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Waiting at the chemist.

    Yesterday Mrs Spark treated me to a particularly gruelling session at Huffy Puffy. Oh the profanities were loud, frequent and directed at her skinny ass. At one point, I was on all fours like a dog. And like a dog I had to cock one leg, and kick out to the side. I had to do this twenty times. I am not going to lie. When I got to about twelve, I actually … [Read More...]

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Rocking Culottes.

Culottes are not just unpleasant surprises one may get during one’s monthly menstrual cycle. They are the name of a particularly practical garment, which has been … [Read More...]

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Everyday I’m Shuffling.

Let me take you back to March 2012, where a series of unfortunate events occurred. But I made that meeting! Yesterday,  a broken automatic garage door started a … [Read More...]

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How to {thrift} shop.

So I got an email the other day from a reader, asking me about my decorating style. So it got me thinking about the old place and what it contains. And with my hand … [Read More...]

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Have you ever met a famous person?

Do you remember when you were a kid, and you ran into a teacher outside of school? Wasn't it weird? You might have been doing the shopping with your Mum after … [Read More...]

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What is that on your nose?

My body is pretty terrific. Not in the "so hot right now" way, but in the way that I continually do not treat it like the temple that it should be, but it puts up … [Read More...]

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My 3 Favourite Loyalty Cards

The other day I was waiting at the doctors surgery when I decided to do an inventory on my wallet. You know what I mean right? You go through each compartment and … [Read More...]

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To the Magpies in My Street….

Dear Magpies in My Street, Welcome to Spring my feathered friends! A season where you guys get yourself quite worked up, having found your mate and begun your … [Read More...]


Sorry, but I am not sorry.

By  Carolyn Tate Sorry, but I’m a little bit awesome. Do you think women spend too much time apologising? Pantene do, so they made this ad. You can watch it, … [Read More...]

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Meet My {extended} Family.

What a great weekend it was. It even managed to stop raining yesterday, which was terrific as we had our annual quarterly family birthday festivus. As there are so … [Read More...]

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My Laundry – Before and After.

I will tell you one thing for free. I write far too much about laundry and washing. So much so that I was in an ad for Napisan last year. I am not even kidding! I … [Read More...]

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“Would you like fries with that?”

As a country, we consume, on average, takeaway 2.5 times a week. This is because we are all too exhausted from working such long hours and when we do eventually come … [Read More...]

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Every year, in the first week of Spring, I treat myself to my annual grease and oil change. (I am using the word treat probably in the wrong context here) I pop in … [Read More...]

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An open letter to Allan Trinh.

Dear Allan, It recently came to my attention that you have concocted the ultimate recipe for making new mums feel really shit about themselves. You started with … [Read More...]

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Losing your shit.

When I had my son, my sister Mrs Ryan came to visit me in hospital. I recall her holding Horatio and telling me... "This is both the best thing, and the worst … [Read More...]

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What are your domestic irritations?

In what could only be described as a little self-indulgent, and could be filed under the First World Problem category, I thought I would share with you a few things … [Read More...]

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What is really going on in your head? – The Budget.

It was bought to my attention recently that I have built this social media platform, so I am able to voice an opinion. This is true. But there are THOUSANDS of … [Read More...]