Performing Princesses

My 5 year old son loves to dance. My 7 year old son is a reluctant dancer. My 37 year old husband is what we call a non-dancer. Me? In the words of Sarah Jessica Parker in the 1985 film Girls Just Want To Have Fun, I love to dance! I am not saying I am a good dancer, as I am not. But jeeze I love to have a crack at a wedding, party or for any particular reason.

Jack has inherited his love of dance from me. But his skills far outweigh mine. Sure, I can teach him the classics like Start the Mower, Do the Shopping and the Sprinkler, but he takes it all to the next level.

With these school holidays looming, I decided to enroll the Woogettes in the local dance school for a few days of ahem… tuition. The conversation went a little like this.

“I would like to enrol my kids into the Hip Hop Holidaze for Boyz and the Performing Princesses camps. ” I said feeling totally stupid.

The young receptionist asked how old my daughter was. I explained that Jack was a boy and he was 5.

“Sorry, this workshop is for girls only. He can do the Hip Hop Holidaze for Boyz.”

“Does the Hip Hop Holidaze cover ballet, modelling and cheerleading?” I asked.


“Then can he do the one with the cheerleading? He is dead keen on the cheerleading.” I said, thinking if it was good enough for Jennifer Hawkins, it was good enough for Jack.


I hung up the phone and stared at it. I was replaying in my head what had just happened. I was trying to think if I was being unreasonable as I was totally outraged. If I was a cartoon character my head would be turning read and steam would be pissing out of my ears.

I decided to give it a while and think about what I should do. In the meantime I thought I was suffering a heart attack, but it turned out I had some wicked indigestion from lunch, This kept my mind off my fury for at least 30 minutes.

After school, I went through the options of dance camp again with Jack, strongly suggesting that Hip Hop Holidaze for Boyz might be quite cool. Even though they cannot spell for shit. Jack looked at me with his brown eyes and asked ” Why can’t I do Performing Princesses?” and I thought “Why CAN’T you do Performing Princesses!”

With a shaking hand I rang back the Dance School. I asked the imbecile who answered if I could speak to someone in charge. Someone in charge got on the phone and I said I was the mother of a 5 year old boy who wished to be enrolled in the Performing Princesses Class in the school holidays and as he is male, I understand this is not possible but I would like one good reason why he cannot. I was about to say that my money is as good as anyone’s and no one puts baby in the corner when the lady spoke.

“It is a class for girls only.”


“Who is it going to upset if he attends this class?” I asked “I doubt very much the girls would care.”

“It is not the girls. It is the mother’s of the girls who have enrolled them thinking that it is a girls only class.”


A lively and colourful discussion ensued and ended with me telling the woman to give my contact details to all the mums of all the girls in the class so if any of them wishes to complain that my kid prefers ballet to hip hop, they can call me directly.

So to cut an even longer story short, Jack is going to live his cheerleading, ballet destiny these holidays. And Harry is an unwilling participant in Hip Hop Holidaze for Boyz. And to me, this was just another example of not bending over when someone says you can’t do something.

As a wise man once said, Never say Never.

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  • Kellie Anderson

    Yay! Well done!! I’m sure Jack will love it.  I actually said “awww’ out loud when he asked you why he couldn’t do princesses… so glad they changed their minds and you stuck to your guns. xx

  • Corinne

    Good on you! When I saw your tweet yesterday, I thought it was ridiculous! I hope Jack has the time of his life.

    PS _ apologies for the bad Dirty Dance reference….

  • emmasbrain

    Woo! Go Woog! No boys is an utter disgrace… In fact, I think there is a law against it. Just wait till they see him dance.. Good on you! 

  • Jo

    Glad to see common sense won the day.  You know if you had a girl wanting to join an “boys only” class you could have ended up on Today Tonight! Reverse sexism is just as bad. I hope both boys have a brilliant time!  x

  • Mary

    You would think that the head of a dance school would be only too aware of Billy Elliot!

    That was a mothering moment you can look on with justifiable pride.

  • Abby

    Good for you! 

