Reinvigorate your Vulva!

Hey, don't get me wrong. I am all about self care. I love getting hot wax poured all over my body only to have my hair ripped out by it's roots. And Who doesn't love the sensational feeling you get watching someone SHAVE YOUR FEET. It is so rewarding being a women. And now some bright spark has come up with a "beauty product" so ludacris, I actually cannot get my head … [Read More...]

What is Meccano?

I was skirting around on the Podcast Ap the other day, sniffing about for a new podcast to discover when one was suggested for me. It was called Too Much Tully, … [Read More...]

Happiness Hacks

In our last lesson, we discussed physical signs you may get when you are running your life on a knife's edge. If you missed it, please refer to this as this post … [Read More...]

The Reset Sign

When things from the technology world start to fuck up, the advice you are often given is to switch it off, bang it against the coffee table three times, then switch … [Read More...]

The Case of the Missing Zanzibar Gem.

SUSAN Susan and Pam* got together regularly, to go for a walk and have a catch-up, like many in this idyllic suburb tended to do. They walked and talked, stopping … [Read More...]

Well Bred

The kids are now back at school after the longest holidays ever and I am slowly starting to release my shoulders from my ears. Settling into the new house has been … [Read More...]

My new business idea

For those who follow my shenanigans on Instagram will know that we recently moved house. Moving house is considered the third most stressful thing one can … [Read More...]

The Motherfucking Hurty Phase explained.

Chatting with a friend recently when all of a sudden out of the blue she burst out with "And what the actual fuck is this ovulation pain bullshit!" It is just … [Read More...]

Swapping snakes for rats

A friend of mine woke up on Monday morning and wandered into her television room to be greeted by an intruder. It is never nice to have unexpected guests, … [Read More...]

Wobbly Boots

Ok, time for some truth serum. *Rubs truth serum into ones temples. Deep breath* I am not enjoying the 2020 journey so far. In fact my mental health is all … [Read More...]

Meet Cammino – Global provider of joy to the feet of busy women

Cammino (Italian for ‘to walk’) was born from a belief that life is an adventure to be lived to the full. Australian Designer Katrina Verso found herself surrounded … [Read More...]

Fingers and toes

So, I hauled my ass off to the waxing/nail place yesterday where I dropped a wedge of cash and came out sans claws and fur and MAN did it feel good. I had heard from … [Read More...]

A History of Eyebrows

Do you ever look at your face in a mirror and ponder why you have two strips of hair randomly placed above your eyes? Do you ever wonder why there is a multi-million … [Read More...]

Desperately Requiring Resilience!

At the beginning of every new year, I choose a word to focus on. I am not at the Tony Robbins level of self-help hype, but I know that I continue to be a work in … [Read More...]

You say it like it’s a bad thing

According to the Oxford Dictionary, Middle Age is defined as those glorious years between 45 and 65. It is the age, if you are female, that your hormones try to turn … [Read More...]

You will not believe what happened next?

This is Instagram star Tammy Hembrow. She is a successful businesswoman who "flaunts her enviable curves." She can be found in The Daily Mail Website on most … [Read More...]

What the hell was that?

Well, I do not know about you, but I did not like that at all. I discovered that I am not suited to living the hermit life, it really fucked with my brain. Up and … [Read More...]