Are you an asshole too?

It is only when you come home from a third world country, that you can truly see how #soblessed we are. Like, you can brush your teeth using tap water without fear of getting some horrendous stomach bug that might see you lose your life. Spending time in rural, remote Cambodian villages last week, I could not help but wonder why and how did I even get the chance to be born? Let … [Read More...]

Mrs Woog visits Vietnam – The Finale

  One of the best things about travelling when you are a writer is that you get to write about NEW STUFF. Like, I haven't written about washing or school … [Read More...]

Mrs Woog Visits Vietnam – Part Three

Yesterday I assumed my landlubber status by getting off the boat that had been home for six nights. We jumped aboard a bus for the hour and a half journey into … [Read More...]

Mrs Woog Visits Vietnam – Part Two

And so here we are, day 674 of this cruise down the Mekong River. And with only 24 hours left until we disembark in Saigon, it is time to do a little reflection. And … [Read More...]

Mrs Woog visits Vietnam – Part One

Our boat crossed the border yesterday afternoon at about 5pm. We are now in Vietnam. And about 45 seconds later I noticed the difference. The wifi sprung to life, … [Read More...]

Mrs Woog visits Cambodia – Part Three

One of the things that is screamingly obvious to me, now that I am a cruising expert with an impressive four nights under my belt, is the fact that there is extreme … [Read More...]

Mrs Woog visits Cambodia – Part Two

So it turns out that the entire boat was not made up of Dutch and Danish tourists. There was also a solid Australian contingent, a couple of Brits, a delightful … [Read More...]

Mrs Woog visits Cambodia – Part One

Greetings from the Mekong River where I have joined up with roughly 20 retired couples from Denmark and Holland. Did you know that both these countries citizens are … [Read More...]

How to pack for Cambodia

About six months ago, Mum asked me whether I would like to chaperone her during a trip to Cambodia and Vietnam. I take this sort of responsibility very seriously and … [Read More...]

When did braces become cool?

Sponsored by the Australian Society of Orthodontists  FACT When I was a kid, as my teeth fell out, my new teeth grew in like they were at a dance party, and my … [Read More...]

What truly tests your marriage + BONUS RECIPE!

I am here to tell you NOTHING will test the strength of a marriage like the death of a major appliance. On Saturday morning we called the time of death of our … [Read More...]

Bloggers told to “Drink a cup of Cement”

My friend Mrs. O'Neill lent me a copy of Sarah Knight's very funny book The Life-Changing magic of not Giving a Fuck. In it, she dismantles a whole heap of emotions … [Read More...]


One of life’s pleasures is to get a professional massage. I adore getting a massage and always think, “Why don’t I get these more regularly?” but due to time and … [Read More...]

The time my undies tried to kill me

The year was 2003 and I was walking down the isle for the 6th time. I felt trapped and restricted, dizzy with all eyes on me. Sweat beaded upon my upper lip and I … [Read More...]

The Monthly Report

Dear Period, I remember when I was about six I found a tampon on my Mum's dressing table and I took it to her, asking her whether it was a lolly and could I eat … [Read More...]

The Seven Rules to Working From Home

  This lot keeps me company at work Some people work very effectively from home, while others are absolutely useless at it. I am fairly useless at it. You … [Read More...]

Disclosure is not a dirty word.

When people ask me what I do and I tell them, there is always one question that gets asked first. "How do you make money from that?" Being a professional … [Read More...]