  • Kellie O’Brien

    Well done for sticking to your guns. Too many give up at the first hurdle. It saddens me to think we’re still battling these issues today though. Far out! I hope the boys have a fab time – From the mum of a dancing princess (whose thrilled to see three boys part of her daughter’s ballet class) . xx

  • Stacey

    I loved this post for so many reasons;

    1. You are a great mum.
    2. You stood up for what you believe and in doing so, showed your kids and everyone reading this, that we do no have to accept the status quo.
    3. You have courage in your convictions and I don’t think your phone will be ringing anytime soon from any of the mums. Naturally if it does, you best warn her that anything she says may or may not be used in the course of Woogstice (yes, I just coined a term for you!).
    4. You keep it real. I respect that. Word.
    5. You are a good mum.

    Love Sunny Mumm

    Ps I am glad it was indigestion not a heart attack but I always pull my face when I read about your bodily functions 😉

  • Rosie

    Well done Mrs Woog!!!! Love your attitude girl !!!  And also – everything that Stacey said !!!!

  • Christie Childhood 101

    I cannot even get my head around how an organisation catering for children can think that any part of that policy is okay, especially in this day and age. I hope the boys have a fantastic time :)

  • Yvette Vignando

    If only more mums would stand up for their kids this way -not only allowing them to be themselves – but also quite reasonably insisting that nobody else get in their way.x

  • Ellie

    That dance lady is a biatch.  I hope Jack is the star,  dancing in that class and really shows that bitch up.

  • Bianca Wordley

    OMFG they are 5. 5yo kids don’t give a rat’s arse if it’s a boys or girls class. Good on you for sticking it up them and pushing for kids right to do what makes them happy. I bet he’s the best darn cheerleader there. x

  • Kirrily @ Sunny Side Up

    Standing and applauding you. That is all. xxxx LOVE your work, Mrs W!

  • penny

    Every single day you make me prouder and prouder to know you and call you my friend.

  • Danimezza

    Jack is awesome and deserves to dance!
    Haven’t they seen SYTYCD?

  • PinkPatentMaryJanes

    You are so awesome it hurts. Jack’s going to dance and cheerlead the frilly socks off everyone in that class – teachers included. 

  • Daisy

    Go Mrs. Woog! Go!!! I am so heartened to see a mother standing up to this kind of gender stereotyping. You’re an inspiration to me, and I’ll be taking tips from you as my boys grow up!

  • Kellie

    He is going to be the best damn cheerleader they’ve ever seen. Because he has the best damn cheerleader at home to look up to. Good for you Mrs Woog!

  • Maria

    I still don’t understand why you would segregate the classes in the first place. I honestly cannot think of one reason, even half a reason. There’s just no need for it.

    Like I said yesterday Mrs Woog, wankers. Oh I’m sorry; is that a strictly male directed term? Can’t possibly be mixing the two.

    Love & stuff
    Mrs M

  • tatum

    that is just so not cool of the ballet school…i mean wtf is their problem? when my boy was 2 he decided he wanted to do ballet when he was 3.  so he did, and now that he is 4.5 he still does, he’s good at it even, his ballet teacher adores him.  might be worth looking for another (more professional) school :)  Tatum

  • Megan

    Yay! Love that you pushed the issue. I’m the mother of a girl and I wouldn’t give a damn if a boy was in the class. I also have a niece who would be horrified by princess dance classes but would love the hip hop one – why not just give the classes those names without stipulating a gender for each??

  • Photographer-Mum

    Good on you for standing up for him! How ridiculous that he “can’t” do that class. I bet he is the best of the lot!!

  • Jodie Ansted

    You are seriously the COOLEST mum EVER and I love that you fight for this stuff! Most of us would just go, “Oh, ok…” and it’s not right. 

    YAY you! I hope Jack LOVES the class. I’m sure he’ll be great. 

