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What are your domestic irritations?

In what could only be described as a little self-indulgent, and could be filed under the First World Problem category, I thought I would share with you a few things around my place that do not work. We live in an old art-deco cottage which, while it has its charms, also has a myriad of flaws, much like my good self I suppose. But I have just leaned to adjust my behaviour and … [Read More...]

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What is really going on in your head? – The Budget.

It was bought to my attention recently that I have built this social media platform, so I am able to voice an opinion. This is true. But there are THOUSANDS of … [Read More...]

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A Weekend on the Gold Coast.

I have been away this past weekend, up at the Gold Coast in learnament, mainly working out how I can be a better blogger. The truth is that you cannot really blog … [Read More...]

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The role of unreliable toasters in history.

It’s a little known but widely accepted fact that defective toasters shaped history as we know it today.* Crummy bits of burned bread have played pivotal roles in … [Read More...]

Who is this Dirty Slut!

Supermarket chain Aldi, has pulled from its shelves, one of my favourite books ever. Revolting Rhymes by Roald Dahl is what is right with modern literature, taking … [Read More...]

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The Benefits of Cat Napping

This past weekend Mum and I hit up the Sheridan Outlet store in Penrith, where the prices were insanely good. I didn't need anything, yet still managed to get me a … [Read More...]


Managing Mobile Misuse

One of my readers is a lady by the name of Joan. I call her Joanie and she is just the greatest. She lives in Brisbane and is in her 80's. We email each other most … [Read More...]


How to deal with the Agents of Chaos.

Sponsored by Toyota Kids today. They don’t even realise how good they have it. Especially when it comes to road trips. Car trips in the 70s meant everyone … [Read More...]

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Pave Paradise.

Have you ever been to a re-enactment? I have now. Three times. I went to Old Sydney Town and watched a very convincing actor/convict get whipped by a Colonel for … [Read More...]



People seem really angry right now. And mouthy and ranty. And I kind of get this. There is so much to be worried about. But I try each day to greet the dawn with … [Read More...]

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WoogsWorld After Dark.

We tend to finish dinner early around these parts and lately I have found myself spending time with the kids doing two very different activities. I was recently … [Read More...]


The Real Fridges of WoogsWorld Readers.

I am going to guess that you own a fridge. I am not sure why, but I just know these things. And because I like to blog about the mundanities of life, I thought it … [Read More...]

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5 Things I have learnt this week (even though it is only Tuesday)

I know it is only Tuesday, but this week has yielded many truths already. So I am pleased, no STOKED, to present to you the 5 things that I have already learnt this … [Read More...]


Ten Things I Love About You – Freddie Kluger

This is a Sponsored Post Brought to you by Toyota Kluger A few years ago, our long-suffering car (Mazda) finally called it a day and went to the great car … [Read More...]

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Sunday Special Guest – Emily from Have a Laugh on Me.

Do you have a booby trap? Don’t kids say the strangest things? I nearly choked the other day when my daughter said very loudly to her teacher that “even my … [Read More...]

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Pre-Labour Preening? Or full bush…

Fox in Flats is a fabulous blog that gives mums achievable and relevant tips to help navigate motherhood in style.  I love reading it,  although I do not actually … [Read More...]

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The Top Ten things Stolen from Hotel Rooms.

I recently found myself in one of those rare and lovely positions, that being in a hotel room, sans family. It was a large chain name establishment, smack bang in … [Read More...]