The Weekend Quickie with Wendy Harmer

Hands down Wendy Harmer is one of my favourite people in the world. I grew up listening to her on 2Day FM when she was a part of the famous Morning Crew. I got to meet her years ago when we were working on the same project. There I was, completely star struck. Wendy had started an independent website for women called The Hoopla. I had written a … [Read more...]

My name is Mrs. Woog and I am a sell out.

Recently, a lot of you (thank you kiss kiss) filled out a reader survey so I can get to know my readers a little more. I was starting to read some of the responses when the words appeared on my screen...... Heart stops. Panic attack knocks at the door. Questions ones every move... Now lets turn to Wiki for some big words... "Selling … [Read more...]

How to make slime

Not since the loom band summer of 2014 has a fad, or craze taken off with such vigour at Chateau de Woog as is slime manufacturing. Each and every morning I have been waking up to the tiny ping ping ping ping sound of tea-spoons being scraped against my flatware. (Bowls can be classified as flatware, go figure.) At first I found it interesting … [Read more...]

Made With Love

Sponsored by Steggles The smell hit me as I opened the front door of Mrs. Goodman’s joint. The smell of warmth and love and beckoning. One of my most favourite aromas ever. Smells that I adore include the following.... A young baby’s skin Freshly cut grass Gardenias Coffee Popcorn My Asian Neighbour’s house at 6pm because I … [Read more...]

Mrs Woog visits Vietnam – The Finale

  One of the best things about travelling when you are a writer is that you get to write about NEW STUFF. Like, I haven't written about washing or school shit or politics or any of the usual dribble I carry on with. Real actual stories told from experiences. And I kind of love it. Like right now. I am sitting in a little cafe on the … [Read more...]

Mrs Woog Visits Vietnam – Part Three

Yesterday I assumed my landlubber status by getting off the boat that had been home for six nights. We jumped aboard a bus for the hour and a half journey into Saigon. Having been in Saigon in 2002, I was keen to see how much the place had changed. Mr. Woog and I had stayed in one of the "fancier" hotels at the time, and it was considered … [Read more...]

Mrs Woog Visits Vietnam – Part Two

And so here we are, day 674 of this cruise down the Mekong River. And with only 24 hours left until we disembark in Saigon, it is time to do a little reflection. And nothing screams reflection more than a listicle. So strap yourselves in. • Being on a boat with retirees started off being a bit of a challenge. With most of them being European, I … [Read more...]

Mrs Woog visits Vietnam – Part One

Our boat crossed the border yesterday afternoon at about 5pm. We are now in Vietnam. And about 45 seconds later I noticed the difference. The wifi sprung to life, the cappuccino machine was fixed, the river buzzed with activity and the fields surrounding us were abundant with full crops. According to the staff on the boat, the Vietnamese economy … [Read more...]

Mrs Woog visits Cambodia – Part Three

One of the things that is screamingly obvious to me, now that I am a cruising expert with an impressive four nights under my belt, is the fact that there is extreme cruising politics, of which I am quickly realising. Now this cruise that I am on is a small, intimate affair with only about 45 guests on board. 98% of them are retirees while 2% of … [Read more...]

Mrs Woog visits Cambodia – Part Two

So it turns out that the entire boat was not made up of Dutch and Danish tourists. There was also a solid Australian contingent, a couple of Brits, a delightful Welsh couple and a friendly Canadian. The first day was quite awkward, like the first day at school, or your first day at a new job. Many polite exchanges and courteous … [Read more...]