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A dangerous corner.

See the corner of that bed there? I'll give you the hot tip. It has absolutely no give in it whatsoever. You see this morning I was getting ready to go for a walk with the family. For some reason they all need to be in the same room with me all the time, which is driving me absolutely bonkers. Jack cannot stop singing "It's all about the Base" in his high, watery tones. He … [Read More...]

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4 Things to say when you don’t know what to say.

Ever been stuck for something to say? You know, when your brain turns to complete mush and the people you are with start to fear you are having a stroke? It … [Read More...]

Westpac's CEO Gail Kelly, oh for shame....

Why the Secret?

Sometimes blog posts just write themselves. This is one of them. So I was checking out Twitter and I saw a bit of arty bargy going on regarding a new networking … [Read More...]

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Of Amal, Julia Morris, Crushed garlic broken toes and MORE!

So Amal finally found someone she thought she liked enough to marry. And marry they did in Venice this weekend. No photos just yet, but it is believed that Vogue … [Read More...]


How old are you?

I had the most excellent response to a blog post I wrote last week about getting older. So today, I thought we should revisit something I wrote about recently, about … [Read More...]


Taking Stock.

Today I am going to attempt a blogging challenge. The lovely Pip Lincoln from Meet Me At Mikes has set this challenge, named Taking Stock. It is about reflecting on … [Read More...]

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Pay it forward and don’t be a dick.

This morning I was in the kitchen making pancakes for the minions. Looking out onto the backward, positively basking in the sunshine, I started to think about a post … [Read More...]

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Swallow the frog.

There are some things in life that defeat you before you even start trying. Small mundane tasks, which are annoying, but can be elevated to insanity starters at the … [Read More...]

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Growing up I knew I wanted to be a writer. I even toyed with the idea of studying journalism. But fate took me on a different path. I did, however, study at Charles … [Read More...]

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George the Pervert.

Yesterday I woke, refereed a few fights over the weetbix and jumped into the shower. I finished up and wrapped in a towel, entered my Lady Room. My Lady Room is a … [Read More...]

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On getting older.

At this point in my life I have noticed quite a shift in my outlook and, may I just say, about bloody time! This shift presents itself to me every day, and now I … [Read More...]


Oven Slaving with Mrs Woog – Spag Bol.

I am not sure why I continue to torture myself. Every day I ask the lads "What do you want for dinner?" and they reply, without fail. "Spaghetti Bolognese." In … [Read More...]

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Buying a lemon.

No, not wandering into the fruit and veg shop and inspecting yellow citrus fruits. A different type of lemon. Something that you pin your hopes on to give you … [Read More...]

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Waiting at the chemist.

    Yesterday Mrs Spark treated me to a particularly gruelling session at Huffy Puffy. Oh the profanities were loud, frequent and directed at her … [Read More...]

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Rocking Culottes.

Culottes are not just unpleasant surprises one may get during one’s monthly menstrual cycle. They are the name of a particularly practical garment, which has been … [Read More...]

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Everyday I’m Shuffling.

Let me take you back to March 2012, where a series of unfortunate events occurred. But I made that meeting! Yesterday,  a broken automatic garage door started a … [Read More...]

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How to {thrift} shop.

So I got an email the other day from a reader, asking me about my decorating style. So it got me thinking about the old place and what it contains. And with my hand … [Read More...]