When food makes me angry

Rational Mrs Woog - "Don't write about it! It is exactly what they want. They will love the media attention. You are eating out of the palm of their hand...." Normal Irrational Mrs Woog - "They cross bred a donut with an energy drink? What the actual fuck? Who thinks of these things! When I get home I am going to write an outraged blog post about this..." Normal irrational … [Read More...]

On losing ones faculties

Note to self. Do not go to the chemist on a Monday morning to fill a script. It was as full as a tick in the Springtime. Every seat was taken with the elderly, … [Read More...]

Everyday I’m Hustling

  One thing I have recently done is to dramatically cut back on the time I spend scrolling complete bullshit on social media. So much bull shit and it is … [Read More...]

Cauliflower rice and other ways to piss off perimenopausal women

They say that humans have seven emotional states. These are; Anger Fear Disgust Happiness Sadness Surprise Contempt And I think it is … [Read More...]

How to Rage Clean

Yesterday morning I went through something quite unpleasant. Now when I go through something unpleasant my stress hormones so fucking nutso, and when I get stressed … [Read More...]

An Opinion – Side Boob Inking

From the blogger who first uncovered the COMFY WOMFY saga and from the very same blogger who discussed what it was like to have fire coming from one's tits, she has … [Read More...]

A Tale of Superior Customer Service

Today I want to share a situation that I recently endured with a most surprising outcome. I visited the Roads and Maritime Services, previously known as the … [Read More...]

My Top Five Confidence Boosters

Today I want to discuss the notion of confidence. I do this as I nurse a broken bum. Allow me to explain. I was at a friends house on Saturday evening. She lives … [Read More...]

My Agonising Decision

I have no scientific data to back up my allegations, but I do believe the general rise of stress and anxiety in our population is, in part, a result of us having too … [Read More...]


So I sat in the waiting room at Dr Wines, clutching the radiogram (Is that the right word?) and flicked through a New Idea from 2014. For those who don't know, I am … [Read More...]

A screw loose

I looked at the receptionist an admitted to her out loud. "I am really bad at adulting."  She didn't miss a beat, bless her cotton socks, and admitted that she … [Read More...]

Why do I get goosebumps?

If you listened the The Hot Flush this week, the Premiere Podcast for the Peri-menopausal, you would understand the title of this blog post straight away. For you … [Read More...]

Perfect conditions for hot flushes

  Why are women so tired and angry? More butthole jokes. Mrs Woog continues to fashion herself as the replacement for Jack Thompson as Australia's national … [Read More...]

A Tale of Two Bullies

Today, Friday 16th of March, is the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence. Bullying is defined as the following. Bullying is an ongoing misuse of … [Read More...]


So, yeah. I was having a chat to the old ball and chain in the kitchen the other night. He was making zucchini slice and I watched with interest as he started to … [Read More...]

How to piss off a teenager

Oh adolescence. What a mystical, unpredictable, somewhat stinky beast you are! When I first started blogging ten years ago, the internet was littered with the new … [Read More...]

Honour the Women in your life

One of life’s pleasures is to get a professional massage. I adore getting a massage and always think, “Why don’t I get these more regularly?” but due to time and … [Read More...]