My gay friends do not have the same rights as me and I am not cool with that.

Malcolm Turnbull became the first sitting Prime Minister to Attend Mardi Gras in 2016 From the week beginning September 12, you can expect a ballot in your mailbox. This is for us to let the government know whether we support marriage equality for all Australians. We will have until November 7 to complete our vote, which is not compulsory. This … [Read more...]

Pants on Fire

Something has pissed me off. I normally try and be all light and cheery on the blog, but I am fucking pissed off and I know you might be too. During Donald Trumps campaign, he heavily aligned himself with the LGBTI Community, promising them that he fully supported them. Hell, at the beginning of the year he even went on record saying … [Read more...]

Never ask this question

I was out all day yesterday. When I left the cat was licking himself on the couch and the dog was asleep on the bed. When I came back six hours later, they were still in the exact same position. "What the fuck have you done all day?" I asked them. And that reminded me of something I wrote back in 2013 and so I think we need to revisit … [Read more...]

Is it just a Sydney thing?

The other day Mr. Woog and I were walking through a park when our paths crossed with an elderly gentleman. You know the kind, got the long pants on with shiny shoes. He had a buttoned down shirt with a woollen tie. Over that he had a v-necked vest on and over THAT he had a tweed sports coat. He was quite tall and wore a tweed hat, like this … [Read more...]

Thoughts on Modern Media

For the sake of my mental health, I have had to stop watching the news. I have also had to dial back a LOT of my media consumption online. And I have to be feeling very brave to check into Twitter! Because there appears to be a lack of any good news at the moment. It appears that the world has turned to shit and everyone is applauding. Let us … [Read more...]

Am I the only one who hates the modern day shopping experience?

I have a confession to make. It has been slowly creeping up on me but it is only recently that I have realised it. I hate shopping centres! This is a big deal because for years I was a shopping ninja. Stick me in front of a shopping centre and I was there in earnest. I would buy shit that I didn't need, just because it was a bargain. Then … [Read more...]

The Luxurious Period

What do these four items have in common? According to the Australian Government, they are all considered to be luxury items. This week the Greens were unsuccessful in trying to remove the GST on sanitary products, arguing that we are being penalised for simply existing. Us Aussie sheilas spend 300 million dollars a year trying to stem the … [Read more...]

If I was you, I’d want to be me too. Except not.

Did you know that your "funny bone" isn't even a real bone? I started thinking about it when I whacked my elbow on the car door during the long weekend. The result was not funny at all. But because I have an enquiring mind, I wanted to know why why why? It is the ULNAR nerve that creates that pain. This nerve is responsible for the control of your … [Read more...]

The Funny Looking Kid

When I was a kid I was not an attractive one. I was as skinny as a rake, had hair that was thin and wispy, sticking up all over the shop. My teeth protruded from my gums at any which angle it wanted and I had one eye that was able to look straight while the other eye pointed directly to my nose. This was rectified when I spend two years wearing … [Read more...]

Hurt people hurt people – My theory as to why people are assholes

I went for a walk this morning with mates. We went bush and it took all my concentration not to tumble down the rocky paths. Once we reached the bottom of the path we were rewarded with this glorious view. Isn't it staggering that this can be found ten kilometres from the middle of the city? But then to return we had to do the stairs of DEATH AND … [Read more...]