How to avoid marinating in ones own filth

Greetings from Thailand, where the atmosphere is humid and conditions are perfect for dugonging around a lake-like resort pool. It is so large and lagoon like, that if one was to fall and hit ones head, I suspect that it might take weeks to find your body. I am travelling with a school mum mate and her daughter, who happens to be one of Jack's best mates, so he came along as … [Read More...]

Personal Grooming

In this age of EVERYBODY LOOK AT ME, particularly on social media, your personal care can fall into one of three categories. Regular maintenance Seasonal … [Read More...]

Rhythm is a Dancer

There are a few things in life that you can count on. Death, taxes, empty milk carton on the fridge when you go to make your coffee, and doing things that you don't … [Read More...]

Please hold the line.

As the clouds closed over yesterday afternoon, exactly at school pickup time naturally, I found myself walking up to the main entrance at the Channel 9 studios in … [Read More...]

Dusting off the old keyboard

    Tap tap tap. Is this thing working? Switch it off then turn it back on. Well hello! This past few weeks have been a bit tough for me. I … [Read More...]

Why are we all so angry?

I had an interesting session with my therapist this week. Yes, I see a therapist monthly. I figure you get you might get your eyebrows waxed, your hair coloured, … [Read More...]

High Quality Whinging

Gloomy day outside is reflecting on my gloomy mood. For you see, today I have a shit load to do, including my most hated task in the entire world. It deadset gives … [Read More...]

In Praise of Older Women—those who remember to have regular mammograms

I tend to hang on to friendships with older women who have been positively influential in my life. I learn a lot from them, and appreciate their friendship in a … [Read More...]

The Watergate Scandal

The sound of the bell rings through the air and the counter doors are raised. The ladies behind the counter grab their tongs, do some stretching and limber up … [Read More...]

Mrs Woog applies for Love Island

There is currently a show on television called Love Island. It is set in a Villa in Spain. The easiest way to explain it, is that it a bit like musical chairs for … [Read More...]

Woogsworld turns 10 today + GIVEAWAY

On this day, ten years ago, I typed in How To Blog into Google, and set up a little site called Woogsworld. If you had told me that this little blog would grow … [Read More...]

Itchy necks & Hairy eyeballs

One of the unspoken symptoms of being in the throes of peri-menopausal is the onset of incredibly strong urges of irritability. It is full on. Things that you … [Read More...]

Winter is coming

This week, I have done a few things that has signaled to me that Winter is truly on its way. Firstly, I was bringing in the garbage bins from the street, when I … [Read More...]

No Filter

Like me, you might have fond memories of an elderly neighbour who was completely off their rockers. Ones that would yell at you to get off their lawns, or little old … [Read More...]

Some advice for Barnaby Joyce

As sure as death and taxes, there is another thing that no one can avoid. Fucking up is something we all do all the time, and the thing about fucking up is that you … [Read More...]

The Valedictorian of Repulsion

Things around WoogsWorld have been quiet of late. And that is because I have been in convalescence! You see, ten days ago I had an operation on my leg to remove … [Read More...]

A note from the couch

According to the dictionary, the meaning of CONVALESCE is to recover one's health and strength over a period of time after an illness or medical … [Read More...]