“Will you go with me to my formal?”

My Facebook feed is awash with gorgeous looking teenagers going off to their End of Year 12 Formals. This is because I have a nephew who is graduating. Most of the boys look quite awkward all dressed up, but the gals! Wow. It is more Hollywood red-carpet rather than the Rooty Hill RSL club. The body confidence is amazing, as they dare to bare in very fashion forward frocks. … [Read More...]

Why it is ok for your kids to see you cry….

    In this fortnight's episode of Woog & Berry, we talk about being a dreadful mother. And Kim tries on the horrendous ZARA dress, but then … [Read More...]

Six things that I learnt this week

Oh throw my hands up in the air and resist the temptation to run down the street naked! It is the last day of school here in my hood and I for one CANNOT WAIT! Think … [Read More...]

Marriage is the first step towards divorce.

Marriage is the first step towards divorce - Zsa Zsa Gabor Ask any of my family what my most annoying habit is, and they will all tell you the same thing. “She … [Read More...]

Sibling Synergies

SIBLING - each of two or more children or offspring having one or both parents in common; a brother or sister. SYNERGIES - the interaction or cooperation of two … [Read More...]

How to clean a teenagers bedroom in an un-resentful fashion.

If you spend time on Pinterest looking at interior pages, you may realise that you are doing it all wrong. I mean, where is the STUFF? Those who have trodden the … [Read More...]

Going to my happy place.

I was chatting to a mate this morning about how we were both coming back from a minor bout of the blues. And she was blaming social media, where she was watching … [Read More...]

A Map of Tassie

I get quite the sentiment from people that 2016 has been a bit of a bitch in general. For me, it has not been my favourite year to date. What about you? I had a … [Read More...]

The Lost Art of Hanging Up

I give you permission to judge me about what TV show I watched yesterday. I sat through the first Episode of Rob and Chyna, a reality show so bad, that I cannot … [Read More...]

Early to rise.

How do you start your day? Do you get up with the sun, throw open the curtains before doing a five-minute session of grateful, yoga poses before feasting on a … [Read More...]

So…. You accidentally married a douche-bag.

In this fortnights episode of Woog & Berry, we tackle the big issues. Like having periods in your forties. And marrying the wrong fella. Plus find out why Kim … [Read More...]

Mi casa es su casa. AKA the drop in.

How do you feel about the "drop in"? You know, when someone just turns up at your door with no notice? I have mates on both side of the fence. A particularly good … [Read More...]

How to manage a mid life crisis.

I am not talking about yours and mine. We are perfect as we all know. (side eye) But what happens when you previously, contented middle aged partner starts acting … [Read More...]

What does Hillary have in common with the Woogs?

THE SICKNESS OF FILTH! Horatio bought home the sickness of filth last week, and spent 3 days in bed impersonating a poor soul with an advanced case of Emphysema. … [Read More...]

Funk Busters

My youngest son saved up his pocket-money and bought himself one of those light boxes from Typo. Every night he comes up with a new positive mantra. Last night … [Read More...]

How does your family stay connected?

Sponsored by Bupa  My son Jack was born on a Thursday morning and I knew that my family was complete. But I didn’t know back then, the journey that this little … [Read More...]

“Deirdre Chambers. What a coincidence!”

It was standing room only last night at the City of Hawkesbury Council Chambers, as my Mum declared that this was going to be her last council meeting as a … [Read More...]