“Make mine a turmeric latte!”

Coffee and I began our relationship in the spring of 1996, so nearly twenty years ago. I estimate this as I was in Amsterdam and it was Spring there but not here. Anyway, I was staying with an elderly relative who lived on the outskirts of the city in a little terrace-style house. I remember thinking it was a little strange because she had a photo of her and her husband on the … [Read More...]

Woog & Berry – The BIG NEWS episode!

In this fortnights episode of Woog & Berry, we reveal far too much! Listen to learn about our upcoming date with James Valentine, plus a whole heap of other … [Read More...]

Sixteen Things I learnt this week!

That I have been selling my WORLD FAMOUS TOASTIES way to cheaply at the canteen, despite doubling their price from last time. Please note that a serve is a half of a … [Read More...]

“I cannot WAIT until you have kids!”

This is what my mother used to say to me all the time when I was a wee lassie. That along with "This hurts me more than it hurts you..." and "I love you, but right … [Read More...]

Should we bring back school milk?

So I read an article yesterday in the Herald. Nick Xenophon was suggesting that we re-introduce "School Milk" back into our educational institutions to assist the … [Read More...]

A sniff of Spring!

Well isn't this a perky little post! You see, I swear to god I suffer from SAD, which is Seasonal Affective Disorder, which is a real thing. It makes me meh, … [Read More...]

Embrace your body.

When I was about fourteen, a family friends son made a comment to his mum about my bottom. "She has the biggest bum in the world!" he told her. This comment got … [Read More...]

Leopard print for beginners.

Leopard print is divisive. You are either TEAM LEOPARD or you run for the hills at the very sight of it. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU! To me, it is timeless and I treat it … [Read More...]

Why I love goats.

I have this theory that my anxiety is driven by too many choices in life and information overload. Oh and heights and spiders and people who sneak up on you and say … [Read More...]

Financial Fisticuffs

I tend to take advice from those who have trod the path before. So when I had dinner with Kim, who you know from the podcast, the other day I watched as her two … [Read More...]

The Politics of Envy – Dissecting the Tall Poppy Syndrome.

A few years ago I was lucky enough to meet Ruby Rose because we were both working with a make up brand. Now there is a sentence I never thought I would write. Frumpy … [Read More...]

Hotly anticipated!

Join Kim and I as we discuss all the important things in life. Like the hot Spanish Olympic team! Money back guarantee if you don't smile at least 6 times. … [Read More...]

Do you have a preference for a fancy pant?

Fashion and style frighten me sometimes. I am a jeans and jumper kind of gal, and in summer it would be cargos and t-shirts. I have many friends who are effortlessly … [Read More...]

2017 Interior Trends

I was recently eating my lobster thermidor with my splayd at my melamine breakfast bar, when I came across an article about homewares. Homewares are things to … [Read More...]

Kindness makes me EMO

Last weekend I went to my mate BabyMac's long lunch to celebrate her ten years of blogging. Another good mate of mine Wendy Harmer also came along. There was a lot … [Read More...]

And then the truck hit me.

The day started like any other. Mr. Woog, whose doctor has asked him to lose five kilo's, was pulling on a pair of jeans at the end of the bed when he went into full … [Read More...]

Menu Envy

I read an article the other day about Sydney Fancy Pants CELEBRITY Chef Neil Perry and his new restaurant called Eleven Bridge. I thought for a moment he must have … [Read More...]