    (Oh, and BTW you ARE a great dancer. When you’re not pushing others off the dance floor, that is. 😉 )


    Good on you for standing up for what you believe in! I hope Jack has a terrific time :)

  • Rikki

    To dance is to be out of yourself.  Larger, more beautiful, more powerful.  ~Agnes De MilleYour posts on your tutu fabulous jack have already jeted’ into my heart.  Jack can come and captivate me in my dance classes any time he likes.  I love that I have the opportunity to give children a window into another world where they can be anyone or anything.  Send me the address to this HOLIDAZE.  I am going to express post “Flashdance” .  Hell I may even storm Dance Camp in my legwarmers and a welders hat.  Be gone stereotypes.  I am a maniac, maniac on the lap top and I am typing like I have never typed before.  This really irked me. ( SIGH- all the boring, judgemental people where do they all come from?)I am ranting and raving and wielding a scarf as I try and interpretative dance my way through this outrage.There……sated.  Dancing is my therapy.May Jack always dance through his days. 

  • Amy

    Go Mrs Woog!  Kick some princess diva ass!

  • Miss Pink

    I absolutely LOVE that you stood your ground for this. Jack should totally be able to do whatever type of dance he fucking wants. They’re FIVE they don’t care about penises and vagina’s at that age, so why should the adults! 
    I would have been mad too. In a day where women still complain of women’s rights, they sometimes forget that if they want equal opportunity they need to give it to boys too and not dictate if a boy can do ballet and cheerleading as in your case. 

  • Sara Lloyd

    What is it exactly that these girls will be doing in this class that mothers only want their daughters to do it? That’s craziness!

  • Jenn Fox

    Good for you for sticking to your guns and fighting for your little guy!  The whole idea of not allowing him to participate because he is a boy is absolutely ridiculous and sexist. 

  • vinny

    never bow down to the system, good on you and good for Jack.

  • Lisa Lintern

    You are an ace mum Mrs Woog. When Jack is old enough, he will be so darn proud of his mum. Just like we are. xo

  • Kylie L

    I think I love you. And I LOVE what you did for your boy.

  • kirri white

    How awesome is Jacks momma?  Seriously, Im guessing that for most mums, the conversation would have ended after the first phone call but you persevered, got the result you wanted and left a small kick-ass footprint up the proverbial backside of ignorance!  Nice work and yay for Jack

  • Tanya

    Oh wow! I can’t believe we are in 2011 and this still happens. Good on you for sticking to your guns. I’m so glad you “won” for your son and for any other boys out there who are passionate about dancing. 

  • Reservoir Dad

    Nice work woogs. We’re all over the gender role stereotyping that adults have to deal with every day. (I’m a SAHD so see a lot of it. My wife works full time and also sees a lot of it) Obviously this sort of situation can start to shape children’s minds in that direction. Good to see someone standing their ground and speaking up. 

  • ClaireyHewitt

    I bet the girls fight over who gets to stand next to Jack and are jealous at how good he looks in his outfit.

    Good for you for getting through the pathetic notions of the dance school manager that the other parents will care.

  • Glowless

    Go Woogsy! And let’s hope their isn’t a spelling test on the first day back at school.

  • jadegrrrl

    Such a good mama Mrs Woog, good on you for taking a stand for your lil guy :)

  • Schmenver

    I just came across your blog for the first time and am already a fan.  You are so right, and what you did will make such a difference to your son. He might not get it now, but somewhere down the line, he will have been taught by you that his needs are worth fighting for, and that is a great thing for a person to understand. 

  • Sharon Alger

    See, this really shits me. How DARE she speak on the behalf of all those other mothers? I’d bet any money none of them give a damn. Either way, once you start sending him you’ll see whether or not it really does bother them. And if it did, why should your son miss out because of their narrow mindedness?

    I think if they’re going to put a stupid rule like that in place, they should OWN it, and not blame someone else who isn’t able to speak for themselves. You did so well! Now, if you’d just like to step back in time with my father, you can help me to get a turn of my brother’s train set:P

  • Melissa Mitchell

    Go you! I’d have been naming every anti-discrimination law I could think of (while madly googling) and tearing her a new one.  I hope he kicks ass in class!

  • Kelsbells

    How I love that you refuse to take NO as an answer when Jack breaks the mould. Good on him, and good on you for letting him live life the way he wants without stereotypes.

  • Nralph

    Please, don’t shoot me down in flames. Just playing Devil’s Advocate for a moment.

