“It hurt like fire in my tits”

Do you watch the HBO show GIRLS? I did and I loved it and was very emosh when the series came to an end. Hannah, the main character pictured here with her son Grover, was having issues with breastfeeding. "It hurts like fire in my tits!" She exclaims "All these women in my circle were judgemental...." When I found myself with child, I just … [Read more...]

Adulting and why it is over-rated

Most mornings I walk Jack to school. It is a good way to get my thirty minutes of moving done and dusted and also, just a nice way to really connect with him as he chitter chats all the way. The boy can ask questions. He often just talks in questions. He will be in high school next year and from my experience with Horatio, they grow up super fast … [Read more...]

Mamma Mia!

“Part of the reason motherly advice bugs us as daughters is because our mothers are so powerful in our lives. They loom like giants. The reason mothers keep at it is because they're so powerless. They cannot get you to do what is so obvious to them you should do.” -Deborah Tannen My mum was at my place recently. It was evening and I was at the … [Read more...]

On being a part of a cartel

  So by now we all know that mental computation is not my strong point.  So I must have completely taken leave of my senses when I agreed to start volunteering at the local High Schools canteen. For a start, it was nothing like a shift at the primary school, where one would just turn up and get to work. I had a list of can and cannot do's … [Read more...]

A tale of sausages and judgement

"Where is my mouth guard Mum?" And so it begins again. Footy season is upon us again and all over Sydney, puffer vests are getting a thorough airing as the weekends are now spent sitting on the sidelines telling all who will listen how corrupt the ref is. Hands are warmed with overpriced, takeaway coffees while younger siblings, high on the side … [Read more...]

I gave you LIFE + Uberkate Giveaway

The first Mothers Day was held in 1908 and it had nothing to do with Hallmark's Marketing Executives sitting around a table trying to work out how to bump up business. It was an American woman Anna Jarvis, who commemorated her mother Ann, who had died a year earlier. Ann was a peace activist, and heavily involved in caring for wounded soldiers at … [Read more...]

Who shrunk my pants and other things I have learnt

I am one of thousands and thousands of parents who are throwing their hands up in joy this morning as the kids go back to school. It seems that they have been on holidays for a month. The first few days of school holidays are always the best. Pyjamas till noon, everyone happy and lazy and relaxed. But then, boredom arrives at the door and things … [Read more...]

How to make slime

Not since the loom band summer of 2014 has a fad, or craze taken off with such vigour at Chateau de Woog as is slime manufacturing. Each and every morning I have been waking up to the tiny ping ping ping ping sound of tea-spoons being scraped against my flatware. (Bowls can be classified as flatware, go figure.) At first I found it interesting … [Read more...]

Assholes and Opinions

Be still my beating ovaries..... When I think of the US Federal election, there is one word that drifts out of the cloud of contentious issues. It is the one thing I will remember from the campaign. Abortion. For it is this topic that has repeatedly been the focus of many of the reports and debates coming out of the campaigning. Mainly … [Read more...]

When did braces become cool?

Sponsored by the Australian Society of Orthodontists  FACT When I was a kid, as my teeth fell out, my new teeth grew in like they were at a dance party, and my mouth was the mosh pit. My parents assumed that I was an orthodontists dream. FACT When I hit eleven, my teeth were all partied out and fell into rank and file, saving me from … [Read more...]