My name is Mrs. Woog and I am a sell out.

Recently, a lot of you (thank you kiss kiss) filled out a reader survey so I can get to know my readers a little more. I was starting to read some of the responses when the words appeared on my screen...... Heart stops. Panic attack knocks at the door. Questions ones every move... Now lets turn to Wiki for some big words... "Selling … [Read more...]

I gave you LIFE + Uberkate Giveaway

The first Mothers Day was held in 1908 and it had nothing to do with Hallmark's Marketing Executives sitting around a table trying to work out how to bump up business. It was an American woman Anna Jarvis, who commemorated her mother Ann, who had died a year earlier. Ann was a peace activist, and heavily involved in caring for wounded soldiers at … [Read more...]

Who shrunk my pants and other things I have learnt

I am one of thousands and thousands of parents who are throwing their hands up in joy this morning as the kids go back to school. It seems that they have been on holidays for a month. The first few days of school holidays are always the best. Pyjamas till noon, everyone happy and lazy and relaxed. But then, boredom arrives at the door and things … [Read more...]

Don’t forget to press record

It has been a long time between drinks for the much adored and adhered podcast Woog & Berry! Thank you for your patience, all 6 of you. We completely cocked up the start as SOMEBODY FORGOT TO HIT RECORD but we muddle through. It is not safe for work, not safe to listen in the car of you have children on board and generally not safe at all! … [Read more...]

A weekend quickie with Tracey Spicer

Welcome to a new regular feature on ye old WoogsWorld. Who doesn't love a weekend quickie! I am approaching some women who I adore to spill the beans on some very average topics. Today we have the delightful Tracey Spicer, who has a new book out. I was lucky to be sent it a little earlier and my friends, I read it in one day. I just could not … [Read more...]

How to make slime

Not since the loom band summer of 2014 has a fad, or craze taken off with such vigour at Chateau de Woog as is slime manufacturing. Each and every morning I have been waking up to the tiny ping ping ping ping sound of tea-spoons being scraped against my flatware. (Bowls can be classified as flatware, go figure.) At first I found it interesting … [Read more...]

Walking and Talking

This morning I got up, dragged y sorry ass out of bed, made a coffee and drank it. I got the kids off to where they needed to be when the bed beckoned me back. My mind set itself to 100% wallowing and I lay there, staring out the window. It has been one year ago today that we lost our lovely step-dad/dad and for some reason, all of these … [Read more...]

Made With Love

Sponsored by Steggles The smell hit me as I opened the front door of Mrs. Goodman’s joint. The smell of warmth and love and beckoning. One of my most favourite aromas ever. Smells that I adore include the following.... A young baby’s skin Freshly cut grass Gardenias Coffee Popcorn My Asian Neighbour’s house at 6pm because I … [Read more...]


The year was 1987. Bob Hawke was out Prime Minister. It was the year Kylie Minogue released her first single, I should be so Lucky and it was the year that Vietnam Vets were finally recognised for their service, albeit 15 years too late. And it was the year that I first clapped my eyes on a garment known as the bubble skirt. Oh, be still my … [Read more...]

High Maintenence

When you are waiting for your wax lady to knock on the door of the cupboard that has been set up as a waxing station at the back of a nail salon, you have time to ponder things. Things like, why the fuck am I lying on a plastic sheet covered table, waiting for someone to pour hot wax on me, allow them to rip out rogue hair and then give them … [Read more...]