2017 Predictions

It is the post that I know you all hang out for every year about this time. What is in store for us. Following the total shit-storm that was 2016 (can we all agree on that ploise) I am ready to predict that 2017 is going to be fantastic. (Mrs Goodman says that 2016 was crap because the numerals add up to 9. Apparently that is a true thing.) Anyway, I am reminded to do … [Read More...]

General Reporting

Last night I was lucky enough to get out of my trackies and into a dress. I grabbed my Mum and Maxabella¬†and into the city we went. We rocked up to the Women In … [Read More...]

All the boys to my yard.

Sponsored Post ¬†I loved reading all of the entries in our X-Tramp Promotion, talk about taking me back! Childhood memories that stay with you... we had it good back … [Read More...]

Mrs Woog gets her face waxed!

Isn't life a bitch sometimes? Like when you are in your mid-40s and your body is OVAH having babies and so then it tries to turn you into a man. I mean, for Christ's … [Read More...]

Jehovah’s Witness Apocalypse

  I was working away, writing as usual, last week when the phone rang. It was a fellow school Mum, a particularly fun one, calling. "Oh goody!" I thought … [Read More...]

The Sale

Sometimes, for fun, I search the Domain site for two bedroom art deco units in Potts Point. This is because, once my children turn 45 and decide to leave home, I … [Read More...]

Mrs Woog’s Annual Christmas Gift Guide. 22 things that are nice (and one that is questionable…)

Oh Hello December First! It is very nice to see you for the 44th time. I must say, 2016 has not been my favourite, but I am trying very hard to focus on the … [Read More...]

Party Do’s and Don’ts.

What is with this time of year? Why do we always feel the need to catch up with people that we have spent the last 11 months trying to avoid? Why would you … [Read More...]

One Christmas Problem Sorted!

Sponsored Post Husband and wife Mark and Leasa came up with this fantastic idea after watching one of their kids jumping on the trampoline on a skateboard deck with … [Read More...]

Husband baulks at buying tampons.

When my siblings, along with my Mum, used to do the weekly grocery shop, nothing would delight us more than adding random things to the trolley. This made Mum's … [Read More...]

Some tips on how to deal with unpleasant women.

  Oh we have all done it. Been a bitch that is. You learn it growing up as a form of self-protection. But I really want to break it down as to why bitchiness … [Read More...]

Three offensive smells that I just cannot abide by.

On Tuesday I was at a meeting in the city. When the meeting ended, I went to the lifts and pressed the going down button. The elevator doors opened and standing … [Read More...]


I have recently been addressing an issue that has haunted me for the past few years. Ye olde negativity. Self doubt and unhelpful thoughts. It is like I have … [Read More...]

Bringing back the pant.

As sure as the sun will rise, there is one thing that I cannot live without. Oh, apart from oxygen, water and edible sustenance. Them would be my undies. Knickers, … [Read More...]

How to declutter your wardrobe.

Who hasn't answered the urge to peel into Zara and purchase a stupid t-shirt with a ridiculous saying on the front... And who hasn't seen something worn by a … [Read More...]

5 great Apps to help you calm the farm.

Ok so the farm is inside your head and at this point of the year THE FARM GETS VERY, VERY LOUD AND BUSY! All the animals are screaming out for something or another … [Read More...]

10 Signs the end of the school year is nigh!

Oh yes it's that time of year again, where both you and your crew are completely over the daily grind. Up at 7am, making coffee, a smoothie for one, some weetbix for … [Read More...]