Smells like teen spirit

Cute and Girlie? Oh, FFS. I rarely, if ever, get sympathy from my parents when I despair about thee mind fuckery that is raising teenagers. I believe this is because I caused them a lot of sleepless nights. I don't think I was as moody as my siblings (one of five here) but I sure was the naughtiest. Which is why I can read Horatio like a book. Don't bullshit me, son. I … [Read More...]

The Last Supper

This weekend just gone, we went to a great mate's 50th Birthday. Now, I am always of the opinion that the hosts sets the tone for the event, and this couple are … [Read More...]

Chuy Lewis Update

There has been, for weeks now, a persistent rumour. Whatever happened to Chuy Lewis and The Woogs? Chuy, of course, is our beautiful black panther cat. He is … [Read More...]

An open apology to Karen

Derived from the name Katherine, Karen is originally a Danish name, meaning "pure". Hitting peak popularity in the '60s, why¬†has this name become what we associate … [Read More...]

Thank you for your candour.

Look, never in the twelve years I have been writing this blog have I ever confessed to wanting to change the world. I cannot. I am just one lonely big mouth in a sea … [Read More...]

The Full Body Experience

Now that I can acceptably be described as mid to late forties, I have realised that I am not immune to ill health or god forbid, an early death, so I decided at the … [Read More...]

What’s taken the shine off shopping?

When I was in my twenties, before kids and other distractions, there was nothing better than spending my Saturdays with my mates, shopping along Oxford Street in … [Read More...]

How not to buy whitegoods.

Last night, I don't know why and I have learnt not to question anything I do, I walked past our fridge and did an Intagram Story telling everyone not to buy this … [Read More...]

Thrives on Neglect

A few days ago, Mr Woog took me on a date. He takes me to the best places. The tip at Artarmon, Bunnings, destination dates. We used to go to art galleries before … [Read More...]

How I was bullied on Instagram

Did you know that Instagram turns ten years old this year? Invented in America Kevin and Mike, in was purchased by the Dark Overlord Of the Interwebs and Personal … [Read More...]

The Pedestrian Police

In this weeks episode of The Hot Flush, the Premier Podcast for the Peri-menopausal, Kim and I touch on a subject which I actually think could be a good … [Read More...]

Things that are good

Who doesn't love a lazy ass blogging listicle on a cold day! Listicle is what happens when an article and a list make sweet hanky panky with each other and have a … [Read More...]

United State of Brain

This morning I have already poured milk in my mug, placed it in the microwave for the thirty seconds to warm it up for that beautiful first coffee of the day. The … [Read More...]

Position Vacant

You must have heard by now that Meghan and Harry have had enough of being Royal and have said "Toodle Doo" to the gang at Buckingham Palace. Have you ever … [Read More...]

How to be positive.

I was in the car the other day with Mr. Woog and I must have been being most unpleasant as he actually stopped the car, looked at me and said... "I would really … [Read More...]

Look Away. I am hideous!

For those that have been reading for a while, you would know that I live in a small three-bedroom, one bathroom Art Deco Bungalow, complete with a potting shed where … [Read More...]

Stressful Times

It is in stressful times that we can all be a little bit of an asshole. This is because we worry, which causes tension and anxiety which can then be released in … [Read More...]