Women’s March

I ask you seriously. How are you going? Hasn't it been a bit of a ride in the past few days? Me? Well I am buggered. Not I HAVE A NEWBORN buggered, but I feel I have just been the washing cycle on HEAVY DUTY. These holidays are far too long for my liking, my "parenting" is crap and it is showing. I am almost too afraid to read or watch the news BECAUSE THERE DOESNT SEEM TO BE … [Read More...]

Roasting 101

Sponsored by Steggles On the occasion that we spend the weekend with Mum, there is always the following conversation. Mum – “What would you like for … [Read More...]

The People That You Meet

Yesterday I found myself child free for a while, so me and my little friend Sawhole went and got a massage. My lower back is completely farked due to my commitment … [Read More...]

My New Hobby

Towards the end of last year, my talking doctor (aka shrink) advised me that I needed a project. Something that would slow my mind. You know how colouring in was all … [Read More...]

The Premiere Podcast for the Perpetually Sweaty

And we are BACK! Tune into the first podcast of the year where Kim and I discuss fighting siblings, what would happen if Donald Trump, Cory Bernardi and the tool who … [Read More...]

Why I Started My Blog

You know, as a grown up in social situations, you are quite often asked the question. "So, what do you do for a living?" It is often just a question to find … [Read More...]

The Art of Being Disorganised

The phone rang. Recently my phone shat itself and so I got a new one, in the meantime losing all of my contacts. So I didn't know who it was trying to contact … [Read More...]

Moroccan Chicken (For The Win!)

Sponsored by Steggles  If someone was to ask me what my greatest passion was, I couldn’t just answer with one. In no particular order, my passions are as … [Read More...]

How To Embarrass Your Children

It has recently come to my attention that I am a complete embarrassment. I get told this every other day. By my oldest son. Why just now, I came back from my walk … [Read More...]

How To Put On Weight

At our last Huffy Puffy session of the year, it was assessment day. Assessment day is when you get weighed and measured to see whether Huffy Puffy is working at all. … [Read More...]

Ladies who lunch

"How come I have put 5 kilos on in three weeks?" - The Divine Ms. M When Mr. Woog wants to catch up with his mates, he sends them a text to see who wants to meet … [Read More...]

In The Bin 2016

I visited my incredibly clever talking doctor this week. She has been there for me to navigate through what has been a pretty challenging year for me. As I walked … [Read More...]

The WoogsWorld Hello Me 2017 Program IS FINALLY HERE!

When is the last time you looked into the mirror and said... “Hello me!” This year marks the third year of the WoogsWorld and Hello Me partnership. Our aim is to … [Read More...]

Welcome to Team Woog

Brought to you by Bupa My name is Mrs. Woog and I am here today to outline the rules that apply to Team Woog. Team Woog is made up of the Chief Executive … [Read More...]

Julia Watson And Her Legacy.

I first met Julia Watson online. We were both bloggers and both struggling to finish writing a book. We connected online and went onto firm a lovely friendship. Our … [Read More...]

Should You Re-Gift?

Recently, hocked up on caffeine and Rescue Remedy, I tackled one of the most hideous annual events that I put myself through, that being the start of my Christmas … [Read More...]

Of pink lilies and cheap Tahitian Hookers.

I think that we can all agree that we suffered some big losses in 2016. I lost my beautiful step dad John plus my gorgeous and important friend Maria. It has been a … [Read More...]