More...]

The Funny Looking Kid

When I was a kid I was not an attractive one. I was as skinny as a rake, had hair that was thin and wispy, sticking up all over the shop. My teeth protruded from my … [Read More...]

Reality Bites

Oh social media, you little minx. In the famous words uttered by Kramer "She's A seductress, she is a siren, she is a virgin, she is a whore!" Depending what your … [Read More...]

The Weekend Quickie with Wendy Harmer

Hands down Wendy Harmer is one of my favourite people in the world. I grew up listening to her on 2Day FM when she was a part of the famous Morning Crew. I got to … [Read More...]

Falling Down

Towards the end of last year, my Dad suffered a fall. Being in his seventies, this is not an uncommon thing to occur. You always hear of people of advancing years … [Read More...]

Adulting and why it is over-rated

Most mornings I walk Jack to school. It is a good way to get my thirty minutes of moving done and dusted and also, just a nice way to really connect with him as he … [Read More...]

The Man of My Dreams

I don’t know about you, but one topic of conversation that always has me reaching for my pillow, is one that starts off with the following sentence. “I had the … [Read More...]