State of Shock

A weekend away with the girls was on the cards and I was counting down the minutes. Two and a half full days of sitting by the fire, eating glorious food, sipping on some bubbles and enjoying the friendly and world problems solving banter that can only come from some fully paid up members of the sisterhood. And did I mention, we were off the … [Read more...]

Five Tried and True Mood Busters

In a time where we are all so connected, it is very easy to feel completely disconnected, don't you think? There is so much noise everywhere you turn, telling you this and that. Telling you that you are shit or that you are fabulous. And with all the hideous things going on in the world, it is easy to be sucked into a gloom vortex. But the good … [Read more...]

Are you a pet person?

I was a pretty lucky kid growing up. I had your traditional upbringing with a Mum and a Dad and a brother and a sister. We lived in a cul-de-sak. But when I was in year one my parents got divorced and we became latch-key kids as Mum started up her own successful business and worked her butt off. But there was one constant in this time of … [Read more...]

The Hot Flush

So podcasts are so hot right now and everyone is doing them. My friend of 24 years Kim and I had some success with Woog and Berry before we called time on the old gal. But we are back in a big way with a new podcast which will drop every second Monday. For those who are all like, "What the fuck is a podcast?" well it is basically a radio show … [Read more...]

It is not a lie if you believe it

That title up there, well that is not my own work. Those words were spoken by the great George Costanza and it is totally true. The inspiration behind todays lesson comes from one of my sons who went to great lengths last night to convince me that his phone was on my bedside table. (We have a strict HAND IN YOUR PHONE policy around these parts.) … [Read more...]

Do you stockpile anything?

It took me four attempts at it, but I am firmly entrenched in the phenomena that is The Handmaid's Tale. I made the mistake of bingeing on four episodes in a row and it spun me out. Now, I am a little more reserved. I like to finish dinner, take a hot shower and get into my jammies. Then I gather the family together and tell them that Mummy is … [Read more...]

Like one time, at school camp…..

Jack was up as the sparrow farted this morning because he had a bus to catch. YES! The great Australian Traditional Year Six Class Excursion to Canberra and the snow. If you are a fellow New South Welshman, you might remember treading this well worn path. So go and make a cuppa, as this is a longer read than normal. It is an excerpt from my book … [Read more...]

I am not across that just yet

Heights, snakes, clowns, letters that arrive with a plastic window on the front of them… these are all things that scare the bejesus out of me. That, and people with really small, creepy hands... (looking at you Trump) But I think one of my greatest fears is being asked a question that I just do not know the answer to. And because of the type of … [Read more...]

Accidentally Ingested but did not die

Adding another interesting string to my life's bow, my parents used to be country publicans. I know. They packed a lot into their lives. This was always one of my favourite yarns from Mum from when they owned the Tattersalls Hotel in Narrabri. During the 1971 floods Mums' cooking reputation came under fire after an incident that saw dozens of … [Read more...]

What is Nomophobia?

In a household FULL of iPhones (DO NOT GET YOUR KIDS A SMART PHONE REMEMBER) there is a daily hollering around the house of "Who has got the charger?" Now technically speaking, we should be in possession of four chargers, but due to peoples (points to self) tendency to leave them in hotel rooms, we are down to one. That one up there. And every … [Read more...]