Woogie’s Last Dance

I know I have banged on for over a decade about Rugby, having gone from someone who knew nothing to now knowing that there is no such position as a tight-ass prop. Woogie, as my son is known as, has hung up his boots for Lindfield Junior Rugby club having spent 8 fantastic seasons there. As a family, we have enjoyed it, have met wonderful friends, ate many sausages wrapped … [Read More...]

A special place in hell

Those who know me would describe me as having the constitution of a drunk slug. I literally would have loved to have been a vet, but I lacked a few skills. I had … [Read More...]

The towelling that is terry

Bucky Beaver, Rickety Kate from Bogan Gate and of course BOYS DON'T MAKE PASSES AT GIRLS WHO WEAR GLASSES. Yep, thats me on the left. Do you recall I recently … [Read More...]

On losing my superpower

This is me, about twelve years ago when I naturally produced collagen, had my shit together quite nicely thank you very much. My body didn't ache, I could stay up … [Read More...]

The Dress that divided the Internet!

My inbox delivered me a treat recently. An email from one of my favourite brands, Country Road, announcing the fact that they have been missing me this year and … [Read More...]

The Hot Flush TV Show with other guests who were impressive as hell.

A couple of weeks ago I received an email from a producer from the SBS asking whether I would be interested in coming onto the program Insights, along with my Hot … [Read More...]

Rocket Lady

On Sunday, a young lad on the rugby field kneed Horatio in the head. Got him a beauty. Rugby at this age is not so fun anymore. We spent the night at the hospital, … [Read More...]


Sometimes I think I am so clever I could just hug myself stupid. Like, with this blog title. It came to me as I washed my face last night and I went to bed thinking … [Read More...]

Reinvigorate your Vulva!

Hey, don't get me wrong. I am all about self care. I love getting hot wax poured all over my body only to have my hair ripped out by it's roots. And Who doesn't love … [Read More...]

What is Meccano?

I was skirting around on the Podcast Ap the other day, sniffing about for a new podcast to discover when one was suggested for me. It was called Too Much Tully, … [Read More...]

Happiness Hacks

In our last lesson, we discussed physical signs you may get when you are running your life on a knife's edge. If you missed it, please refer to this as this post … [Read More...]

The Reset Sign

When things from the technology world start to fuck up, the advice you are often given is to switch it off, bang it against the coffee table three times, then switch … [Read More...]

The Case of the Missing Zanzibar Gem.

SUSAN Susan and Pam* got together regularly, to go for a walk and have a catch-up, like many in this idyllic suburb tended to do. They walked and talked, stopping … [Read More...]

Well Bred

The kids are now back at school after the longest holidays ever and I am slowly starting to release my shoulders from my ears. Settling into the new house has been … [Read More...]

My new business idea

For those who follow my shenanigans on Instagram will know that we recently moved house. Moving house is considered the third most stressful thing one can … [Read More...]

The Motherfucking Hurty Phase explained.

Chatting with a friend recently when all of a sudden out of the blue she burst out with "And what the actual fuck is this ovulation pain bullshit!" It is just … [Read More...]

Swapping snakes for rats

A friend of mine woke up on Monday morning and wandered into her television room to be greeted by an intruder. It is never nice to have unexpected guests, … [Read More...]