    Whilst I don’t think it’s fair that Jack should be excluded, I can understand the other side – the woman’s point with the mothers being upset. To a certain degree, anyway.

    If you sent Jack to an all boys school, because you wanted him in an all boys school (i.e. no girls. point across? ahem), I think you’d be slightly annoyed if they enrolled a girl (given it was an all boys school).. no?

    • Mrs Woog

      Thanks for joining the discussion and for your viewpoint.  However I do not think you can compare a holiday dance camp with a formal educational establishment.  And as I stated,  if any of the mum’s do have a problem with Jack attending Performing Princesses,  I am happy to speak to them.  And then I will let down their tyres in the car park.
      Love Mrs Woog xxx

    • MadamBipolar

      But it is not a proper school. He is a five-year-old who loves to dance. Would you stop your daughter from playing soccer?

    • Corinne

      As the mother of a girl who would likely attend such a class as Performing Princesses, I would be offended if boys weren’t allowed to attend. As Mrs Woog said it’s not a formal school class, it’s a fun holiday program.
      I’m upset that my daughter doesn’t have any boys in her ballet (not because they’re not allowed, just there aren’t any there) I think it would be wonderful for her to see that boys can do ballet too. There’s not ‘boy stuff’ and ‘girl stuff’. 

  • Carla Delvex

    *Stands and claps and says: “Bravo Mrs Woog.” 

  • Linda

    You are an amazing mom. Not only are you standing up for Jack [bless his heart, what an amazing child] but you are teaching him to not take it when someone unrightly says ‘no’.  I see so many valuable lessons at work here – lessons for him and lessons for us.   I love that your readers are the kind of people who are outraged at this kind of discrimination.   I  <3 Mrs Woog!

  • Ames

    Go Mrs Woogs!!!

    Damn right he should be able to dance, wherever he wants.

  • katepickle

    Are you serious??? Does it say on the enrolment form or the information flier that it is ‘for girls only’…. and if it does are they allowed to do that???

    My boy was going to start ballet this year but his sisters told him their teacher is a witch and he suddenly got cold feet…. but I’m hoping for next year and you know, if he wants to wear a tutu in the concert like everyone else then he damn well will!

    Good for you for sticking up for your boy…. and for the girls in that class too, I don’t believe it is healthy to exclude anyone, it is important for those girls to know that too.

  • Becky Hopkins

    OMG! I can’t believe this is even an issue. Good on you for sticking up for your boy and getting him in. I hope he has a blast.

  • Bern

    Seriously is it even legal to discriminate?  People are fucking clueless. Go you Mrs Woog.  x

  • Naomi

    I have a wonderful memory of my son dancing to his hearts content in a baby pink tutu.  
    Really, WTF… and holidaze…. boyz? 

  • Mrs BC

    You fucking GO Mrs Woog!! Stick it to those discriminating morons. You make my heart swell with pride.

  • Juststopspeaking


    A Mother is their childs best advocate and when heads need kicking – we just do it…  Everyone should take a leaf out of your book.

  • MrsTrawny

    I’ve just come overt o read your post after reading a post by Danimezza & I must say I am glad I did.. I could not agree with you more & I am actually shocked that this still happens in today’s society! I find it absolutely appalling! Why shouldn’t Jack be able to dance! So not fair!

  • Kell

    Bloody hell. I live in the sticks and am fairly sure there’s none of this girls only princess type dancing behaviour in the several dancing schools around here. Thank goodness you are Jack’s mother Mrs Woog. Well done for getting him enrolled in as you say, a holiday camp (as opposed to some kind of elite national dance program).. Can just imagine the fun he’s gonna have. And I think the little girls will just love having him dancing there too. Enjoy it Jack! (And your holidays too Mrs Woog. Nothing like getting them involved and out of the house in the holidays!) Kell

  • Lisa F

    With a Mum like you Mrs Woog the Woogettes will go far!
    You did good!
    Children have the right to experience everything no matter their gender, if Jack wants to cheerlead more power to him!
    Lisa xx

  • Nikki | Styling You

    You’ve had a big win for Jack here but also for every other kid out there who just wants to be who they want to be.  Mrs Woog for PM.

