Why I have decided to get botox

I am fully aware of my love of rugby union. I love watching the game and over the years, I have even started to understand the rules. Horatio made his A-Grade debut this weekend. It was the perfect winter day, with full blue sky and a lovely sun that ensured that I had my daily dosage of vitamin D. Horatio was very nervous and was given quite … [Read more...]


Ahh, weekend sport. The time honored tradition of rugging up for rugby. Standing on the sidelines with a sausage sizzle in your hand as you drip sauce down your front and smear it around a bit with a cheap, nasty serviette. It down not matter what you look like. You are a rugby mum and the sauce is a badge of honour. Or is it? It all comes … [Read more...]

Inside my linen cupboard

It is not unusual to be left feeling inadequate when you spend some time on social media. It can make you feel fat and frumpy, a shit-house cook, a hot mess in most areas of your life and bad at decorating your kids bedroom. And on the odd occasion you come across something so contrived, it makes you want to punch yourself in the … [Read more...]

Does your brain ever default to become your enemy?

It has been about a fortnight since Putin and Trump colluded together, along with Google, to take down* Australia's Number One Ridiculous Website. I am not going to sugar coat it, it has been a rough time. I discovered that I was addicted to blogging and as with any addiction, once it is taken away from you, you go into withdrawals. And with no … [Read more...]

Have fingers. Will pick.

My name is Mrs Woog and I am an unconscious picker. Oh, and I am also a conscious one as well! Multi-talented in the art of picking, that's me! I come from a family of pickers. Unable to leave things be. One of my sisters once had an ingrown hair on her forearm and picked and picked and picked at it. She actually called it "Picky" and she made … [Read more...]

What goes around….

I believe many things to be 100% true. I know when I am desperate for a coffee that there will be no milk. I know that when I go to empty the dishwasher, one of my family members would have put a full bowl of weet-bix on the top rack and the contents will have spilt all over the clean plates and I know that I will always find no ice cream in the … [Read more...]

10 Things Our Grandmas Got Right.

Whether yours is still with us, or has passed away, your grandma lives on in you, whether you like it or not. My sister has my Nanna, Myrtle Murphy’s physical features. I inherited her fondness for beer and a small punt at the track. My son has inherited her love and passion for Rugby League (GO THE EELS) and my other son has inherited her love … [Read more...]

Falling Down

Towards the end of last year, my Dad suffered a fall. Being in his seventies, this is not an uncommon thing to occur. You always hear of people of advancing years (Don't hate me Dad. Don't strike me from your will!) "suffering a fall." In fact, falls are the number one thing that will put over 65 year olds into hospital. The most common … [Read more...]

The Man of My Dreams

I don’t know about you, but one topic of conversation that always has me reaching for my pillow, is one that starts off with the following sentence. “I had the strangest dream last night…..” This is then followed by a long and detailed recount of my companion’s dream, which really only has any meaning to them and no one else. Having said … [Read more...]

The Left Lunch

Got up this morning, made some coffee. I made Horatio a smoothie and yelled at the cat. I put a load of washing on and begged Jack to stop dancing and get dressed. I slapped together some sandwiches and requested that teeth be polished. I added to the chaos by switching on the radio as I shuffled around in my jammies, festy robe and threadbare ugg … [Read more...]