Pack your bag. We are off to Thailand!

Do you remember ages ago when I had a brainwave that I would like to take a small group of readers on a holiday? To Bali? Remember? Well, pack me a suitcase because we leave tomorrow. BUT THEN..... I thought I should make it a regular thing and together with Lea from Hello Me, we put together a second trip, this time to Thailand. Here are a few reasons why you … [Read More...]

My New Diet. Try it?

So after yesterdays declaration that personal blogging is OVAH, I started to panic. How was I going to remain viable and relevant in a Pinterest world? I mean, I do … [Read More...]

The Perils of Personal Blogging

Hello? tap tap tap Is anyone there? "We know she’s busy, she doesn’t have time to visit lots of different homepages or blogs or even necessarily one every … [Read More...]

Mrs Woog Reviews – Dafni

I thought I had found the answer to all my prayers. Watching a television ad for a ceramic hairbrush that straightened your hair with a single stroke? I do not care … [Read More...]

The Anxious Extrovert

Fruit makes people beam with So, you have your introverts and your extroverts and all the shades in between, right? There are poor souls who suffer from … [Read More...]

Your Questions Answered.

Today I am going to attempt to answer some questions as submitted by the WoogsWorld Community. They are a mixture of bizarre, funny, serious and plain … [Read More...]

A face for podcasting

Today I am travelling across the city to record my very first podcast with Mrs Berry. Things have changed so much on the airwaves since I wrote this article a few … [Read More...]

A trip through Instagram

Instagram is a social media platform used by millions of people the world over. It is based on photos that you can crop, manipulate and add filters to, to make it … [Read More...]

Living a life half-assed

Well ok, it was dishonest but the truth be told, I simply could not be assed to swim in that race. It was a really, really cold day. I saw all the other girls … [Read More...]

Why you may not leave the table.

I have this Aunty. Her name is Aunty Penny. She is my Mum's oldest sister and is kind of an earth mother. Scrap that. She IS the original earth mother. We spent some … [Read More...]

Passionfruit and Lime Tom Collins? Don’t mind if I do…

Sponsored by Diageo It’s the simplest things that make the BIGGEST impressions! With the roses here blooming like a festival of petals, and star jasmine … [Read More...]

Mrs. Woog visits the Laser Clinic

I got an email from a Laser Clinic a few months ago, asking if I would like to come and have a consultation and a free treatment on my skin. (SEE MEDIA WATCH! … [Read More...]

My Fiddle Leaf Fig called Phillip

I am not one to jump on any given bandwagon when it comes to homewares and interiors. I have seen things come and go. Things like chevron print, pineapples … [Read More...]

My favourite Christmas EVER!

Sponsored by Westfield #THISISCHRISTMAS Yeah that’s me. Sitting on Santa’s lap trying to be so, so, so good that he will give me a pony for Christmas. Didn’t … [Read More...]

Tales from the back seat

In the past few days I have been in a couple of taxis, which one tends to find themselves doing when travelling interstate. A couple of these taxi trips have been … [Read More...]

The Power of One

  Greetings from sunny Brisbane where I am lucky enough to be in the delightful company of Nikki, Carly and Chrissy.  These are seriously good bloggers and … [Read More...]

Things you never thought you would say when you became a mother.

Horatio has been working, for a few months now, after school at the local fruit and veg shop. This week, I went to pick him up. As I walked towards the shop I spied … [Read More...]