Are you up for the challenge?

Sponsored by Bupa With the kids back at school after the longest summer ever, (Seriously January! Sheesh!), I finally have some time to stop and take stock of things that tend to go by the wayside when we are not running to a schedule. Things like putting the house back together so our lives can run more smoothly. Finding a lunchbox under a bed containing something that once … [Read More...]

This post is sponsored by DAY TWO of Shark Week

Lately I have been thinking that I must have inadvertently got myself tangled up into a time machine type situation. Apparently it was just last month that I was … [Read More...]

Would you root someone from your work?

  I was watching Prue McSween this morning on the tele and they were talking about the bonk ban. For those outside of Australia, our Prime Minister yesterday … [Read More...]

Game, set, match!

In my never-ending quest to become the most polished trophy wife in the whole of the district, this week I started competition tennis. I had been systematically … [Read More...]

Some thoughts on Valentines Day

Today is the day that so many love, and so many loathe. Its Valentine‚Äôs Day, a day where florists, restaurants and the good folk at Hallmark, rub their little hands … [Read More...]

What Is Magnesium

Ok so last week, we talked about meditation and how everyone is doing it and if you are not doing it you are a total loser, remember? I also alluded to the other … [Read More...]

How to Meditate

  Meditation is so hot right now. And Magnesium. And because I am a joiner, I partake of both. Magnesium I will save for another day, but in todays lesson, I … [Read More...]

Life is a Gift

Sponsored by Bupa   I am going to sound all hippy lala right now, but did you know that you are a miracle? And actual miracle! Congratulations and well … [Read More...]


With every trip around the sun I take, my body makes slight changes. Like yesterday, I noticed two small, dark red dots had appeared on my forearm. I pointed these … [Read More...]

The Best Concert in the World

Yesterday at Ten am, Mrs Jenkins downed tools at Huffy Puffy and excused herself for the last fifteen minutes of our¬†complaining exercise session with out Huffy … [Read More...]

Ditch the self hate, Mrs Woog stares down a troll, Corey Bernardi tells us childbirth “can be painful” and Kim makes Mrs Woog gag. Again.

Ditch the self hate, Mrs Woog stares down a troll, Corey Bernardi tells us childbirth "can be painful" and Kim makes Mrs Woog gag. Again. Welcome to the Premiere … [Read More...]

North Shore Housewife

Yesterday I did two things which sealed my fate as a North Shore Housewife. I didn't buy an Audi, nor did I get a cavoodle. WORSE! I got talked into joining a … [Read More...]

53 years old? You need to ditch the jeans

My current favourite jeans. CLICK HERE According to some stupid British survey we should not be wearing jeans after the age of 53. This means I have nine more years … [Read More...]

What I have learnt after ten years of blogging

  It has been a decade since I opened a blogger account and registered the name WoogsWorld. Yep, toiling away for ten years, if you can believe that thank … [Read More...]

The WoogsWorld Holiday Itinerary for 2018 is OUT!


How to deal when your kids will not stop fighting.

This is a photo that one of my beautiful readers shared on Facebook. It is a picture of her children fighting over who will bring in which bin. They both wanted to … [Read More...]

Gone to Seed

Yesterday I took a good, long, hard look into the mirror and found it to be quite interesting as to what can result when one throws out exercising, grooming, … [Read More...]