How to wear a kaftan. {Alternative title. Do not be afraid of white pants.}

Those who know me, understand my slight obsession with the kaftan top. Here are a few that I own…..

And thanks to Mum for this little number which was added to the collection this week. Feel that silk! Ahhhhh. It looks black here but it is actually a dark khaki. Good colour for us brooneys.*

So last night I got a question shot through to me via the soshies** from a lass with a very important question…

Oh Manda, you came to the right place! But please, do not just confine kaftans to fancy dress parties. They NEED to be worked into your everyday wardrobe!

So, you get your hands on a lovely, floaty kaftan, and you sit, or stand there admiring it, thinking “What the fuck am I going to wear that with….” Like young Manda up there.

And with summer almost here, and no doubt a plethora of shindigs to get through, that kaftan is going to become your best friend IF you choose the right partner.

Which is……


Ok, the issue of white pants is polarising and I know that there is two distinct camps. Those who embrace them, and those that run screeching to the hills. I used to be a hill runner, or power walker if I am to be honest, but my great friend and the ever stylish The Divine Ms M coaxed me into a pair a few years ago, and now I am a convert.

I was coaxed, as I could not see the benefit of encasing my tree truck thighs into something so, well, white, but before you click away in disbelief, hear me out.

  • White pants are fresh
  • White pants provide a neutral base in which to build a kaftan ensemble
  • White pants provide a magnet for food so you do not have to clean the floor ever
  • White pants are fresh
White pants are not just for our slim sisters, this I know is true. So how do you wear a kaftan with white pants?

UNDIES – White or neutral 
BRA – One that fits ladies!
WHITE CAMI – An essential undergarment which will smooth out any wobbly bits. Pull it down over the top of your white pants for a smooth effect.

So there you are, all dressed in white like the angel that you are. Then you throw on your KAFTAN and then…..

Chuck on some sandals, some bangles and some big BIG mofo earrings and you are good to go, just about anywhere!


1 Size 24-28  – $59.95 CLICK HERE
2 Size 20-22  $79.95 CLICK HERE

3 Size 16-18  $99.00 – CLICK HERE

4 Size 12-14 $179.00  – CLICK HERE

5 Size 8-10 $79.95 – CLICK HERE

Edited to add: The size 8-10’s have sold out.
Click here for a rather smart alternative!

So there you have it, my definitive guide to wearing white pants and kaftans. Should I do a kaftan post?
It is a little bit Gold Coast and a whole lot of comfy.
Are you with me?
Or are you running for the hills…….



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  • Danimezza

    I hope you don’t mind but I’m TOTALLY going to share my white pants photo and post. I’m a size 20/22 on the bottom and I never thought I could wear white pants but now I have and I love them. I LOVE WHITE PANTS… and Kaftans… I love them as much as you do :)


    • Mrs Woog

      It is all about sharing the white panted love xx

  • Norlin Mustapha

    Oooh…white pants! I’ve never been game to wear one but I think it might actually work on the two…no make that 3 I’ve got! And yes you so should do a post of Kaftans, Kaftan Queen! 😉

  • Blundermum

    Gotta take into account the age of your children and likelihood of sporting a jam handprint on your bum all day.
    I think I’ll run for the hills on this one!

    • Mrs Woog

      It does take a certain amount of bravery and un-clutziness! xx

  • Reannon Hope

    Looking you going all Styling You!!! I do love a kaftan ( and moo moo’s but I am not allowed to leave the house in it it’s for around the pool only so I am told) but no amount of convincing will get me into white pants I tell you. Just last week I wore a white top to work & spil food on it 3 fucking times!!! I looked like an absolute grot so I can only imagine what I’d do with white pants….

    • Mrs Woog

      She has passed on a new tips, that Nikki! She is a good mate to have! x

  • Nikki | Styling You

    Love my white pants. And my kaftans. And you x

    • Nikki | Styling You

      PS. White pants post: and another one coming this week. LOVE them. Am size 14-16.

      • Bianca Wordley

        Can you do a kaftan post? I don’t know where to get them xx

        • Nikki | Styling You

          Great idea Bianca xx

          • Mummasphere

            Here Here! I was about to ask Mrs Woog, or Nikki the same question! 

          • Nikki | Styling You

            On the blog tomorrow – 12 kaftan shopping suggestions!

      • Lisa Mckenzie

        Ooh Goodie Nikki love kaftans and white pants ,though I prefer a kaftan dress and white pants with a nice top.

  • The Hills are Alive

    So with you on the kaftans posted on it over here “Yoohoo from me in my muumuu” but I haven’t tried with the white pants – have stuck with boring black or the old “skinny” jeans. Dont own any white pants either due to your food magnet comment really but might have to brave it – need some new clothes for summer as they seem to have shrunk

  • Bianca Wordley

    My question is where do you buy a good kaftan? I need some ideas? please help xx

  • Michaela C

    Love big earrings, Woogsy, as you know 😉

    Erm white pants? No, will not be seen dead in them. Mainly because because white makes me look like a corpse. Seriously. Erk.

  • Natalie

    I couldn’t agree Mrs Woog. White pants are the goods.
    Have you thought about running for PM? The country would be a better place with you at the wheel.
    Love your work.

