Are you an asshole too?

It is only when you come home from a third world country, that you can truly see how #soblessed we are. Like, you can brush your teeth using tap water without fear of getting some horrendous stomach bug that might see you lose your life. Spending time in rural, remote Cambodian villages last week, I could not help but wonder why and how did I even … [Read more...]

Bloggers told to “Drink a cup of Cement”

My friend Mrs. O'Neill lent me a copy of Sarah Knight's very funny book The Life-Changing magic of not Giving a Fuck. In it, she dismantles a whole heap of emotions such as guilt, obligations and shame. With modern life dictating to us that BUSY IS GOOD, there are a whole heap of us out there who are struggling to keep our heads above water. This I … [Read more...]

The Seven Rules to Working From Home

  This lot keeps me company at work Some people work very effectively from home, while others are absolutely useless at it. I am fairly useless at it. You see, I am not averse to pushing back projects in lieu of spending time watching Ellen. My addiction to all things featuring caffeine sees me down at the cafĂ© several times daily, where … [Read more...]

The Best Pet

Isobel on daily active duty, guarding me against evil couriers and that postman. There are two types of people in the world. Actually, that is extremely wrong. There are many types of people in the world, but today we are only discussing two. Animal People V. Non Animal People. This post is not designed to be controversial and draw a line in … [Read more...]

Just Do It

There are some things in life that defeat you before you even start trying. Small mundane tasks, which are annoying, but can be elevated to insanity starters at the slightest glitch. I searched my cerebral mass to come up with a list of things that have caused my blood pressure to skyrocket lately. A simple task such as emptying the bin. You … [Read more...]

Tina the Barbarian

Massage table manufacturers. Would it kill you to put boob holes in? Being the owner of a decent set of boobs and being bent up over a keyboard for hours on end, how can I put this... My back is fucked. It is as tight as a camels ass in a sandstorm. I would describe it as crunchy. I walk around feeling that my shoulders are up around my ears … [Read more...]

To the Victor Goes The Spoils and the key to the school

It was an unprecedented crowd who gathered in the staffroom of our local primary school last night, to witness and take part in the vote for the Parents & Citizens Office holders. Word on the street was that our beloved President, and a dear friend of mine, was being contested by a fella whom I have to admit, I did not know. I found a seat next … [Read more...]

Don’t I know you from somewhere?

It doesn't happen very often, but sometimes someone will come up to me and say "Where do I know you from?" I know that it is because of this blog, so I usually say "Do you read blogs?" and then I watch the penny drop. Have you ever met someone, or saw someone and swear you know them from somewhere, but you just cannot put your finger on it? … [Read more...]

Where Crap tends to Congregate

There are two designated crap traps in Chateau De Woog. These are the places where like attracts like in the attempt to clutter the fuck out of the joint. The first dumping ground is at the back door. It is this entrance that everyone uses when they come in from their daily activities. Here you will find shoes, keys, bags, lunch boxes, bits of … [Read more...]

All Those who Believe in Telekinesis, Raise my Hand

That headline up there? It isn't mine. It belongs to comedian Emo Phillips, but I like it very much indeed and it is a great one to start off todays conversation. Skepticism starts when you question why Santa was in one Shopping Centre, and then you see him again on a street corner a few minutes later. When you question your authoritative figure … [Read more...]