  • Kell

    Hang on while I just climb back up on my high horse. Was wondering about the hip hop boyz dance camp..are they saying that only boyz are allowed in that one too? Where’s the inclusion people? What if you had a daughter who’s passion was hip hop, she can’t join that camp? What does this say to our kids? My son plays soccer with and against girls. It’s all in on a Saturday morning.  It’s a sad old day when boys and girls are railroaded into gender based holiday dance camps at 7 and 5 yrs old. Go Mrs. Woog! Would love to hear how great a time he had when it’s over. And here’s hoping he had so much fun he wants to go back next holidays! That’s all. Kell

    • MadamBipolar

      For some reason people like this dance studio see kids along very strict gender lines.

  • Jacki

    As somone who studied ballet as a child, BOYS IN BALLET CLASSES ROCK! It was so much better with boys in the class because we could at least PRETEND that one day we might get lifted up. I can’t imagine any mother being upset with Jack being in the class, I mean, what does this teacher think will be going on that a boy will disrupt it?! He’s a child for pete’s sake! And that spelling is ghastly! Hope they have fun and that no one puts Jack in a corner!

  • Norlin Mustapha

    You go Mrs. Woog! I’m glad the dance school that my girls used to go to allow boys to attend ballet lessons. The dance schools who do not allow boys to do ballet should go and watch a REAL ballet performance..hello…they have MEN dancing ballet for goodness sake!

  • Jenniferj

    This is what I love about you Mrs Woog!!!! You rock as a Mum!!!!!

  • Denyse Whelan

    And they have NO idea…do they about KIDS…yes, I said Kids. (kidZ is such a HIP HOP thang!)

    OMG. Still ‘smarting’ from the audacity (look that one up Mrs Potential Princess class owner) from the notion, that this D I S C R I M I N A T I O N can occur. But, hey, my newest hero.AWESOME, TAKE THE POWER, because as it may have been .. “t’is ‘playing to the parents who can pay and say what they like'”

    Have I told you lately that you ROCK?
    You rock, roll, and more in my world of what’s fair and reasonable…

    God love a woman (YOU) who stands up for the rights of EVERYONE …. ahhhh. am still steaming from that rubbish you reported. Enough.
     Never say never. XXXXXXX

  • Smudgerella

    How very DARE they!  Well done Mrs Woog.

  • Mitzi G Burger

    FANTASTIC! Triumphant Woogsical heroic effort over evil, prejudice, silliness and general lameness.

  • Liz

    wow. wow wow wow wow. I don’t know what else to say but wow. I wish I was there so I could enroll my son just to annoy them. 

  • Fiona

    You go girl.

  • MadamBipolar

    When they see how adorable he is, they are going to feel shitty. PS Give me their number and I will try and enrol Moo in Hip Hop.

  • Life In A Pink Fibro

    Can you come and be my Mum please? Go Jack! He will out perform those princesses for sure!

  • Belgraviawife

    INSANE ! I think it’s fantastic that they enjoy dancing, anywhere or anyhow. We are a family of non-dancers, a lack of talent inherited from both parents but in particular me.  

  • Amanda

    You GO Mama!
    Fairly sure excluding a child from anything on the basis of sex is illegal …. perhaps you may like to mention that to the dance school.

  • tinsenpup

    Remember when mothers had to fight for their girls to be allowed to play football or do woodwork? Who would have thought that a generation later we’d be fighting the same battles for our sons? It’s so disappointing. Good on you for standing up and not taking, “No.” for an answer!

