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What is your secret beauty weapon?

I have never been asked, but have often thought about if I was stranded on a deserted island, which ten products would I take with me. To be honest I would take a gallon of sunscreen and a survival specialist. Truth be told I have never thought about it at all…. Lets start again. A more traditional segue into an independent product post. Why don't we start with the … [Read More...]

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“She said she liked it better than Pirates of Penzance.”

This is a sponsored post for Carefree Liners Plus. Last week a couple of old mates came over for dinner. We have been friends for over 20 years, have seen each … [Read More...]



Remember cassette tapes? Remember getting a blank tape and spending your Sunday Evening listening to the Top 40 Countdown and being very diligent to record the songs … [Read More...]

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Are bloggers narcissists?

A If you were an ANIMAL, what would you be? I would be a dugong, otherwise known as the cow of the sea. Dugongs are cumbersome, peaceful creatures who like lolling … [Read More...]


Guest Post Sunday – Rebecca Stephens

Looms used to be illegal in America. True story. Back when America was still an English colony, they made the colonists grow the flax and cotton (which paid peanuts) … [Read More...]


Doomsday Prepping V. Dragon Slaying.

It is hard to be cheery sometimes. Somedays I feel we are all taking two steps forward, one step back. And then occasionally coming to a shuddering halt … [Read More...]


The Worlds First Icy Pole.

This is a sponsored post As a young child, I felt I was going to make my fortune by setting up a ladybug circus. You see I had been fascinated by the exoticness of … [Read More...]


You’re from the 70s but I’m a 90s bitch!

1990 was a big year for me. I was in year 11, I had not idea what I wanted to be when I grew up (still don't) and it was the year that I finally "became a woman." My … [Read More...]


The Yellow Peril

Warning. The following blog post contains images that some readers may find offensive. Reader discretion is advised. When I go to a cafe and order some … [Read More...]

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The Art of Thinking Clearly.

I am not a fan of e-readers. I can read media on a screen, but not a book. There is something about picking up a book, turning the pages, sticking in a bookmark or … [Read More...]

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What to do in Port Douglas.

Happy Sunday to you, and greetings from Far North Queensland. We have checked out of the hotel, the kids are swimming in the pool, Mr Woog is asleep on the lounge … [Read More...]

Retro – Star of the Week!

Welcome to Parenting 101,  a series which explored lame attempts at being a good parent.  In the past we have learnt about Embarrassing the Kids,  Substitution and … [Read More...]

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Mrs Woog visits Port Douglas

A few month ago, I visited Noosa as a guest of Tourism Queensland. I was instantly besotted. The gals told me that if I adored Noosa, then I was going to be … [Read More...]


Why I wore an eyepatch (and I wasn’t a pirate.)

This is a sponsored post Brought to you by OPSM When I was a wee tacker, I got my first pair of eyeglasses as my right eye travelled in the directions that I … [Read More...]


The Troubadours of Tonsorial Talent

My Dad retired this year. Last week in fact. And now, he is dedicating the rest of his life to writing. I have been at it for years, and he has sprung from the … [Read More...]


Birthday Presents.

Because my birthday coincides nicely with the end of the financial year, I am normally treated to gifts sourced from stationary shops, as they can be delayed a tax … [Read More...]


Guest Post Sunday – Denise Mooney

It's 10 years since I migrated to this country, and I sometimes forget how many little Australian-isms I’ve added to my vocabulary. Until I go back to Ireland and … [Read More...]