My Honorary Degree from the University of Mind Fuckery

DISCLAIMER By choosing to continue to read this brain dump by Mrs. Woog, I promise to do as I am instructed to do at the end of this short message. If I do not comply, Mrs. Woog has every right to send my contact details on to Craig Kelly. This year I was excited to award myself an honorary degree from the University Of Mind-Fuckery. I had completed all of the … [Read More...]

Better than a slap in the face with a wet fish

Do you ever stop and wonder how particular sayings became about? For a long time, during my informative years, I was often referred to having an appearance like a … [Read More...]

Lonely as a cloud

Not since I wrote a little post eleven years ago about being a member of the North Shore mum’s brigade have I had such feedback from a social media post that I … [Read More...]

My Essential Serums

Back in the day, or specifically around 69BC, when Cleopatra was feeling in the mood for some SELF CARE (which is a new wanky term for brushing your teeth etc), she … [Read More...]

What a pack of bitches!

Recently I have been on the receiving end of some written unpleasantness directed my way. I always consider such diatribe as a nod to my slide into … [Read More...]


This morning, it was as close to a “Come to Jesus” moment that is quite rare for an agnostic person such as myself. The sun was beaming down, the boys were all still … [Read More...]

Dear Words from my Brain

Looking back on what we have been through, well I could never have forecast what we could achieve together. Ever since I was a wee tacker, I loved stories. I … [Read More...]

You are a crazy bitch, HORMONES!

This is written from my experiences only. I am not offering any medical advice. Please see your GP should you have any concerns. Trigger warning for suicide. Now, … [Read More...]

Why everyone actually is not an asshole.

The issue I have with the phrase first world problem is that it is bandied around so frequently, you really just feel like a fuckwit and there is no intelligent … [Read More...]

How I became foggy. IT WAS AN AMBUSH!

I think it happened about six months ago. It was as if I heard to doorbell ring, and I wrapped myself up in my bathrobe. I walked down the stairs thinking "Who the … [Read More...]

How to make it stop

Recently, probably a few months now, I went out to lunch with a friend. She is in her mid-sixties, is very smart, very outspoken and very very fun. We went to a … [Read More...]

The Health Update

For the past few months, I have been feeling like absolute crap. It started in October when I just completely lost my mojo, like it was out the door down the street, … [Read More...]

Pondering the Clouds

Because I was a little weirdo, one of my favourite things to do as a kid was to wander up the street to a little paddock that was filled with daisies and ladybirds. … [Read More...]

She ain’t what she used to be

So a close personal relative of mine, who gave birth to me, is getting a medical procedure done right now as I type, which makes me clench my butt cheeks as the very … [Read More...]

What happens when you stop.

It is a tale as old as time. Well for me anyway. Last week I took a break from regular programming and went to my friend Caro's farm, which is just past … [Read More...]

Woogie’s Last Dance

I know I have banged on for over a decade about Rugby, having gone from someone who knew nothing to now knowing that there is no such position as a tight-ass … [Read More...]

A special place in hell

Those who know me would describe me as having the constitution of a drunk slug. I literally would have loved to have been a vet, but I lacked a few skills. I had … [Read More...]