  • Emma

    I love you Woogy. I hope Jack has a wonderful, wonderful time at dance class. Xox

  • Bronnie Marquardt

    What a stupid discriminatory rule! Good for you for sticking up for your boy.
    Though I must admit: My Fernwood gym allows boys (and girls) to attend zumba classes as long as their Mums are doing it too. However, the one closest to me will only allow girls. But that is because, in the manager’s words, she has a large percentage of Muslim members, and they can not work out next to boys. That was reasonable to me, as Fernwoods are supposed to be women only after all.
    In your case, no good reason … good for you for challenging the stereotype. xo

  • Rikki

    Holy Shit! So the interpretative dance only worked momentarily in sating my rage….( since Dance is my speciality, this post has singed me more deeply than even the carnie one where I experienced flashbacks and cold sweats.) Yes, this post has resonated so I do what I always do in times of a crisis, crack open some cheap champagne and google into the wee hours until my every question is answered.  I found this HOLIDAZE! Oh yes, I did.
    Their promotional pitch sends shivers.  “Rugrats” is used profusely as is “budding buds” ( ghetto speak me thinks) where and I quote yet again “rhythmic prowess can be perfected.”
    Most frightening is the Star Struck program ( yes even more confronting than a Performing Arts workshop that so ridiculously adheres to gender strereotypes) where , let me quote again “cool cat nippers perfect the triple threat of dancing, acting and singing in an effervescent program.” Who, what, where? Cool cat nippers.  Is that the word on the street? Am I that lagging in jive talk?
    Jesus be grateful that Harry does not fall into BOYZ ZONE where” dance moves are motivated, rap is radified and theatre is tantalised.”
    Propoganda for the masses.
    But the deal breaker is the opening paragraph, “In Elizabethan England, child actors preparing for gruelling Shakespearean monologues gargled salt water mixed with peppermint, cart wheeled along the Thames and played leap frog with real amphibians.”
    Can I please contact Today Tonight or ACA? These people are misleading at best.  Than, we will get onto the whole gender alienation issue.

    • Rikki

      Then I should say not than…..I was getting all ghetto on myself and trying to somehow get myself a place in HOLIDAZE! It’s not only boys they discriminate against! The receptionist was icy at best when a 37 year old classically trained, mind you,  dancer tried to enrol.

  • dave.and.jen

    Yay for you! I’m so glad that story had the ending it did, I was a bit scared to read on and only find dissapointment and anger!

  • Emily

    I LOVE this, stereotypes need to be thrown out the window – every child is unique and should be able to do what they desire to do.

  • Denise Solomon

    Seriously, why did they even make it an issue in the first place? I used to run fairy school (art/craft school holiday classes) for kids. I know you are not supposed to admit to favourites but one of mine was this little boy who would come along in a fancier fairy dress than all the girls. If any of the girls said anything I would just remind them that they wore trousers. I hope Jack has a blast. Kids should be free to express themselves through dance or whatever makes them happy. I can’t see how having a little boy in the dance class could cause any problems for the girls, quiet the opposite. Good on you, Mrs Woog x

  • twirlingbetty

    God, how very satisfying. Good on you.

  • Mumo5

    You had every right to be fuming. What a load of utter cow poo that dance can be a one sex class! I used to be a dance teacher and used to wish more boys would join! Good on you for fighting back xo

  • Tracey Lee

    WOOT WOO WOOGSIE! grew up with the boy across the road who studied ballet, ended up dancing in the Royal London Ballet Company, but i wonder if it ever made up for the years of crap he copped from our nice, white middle class neighbourhood?  xt

  • jody

    I am new around here, but couldn’t help stopping by to say good on you!! I’m sure your little man will love it!  x

  • Liz

    Nice work Mrs Woog!
    I am wondering if you could hear the woman’s brain ticking over that she may just have a discrimination case on her hands, and that she should just give in and give out your number….

  • Diminishing Lucy

    Good girl.

    My nephew (now 11, and a paid performer) was the only boy in a Kalgoorlie dance school from age 5. He is now in Perth and getting famous. None of the Mums gave a shit then, and they are only jealous now…

    Jack is SO SO SO lucky to have you stand up for him. He rocks, and so do you. I cannot WAIT to hear how he goes. And if you have any princess mothers chelping up.


  • NappyDaze

    BRAVO Mumma lion, fighting the good fight for your son! Why indeed shouldnt he be allowed?  Glad you didnt take the first no and I’m going to remember this very lesson when it one day comes my way…

  • MultipleMum

    I am sure it has all been said and I aint got time to trawl through the thousands of comments here but I just wanted to say that you rock and Jack must be very happy to have you batting in his corner. Nobody should put Baby in the corner. Anyone’s baby. I don’t give a shit if they don’t get it. Jack will be the greatest princess ever! x

  • Veggie Mama

    They’re going to love him. And he is going to rock it harder than anyone else in that damn class.