  • debbievds

    From the Gold Coast and have to say….be NOT ashamed to throw on white pants if you are on holiday here!! Good underwear is not a pre-requisite nor is a kaftan to cover-up! A bit of glitter, bling and the odd sequin is not frowned upon either….if you are of the male species then be sure to match your white pants with some white shoes! Lol xxx

  • Wendy

    with a 5 month old the threat of the poo explosion means i am running for the hills on this one
    p.s. I saw Mrs Styling You at the Plaza one day but i was too awestruck to say hello :)

  • Lea, rhymes with h&b

    I wear white pants and floaty tops *allthetime*

    • Mrs Woog

      So do I x

  • ClaireyHewitt

    White pants are not really a Melbourne thing, more something we buy when we have a moment on holidays and think that “resort wear’ will be something we really really will wear every day. 

  • Wonda

    Thank you for this post! I asked the same question a week ago when you posted the gorgeous kaftan as a part of the Christmas gift list. I ordered the kaftan (price went up to $69.95 the very next day) and have picked up a pair of white pants to accompany my very first kaftan when it arrives. Just need some white sandals and I think I am good to go. Thanks for the advice Mrs Woog!

  • [email protected]

    We MUST have a kaftan post!!  x

    • Mrs Woog

      My mate Nikki is working on one for tomorrow. She IS an actual stylist! xx

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    I am with you on the kaftan here Mrs woog,I love me a kaftan ,especially a silk one,and a pretty one,yes I wear them everywhere though I prefer mine as a dress and I have a maxi one too that my 20something year old son makes fun of but I don’t give a stuff I swan around in it and pretend I live in a resort lol and white pants yes please they look fresh like you said and say summer,and a little bit Brisvegas and as my sons girlfriend tells me I am rocking My CSI Miami look,but you know what I don’t care about that comment either I look nothing like those CSI chicks.

  • Julie

    White pants with a (almost) one year old boy? Umm no. But I love the Kaftan! I have solved the issue of what to wear underneath by going for the kaftan dress. Nothing cooler on a hot Qld summer day than a cotton kaftan.

  • Catherine RodieBlagg

    I’m not ready for white pants – I have two toddlers in the house… my time will come. 

  • Lizknits99

    Please, Please, Please do a post on the Kaftan. PLEASE

  • Amy @ Weekend at Rosys

    Mrs Woog, thank you!  I love kaftans – on other people.  Same goes for white jeans.  As a Gold Coaster, I clearly need to be wearing both myself.  I’m with Bianca, would love to hear more about where to shop for a good kaftan. x

  • Wonda

    Love the kaftan post, I ordered the one you featured in your Christmas gift post, but before doing so I asked you what to wear with it. Think I might be a kaftan convert, will see how the white pants survive with a five year old boy, three year old twin boys and a 12 month old girl.
    Found a lovely pink kaftan here –

  • Christie Connelly

    I don’t know about the white pants – have not worn them since I was a child. Might give them a try after your tutorial here. Also, never owned a kaftan. Looks like I need to go shopping. I do now live near Byron Bay so it really should be obligatory. 

  • Mrs Catch

    OK, I’m converted. Kaftan hunting has commenced.

  • Lydia Sutakowsky

    Mrs Woog, you look gorgeous and glamorous in a kaftan but on me, I feel swamped.  I have narrow shoulders and whenever I’ve tried to wear one, I feel like I drown in them.  Might need to play around with different lengths/shapes?

  • Melissa Walker Horn

    White pants hey? WHITE PANTS! I’m much too much of a calamity for white pants. I love the idea of them though. Kaftan’s, well, I’m in! 😉

  • Mummasphere

    Mrs Woog where is the animal print with sparkly trim Kaftan from? I love love love it and showed your pic to my partner who says I need to wear some animal print for him. Not sure if that scares me or thrills me but I’m happy to give it a go if it involves shopping in any way…. 😉 

  • Deb

    h to the ell no.  I do not do white.  ever.  I do not own a single white garment of clothing…. except maybe a bra.

    nor a kaftan for that matter.  I am more a tunic and leggins kinda girl in black.  A kaftan to me is a more a *cough* mature look that I am in major denial about… (1973 baby here too!)

    If you see me in a kaftan, its a sure sign I have given up on pretending I am still in my 20’s….

  • Corinne

    I bought a pair of white pants recently and discovered they’re no good in the desert. I end up with sandy marks all over them. *sigh* Black pants are no good for the same reason. 

    Got a love a bit of the Gold Coast. I think a kaftan is very Dubai too (let’s face it, Dubai is the middle eastern sister of the Goldy). 

  • AmandaR

    Living in Asia has been so liberating for my wardrobe! I embace caftans, white pants, sequins, necklaces, earrings, bangles and scarfs – sometimes all in the one outfit :)

    If I can make a suggestion… slim leg, ankle length white pants are a better choice for pairing with a caftan, IMHO.

    • Mrs Woog

      YOU LUCKY DUCKY! I am loving your kaftan accessories overload xx

  • Fauxfuchsia

    I always have worn caftans and white pants.

    I had no idea this was contraversial.

    It’s a good look.

    • Mrs Woog

      I am pretty sure that you could run a University Class on the subject and I am pretty sure if you did, I would enrol xx

  • Lisamlaird

    …and if you are from Melbourne like me, please follow all instructions above, substituting the white pant with black. Or people will think you are from Sydney 😉

  • Kathryn

    Noooooo its a bit too Liz Hurley and not in a good way ….. love the kaftan……. big PASS on the white pants maybe its a North of Victoria kind of thing??

  • Mumabulous

    I avoid white pants because I’m not opening the bowling for Australia.

  • Anonymous

    Love a great kaftan – gorgeous :)

  • Kells

    Ok so I need to embrace the kaftan. I’m a size 18, I always try and wear tops that’s are a little fitted as it gives me shape. But seriously, the kaftan looks too comfy to ignore. I love white pants. Always neutral coloured undies underneath, its my rule.