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Is SAHM a SHAM? And how I became the perfect wife.

One on the best things about getting away on a holiday is the fact that you don't really have to do anything. Well, that's how I roll anyway. The concept of nothingness is hard for some to grasp, but not me. I can go from 100 to 0 as quick as it takes to crack the top off a beer and find a quiet place to read. This morning I ventured into town and picked up Annabel Crabb's … [Read More...]

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The Way Woogs Were – 2014

Every year, in what could seem in a some what self indulgent act, I put together a little slideshow of things that happened. This year has certainly had its low … [Read More...]


There once was a gal from Turducken….

Sponsored by Aldi When supermarket ALDI got in touch with me and asked whether I would be able to prepare a Christmas Feast using their “Specially Selected” range, … [Read More...]

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The Seven Year Itch of Ladydom.

One of the things about being a lady-writer of the internet is that you really get to know people, particularly those lovely folk who gets involved in the … [Read More...]

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Sad. Angry. Proud.

Like you, I woke this morning and for one split second felt nothing. And then I remembered. My hand reached over for my phone and I took a deep breath before … [Read More...]


Andy Warhol was here.

Sponsored by the Art Gallery of NSW  When my Mum started dating my Step-father, I remember on one occasion they took us kids to the Art Gallery of NSW, where we … [Read More...]


Aunty Pat’s Annual Christmas Message

Much like the Queen, Aunty Pat has thousands of fans throughout the world. And much like the Queen, she has been delivering her annual Christmas address for years … [Read More...]

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Who cares if the crackers don’t match the plates?

Today I am over at The Hoopla talking about my favourite Christmas Memory, which occurred at The Australian Hotel in Young, NSW. Curious? Click here. … [Read More...]

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A mixed bag.

The doorbell is a ringing around these parts a lot, as I have taken to the inter webs to to do my Christmas shopping this year. You see, when I go to the actual … [Read More...]

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All round excellence in the field of outstanding-ness.

On last count, over the past week, I have spent 9 hours sitting in various halls around Sydney, listening to speeches. In between speeches there have been ballet … [Read More...]

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What type of Social Media User are you?

Todays post is a recycled one, thanks to the Year 5 Presentation Assembly this morning, which will be hard to top the Year 3 Presentation Assembly yesterday morning. … [Read More...]

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Mummy Blogging with Mark Latham

Today, occasional steam venter and former possible Prime Minister Mark Latham ripped into Mummy bloggers. "Oh my god why are you giving this oxygen?" "Because … [Read More...]

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How to save a life.

Today at 12.30pm these animals are scheduled to be put to sleep at the Hawkesbury Companion Animal Shelter. My sister Mrs. Ryan alerted me to this last night, and I … [Read More...]

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The non-sexy, sensible sponsored post.

Sponsored by Origin Energy, Try as I might, I cannot write a sexy post about energy. Simply put because it is not a sexy sell, but it is a necessity for everyday … [Read More...]

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How to make pulled pork sliders.

Because my lovely friend Mrs Goodman is a sensational cook and generous with her expertise, she agreed to share with you the recipe for what she made for us for … [Read More...]

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Neighbours. Everybody needs good Neighbours.

Did you know that the TV show Neighbours, just turned 30? So I must have just been born what it started.... (boom tish) Do you remember when Angry Anderson sang … [Read More...]

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How to taste wine.

Sponsored by Dan Murphy’s Ok, so the Big Mac index was first published in The Economist in 1986, with the intention of showing the differing amount of hours around … [Read More...]