  • Catherine

    All the dance schools I know of would be happy to have more boys in their ballet classes. Are there any other dance schools around??

    • Catherine

      It seems like the kind of dance school where the music is ear-bleedingly loud and they have the preschoolers dancing to The Pussycat Dolls. I have a feeling that once you get there you might wish you were somewhere else. (We were kicked out of our dance school when I made a complaint about a performance where a boy come onstage for the dance to Barbie Girl – for the lyrics ‘kiss me here’ he kissed his fingers, for the lyrics ‘kiss me there’ he put his fingers to his groin and thrusted. I’ve since scouted lots of dance schools until we found the rare one which is right for us – respects kids- and we are an in ongoing conversation. I have my three girls there, and recommend it to everyone in our district.)
      I hope the experience is all you’d want it be, but I’d be surprised if it is. A lot of dance schools are poxy.

      • Catherine

        Sorry to be carrying on here,Mrs Woog. If you are looking for a dance school I can recommend asking the local dancewear shop – they’ll know everything about all the local dance schools. Then compare them to what is probably the best dance school in the state, McDonald College. Their teachers have much broader experience from which to draw ideas (most dance schools stick to Disney and music videos), and they offer classes in musical theatre. Most dance schools will offer a first lesson free. Maybe go to a few dance school concerts. It’s a very strange world you are entering. This won’t be the last time you’ll be fighting the culture if your son wants to dance.
        Good luck.

  • Salamander

    Mrs. Woog, you are my hero. I too have a five year old Jack. And my Jack LOVES to dance. He does ballet, jazz and tap lessons every Saturday morning. I bet you know exactly how many raised eyebrows we have seen since Jack enrolled in “girls” dance lessons. We don’t care. We dont’ care if he wants to dance. We don’t care if it makes him look gay. We don’t care if he IS gay. It makes him happy. End of story.

  • edenland


    Bloody hell, hon. You just rock. xoxox

  • MummyK

    Go mumma go! Thanks for the inspiration! I can am feeling your anger. I’m trying not to explode. I’m not going to ask for their number. Please don’t give it to me!

  • Maryeileenhaley

    Since I have no children, I’m absolutely getting up on my high horse about this one–but I love it, I LOVE IT, when people let their children be who they are. I do have 14 nieces and nephews, and I can tell you for sure, that the ones that are the most self confident and comfortable in their own skin are the ones whose parents supported whatever the kids were interested in, regardless of whether or not it was what they thought, or the rest of the world thought, their children should be interested in it. And now that many are in their mid to late twenties and realizing their careers, well, I can confidently say, it paid off, becasue they’re turning out to be really interesting, loving, happy people.

  • Jessamy McHool

    Goodon you Mrs Woog for not backing down!! Why the hell should any of them care that hes a boy if he wants to be there he should be allowed. Grump grump grump. I’m so pleased Jack is getting the class he wants. As a mother of girls i know that they are allowed a lot more freedom of choice than boys, like there are “mixed” sport teams everywhere now and girls rugby etc. But where are the boys and mixed ballet classes??? GRRRR.

  • Twitchy

    Proud to know you x

  • 3pmPimms

    Hi  Mrs Woogs  I have a 7 yr old girl and would have no trouble having Jack in the same dance class more power to him!!!   What is up with that? Mum’s out there it would do your daughters a lot of good to have more boys around to cut the crap that goes on between girls…..let them be princesses but not ones that need prince charming around to break up the bitch fights!!!!  Loving your WORK Mrs Woogs

  • Maxabella

    You are a Hip Hop, Performing Princess legend, Mrs Woog. Seriously, I so sick of the gender segregation thing that still goes on. It’s ridiculous. x

  • Maxabella

    You are a Hip Hop, Performing Princess legend, Mrs Woog. Seriously, I so sick of the gender segregation thing that still goes on. It’s ridiculous. x