Pamela and the PE Teacher

I do high school canteen once a month so I can apologise to teachers face to face and spend $46 on food for my son's mates so they think that I am super cool. I also look forward to it has we have struck up a little gang of mums and a grandma, who, as we make tandoori chicken wraps and cheese and salad rolls, discuss the events of the planet and try to solve the social … [Read More...]

Date Night + GIVEAWAY

I first met Mr Woog when he was working at our local bookshop. I had made his acquaintance previously at random social events, and I always liked the cut of his jib. … [Read More...]

Circling The Drain

Something interesting happened yesterday. I shared on my Facebook page a photo of my fingernails. Apologies and trigger warning goes out to my friend Faux … [Read More...]

The Panettone Police

Not since the great drop crotch jean debate of 2012 that played out on my Instagram account, have I received so much backlash from a piece of video content … [Read More...]


On Sunday mornings, after my traditional sleep in, we all tend to tackle the house's shortfalls, of which there are many. Horatio is excused from this activity as he … [Read More...]

How to survive a ladies’​ lunch.

From what I gather from friends who have it, Social Anxiety can be a complete pain in the ass to live with. According to Beyond Blue, at least 11% of us will … [Read More...]

Why you should get a Great Dane.

Those who follow along on Nassicistgram know that yesterday, I came back from a meeting and found that the kids had locked up the house real good before they went … [Read More...]

Hello,​ Endorphins. This is your Captain speaking. Settle in, and stay as long as you please.

"This is Captain Fred speaking. You my have noticed that it is quite the storm happening and trust me when I say, the only person who is more scared of a storm than … [Read More...]

North Shore Trophy Wife Irrational. Loses her shit over the ​noise.

It certainly didn't happen overnight, but it was only yesterday it dawned on me. I was becoming increasingly irritated at fuckwits. I was on the spectrum of … [Read More...]

Forced Family Fun

Oh school holidays! I hang out for you to be here. The lazy mornings, no extra curricular activities, sausage sizzles for dinner. I romanticise about the family … [Read More...]

How to live longer

Most people who know me know that I LOATHE Winter. I become a grumpy, anti-social, roomy and gloomy. I hate being cold. Grey skies and general malaise engulfs my … [Read More...]

Day 3 is the new Day 2

This post contains sensitive information about a perfectly natural and normal process that is very offensive to some people. If this is you, please don't read … [Read More...]

In a clear case of mistaken identity…​

One of my earliest memories involved me and Mum doing the grocery shopping. I recall walking up to her in the supermarket and grabbing her around the legs for the … [Read More...]

The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning

I didn't make that title up. It is a real book title by a cheery lass called Margareta Magnusson. It is almost like she is "FUCK YOU MARIE KONDO! I AM GOING TO DEATH … [Read More...]

“I’d like to introduce you to who we call the Defiant Woman. And right now, she doesn’t give a shit about you.”

I was rattling around the kitchen this morning, making a coffee and listening to ABC Sydney. Wendy and Robbie had a guest on, one who I adore. I was lucky enough … [Read More...]

Rock Bottom

"Rock Bottom!" It is a phrase that is sung out in our house on a daily basis. For example, I will go to make a coffee in the morning only to find the empty carton … [Read More...]

A Fine Romance

Pre-children years, Mr Woog and I would quite often go out for coffee and cake after dinner. Looking back, the thought of drinking coffee after noon is hilarious and … [Read More...]