2018 Predictions

At around this time every year, the self-appointed colour gurus at Pantone release their "Colour of the year" and for 2018, they have announced that it is Ultra Violet. Historically, there has been a mystical or spiritual quality attached to Ultra Violet. The colour is often associated with mindfulness practices, which offer a higher ground to those seeking refuge from … [Read More...]

What is with this time of year?

Why do we always feel the need to catch up with people that we have spent the last 11 months trying to avoid? Why would you want to go and party with people from … [Read More...]


Schadenfreude is a german word. It is a compound of Schaden 'damage, harm' and Freude 'joy. It basically means that you take pleasure over someone else pain. It … [Read More...]

How to cope during Mercury Retrograde

Well it is official. We are all allowed to be legit cranky and short with people at the moment. And there is a reason! There is a supermoon/retro in retrograde … [Read More...]

Happy Hormones?

Ok so you know how last week I wrote about WHEN HORMONES COLLIDE and then followed it up with another sad post called SOME BAD NEWS where a relaxation guru told us … [Read More...]

Is Instagram killing Blogging?

I started blogging back in 2008 because I had a baby and a toddler and was slowly going a little bit bonkers. Like, I swear, if the Seventh Day Adventists knocked on … [Read More...]

A girl’s weekend in Noosa

The weather was perfect. Sunny yet not too hot. The water was a sparkling turquoise which beckoned me. I stripped off my clothes and stood there in my swimmers, on … [Read More...]

Life is in the little things

Sponsored by Bupa  We are kind of pre-programmed in life, to hit the WOW factor. To be fabulous! To be the BEST Mum! To raise amazing kids and bake gluten free … [Read More...]

Missing : One Christmas Spirit

Yesterday I was living my regular, glamorous life aka folding the washing. I had the television on because it was Ellen's Christmas Special where she gives away a … [Read More...]

Some bad news

After a rather overwhelming response to yesterday's post about WHEN HORMONES COLLIDE, I thought today I would dig a little deeper as to why a "few" of us are not … [Read More...]

When Hormones Collide

40 years ago, the average age of a first time mother was 25. This meant that the time that you had a hormone filled teenager, you would still be a spring chicken at … [Read More...]


I am not sure about you but I feel like I have run a marathon with all the marriage equality debate. I have a rule not to argue with strangers on the internet, which … [Read More...]

The Great Escape

The youngest and fluffiest member of our family has become as escape artist! To be fair, I don't blame her as I often dream of running away, perhaps with an apple … [Read More...]

Bitch, Don’t Steal My Dress

School Formal season is once again upon us, and I always reflect on a time where formals were fun, rather than a competitive sport that they seemed to have morphed … [Read More...]

Quarter Strength Hog Wash

Join us for the latest episode of The Hot Flush. The Worlds Premiere Podcast for the Peri-menopausal!   … [Read More...]

50 Shades of Grey Hair

REJOICE! THE AGGIES ARE COMING OUT! Well, not quite 50. But at this point in my life I have noticed quite a shift in my outlook, and may I just say, about bloody … [Read More...]

Nine things to do when you think the world is turning to shit

Do you remember when you were a little kid and the world was pretty amazing? And you couldn't wait to get older and then you GET older and then the world can seem … [Read More...]