A screw loose

I looked at the receptionist an admitted to her out loud. "I am really bad at adulting."  She didn't miss a beat, bless her cotton socks, and admitted that she wasn't really great at it herself which was alarming as she was a medical receptionist and they are some of the most powerful people on the planet. The thing about growing up is that you cannot wait to be an … [Read More...]

Why do I get goosebumps?

If you listened the The Hot Flush this week, the Premiere Podcast for the Peri-menopausal, you would understand the title of this blog post straight away. For you … [Read More...]

Perfect conditions for hot flushes

  Why are women so tired and angry? More butthole jokes. Mrs Woog continues to fashion herself as the replacement for Jack Thompson as Australia's national … [Read More...]

A Tale of Two Bullies

Today, Friday 16th of March, is the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence. Bullying is defined as the following. Bullying is an ongoing misuse of … [Read More...]


So, yeah. I was having a chat to the old ball and chain in the kitchen the other night. He was making zucchini slice and I watched with interest as he started to … [Read More...]

How to piss off a teenager

Oh adolescence. What a mystical, unpredictable, somewhat stinky beast you are! When I first started blogging ten years ago, the internet was littered with the new … [Read More...]

Honour the Women in your life

One of life’s pleasures is to get a professional massage. I adore getting a massage and always think, “Why don’t I get these more regularly?” but due to time and … [Read More...]

A Labour of Love

So anyway, back in 1992 I went to Charles Sturt University in Bathurst where I met a multitude of amazing friends whom I am still very close to. One of them is Mrs … [Read More...]

Kissing Toads

Like many of you, last night I sat on the couch with a girlfriend, clutching a glass of wine and looking on in horror as JUSTIN sprang a pash on Carly on that show … [Read More...]

Saturdays in Bigga

On the sixth of July 1973 at Tamworth Base hospital a new baby was born. That baby was me! Born in the Country Musical Capital of the Country and I spent the first … [Read More...]

I want you to listen to your body

Most days I want you to leave this blog with a smile on your face. Today, I want you to do something different. I want you to listen to your body. February is … [Read More...]

Why I got divorced

Oh look at you, clicking onto that headline in anticipation of some decent gossip! That's ok. When a blogger gets divorced it can be BIG NEWS! Like when Heather and … [Read More...]

This podcast is not safe for children, work or normal people

Look after yourself. Mrs Berry details how she does it. Mrs Woog says that's why we don't have any sponsors. Mrs Berry argues convincingly that Mrs Woog using the … [Read More...]

Are you up for the challenge?

Sponsored by Bupa With the kids back at school after the longest summer ever, (Seriously January! Sheesh!), I finally have some time to stop and take stock of … [Read More...]

This post is sponsored by DAY TWO of Shark Week

Lately I have been thinking that I must have inadvertently got myself tangled up into a time machine type situation. Apparently it was just last month that I was … [Read More...]

Would you root someone from your work?

  I was watching Prue McSween this morning on the tele and they were talking about the bonk ban. For those outside of Australia, our Prime Minister yesterday … [Read More...]

Game, set, match!

In my never-ending quest to become the most polished trophy wife in the whole of the district, this week I started competition tennis. I had been systematically … [Read More...]