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A great gift from Marie O’Neill.

When a lovely (and super talented) reader Marie O'Neill got in touch and asked me if she could do a family portrait of us, I said ok, not sure what to expect. How freaking awesome is she? Marie, I just bloody love it. Makes me smile so much. If you are interested in having your family portrait done, click her logo and get in touch with her. She is ace! … [Read More...]

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An open letter to Rebel Wilson.

*Sits up straight, adjusts glasses, cracks knuckles....* Let us commence. Dear Rebel Wilson, A few years ago I was in New York City where I was attending … [Read More...]

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How to get an upgrade.

Fear is an emotion that results in your thoughts going haywire over something that may or may not happen. It is a perception, a reaction to an unpleasant situation, … [Read More...]

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When did you get your ears pierced?

Last night I was flexing my brain at Trivia Night* when I noticed my friend Em was wearing earrings that were dice. Like regular playing dice. Not dangly dice like … [Read More...]

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Try my Green Smoothie!

  I recently dined with a friend, who found the menu difficult to navigate. When pressed as to why, she proudly told me that she was on the caveman diet. … [Read More...]

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Mrs Woog Reviews – Costco Food Court.

When you think of Ikea, you might think about a few things. Like fighting with your husband, giant ball pits or how the devil are you going to assemble a PAX UGGDAL … [Read More...]

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Boys’ Don’t Cry. Unless they do.

Horatio strapped on his footy boots, which are fluro orange, chosen as I can identify him on the field. His grandfather watched him, and made the comment that "Back … [Read More...]

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Woog News – Notes from a conference.

Well I escaped the lads this week and took myself off to the city for a few nights. My agency The Remarkables Group, gets us all together for a couple of days of … [Read More...]

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Do you love going to the hairdressers?

When it comes to going to the hairdressers, you are going to be in one of two camps. Those who love it, and those who don't. A recent scientific survey (and I … [Read More...]

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We don’t hate.

"We don't hate." Mum would say. "We dislike intensely." She said this so much during my childhood that it has been drummed into me so much that I now cringe when … [Read More...]

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What’s really going on in your head? Gender Equality.

Last Friday I went along to the Botanical Gardens to attend a forum from Our Watch, an establishment to drive nation-wide change in the culture, behaviours and … [Read More...]

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Retro WoogsWorld featuring Jessica Rowe.

I first met Jessica Rowe at the launch of her book Love. Wisdom, Motherhood.  She is everything I am not.  She is tall and elegant.  I am squat and clumsy.  She is a … [Read More...]


School Captain

To celebrate the fact that I am half way done with my bookie-wook I thought I would share with you a random chapter. It is from the anthology currently titled "As … [Read More...]

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Brush with Fame.

It was an exciting day in 1980, where me and my siblings got the morning off school so we could go out to to the Richmond RAAF base to see the Queen! For she was … [Read More...]

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3 great books for Mothers Day.

Mothers Day for me, is Sunday 17th May. I know for the rest of you it is this Sunday, but I am shifting it back a week as I have to have Jack at an eisteddford at … [Read More...]

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Unaffordable Aspirations

  After a particularly gruelling Huffy Puffy session yesterday, I made the gals a hot beverage and we sat in my living room, discussing the big topics. … [Read More...]

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6 Degrees

Mr Woog and I arrived back in Australia in 1998 having spent a couple of years living and working in Europe. Well, mainly London but by saying Europe it sounds … [Read More...]