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Irony is not my friend.

Today I am writing a chapter in the book about chucking a sickie. It is ironic really, that on the first day of school I have one at home. Did you know that if you spend 6 entire weeks submersed in water, that being a pool or the ocean, that the MINUTE you stop, you come down with a raging ear infection? So now you know. It reminds me of the post I wrote a few years ago - … [Read More...]

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Practicing the Art of Patience.

At the beginning of the year, one evening during dinner, I announced to my family that my word of the year was PATIENCE. I was going to practice the art of patience … [Read More...]

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Why I wished that Rosie Batty had not won Australian of the Year.

  My youngest son had just been born, so I was not working for a while. I spent my days in the stupor that was a toddler and a newborn. I remember going on … [Read More...]

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The Negative Brain Dump of Outrageousness.

It is far too early in the year to be be pissed off at random stuff, but I am. I try hard to keep my head in a positive space, and I should perhaps blog about … [Read More...]

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A Personal Update of Current Scenarios.

I am currently staying at a place at Whale Beach, on the northern end of Pittwater Peninsular. You see my oldies hired a house to take all the grandkids away for a … [Read More...]


Back to School and all the feelings.

Brought to you by Big W My baby is going into Year 6 this year! Holy smackers I have no idea where that time went. It seemed just yesterday that I walked into … [Read More...]

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Celebrity Stench

I was in the chemist today as I had to buy some sort of drug to dry up one of my offsprings constant snot issue that he is enduring at the moment. It was one of … [Read More...]


Practical or Pretty?

Happy Saturday to you all! I am up to my nuts in packing to go away this week, so Karin has a tale for you. About bladders and Costco, two of my favourite … [Read More...]

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Who cooks at your joint?

Oh, I know what you are all going to say. "At least he cooks dinner! What are you complaining about you ungrateful cow?" But things are not as simple as it … [Read More...]

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A night at the Big Bash.

This summer has been all about cricket. Watching it on the tv, playing it out on the road with the street gang, getting a new bat for Christmas and talking about … [Read More...]

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Name something that you empty.

"Can someone please come and empty the bin?" is the song I sing each afternoon as I cram yet another piece of garbage into the kitchen receptacle. Some time will … [Read More...]

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How to de-seed a pomegranate.

This summer it has been all about the pomegranate. Horatio is mad about this most annoying of all fruits. He goes to see Mark and Lawrence at the local fruit and … [Read More...]

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Women Don’t Talk Back.

Last night I met Lana Hirschowitz at the ABC Radio Studio in the city, as we had been invited to discuss blogging with host Emma Crowe.  I still believe that … [Read More...]

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Mixed Business

It wasn't the beautiful days on the beach. It wasn't Christmas. It wasn't endless games of cricket and it wasn't playing with all their mates. The best part of … [Read More...]

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One Summer.

Oh lord you must be so sick of me blogging from the beach! My endless summer, however is coming to an end due to some work commitments  next week. Tune in to ABC 702 … [Read More...]

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Microdermabrasion* for free? Ask me how!

Ever since I wrote this post, I have re-evaluated the way that I enter the water. I was spending way to much time torturing myself, and now? Well, I run at that … [Read More...]


Shoplifting at Coles.

The other day was a stinking hot day. I had to go to the supermarket and let me tell you this for free, walking into that air-conditioning was just about the best … [Read More...]