What to do if you get bitten by a dog.

It's been a very busy few weeks here at Woogsworld with plenty of highs and lows to test even the most sturdy of souls, of which I am not so fuck I am chasing those highs when I can! We welcomed a new member to the circus. Meet Dusty Springfield Woog, an adorable ball of fluff fresh from the Blacktown Pound. We bonded immediately due to the fact that deep down, we are both … [Read More...]

I will not be bullied

Yesterday I officially put a line through my week from hell. Of course, it may begin again tomorrow as I have a date with the most handsome dentist in the world, … [Read More...]

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

In the 19th century, German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche came up with this often-used saying . It is generally used as an affirmation of resilience. Or lyrics … [Read More...]

Help ‘Susan’ Out with Payk

This post is sponsored by PayK, a most excellent app. I want to tell you about the new group payments app, PayK and how it is a godsend at this time of year … [Read More...]

How to be a loser

Last night I watched on as my son Jack won the award for the "most improved student 2019 Contemporary/Lyrical" and I was completely thrilled for him. He tries so … [Read More...]

One Wedding and Five Funerals

Because life is not all kittens and skittles, today I am going off script a bit. I thank you for your ear. Twenty years or so ago, I was averaging four weddings … [Read More...]

How to handle being blackmailed.

I have had a rather dreadful week, mainly because of an evil man trying to blackmail me. I have lost sleep over it, spoken to the police about it. It has been super … [Read More...]

Pamela and the PE Teacher

I do high school canteen once a month so I can apologise to teachers face to face and spend $46 on food for my son's mates so they think that I am super cool. I … [Read More...]

Date Night + GIVEAWAY

I first met Mr Woog when he was working at our local bookshop. I had made his acquaintance previously at random social events, and I always liked the cut of his jib. … [Read More...]

Circling The Drain

Something interesting happened yesterday. I shared on my Facebook page a photo of my fingernails. Apologies and trigger warning goes out to my friend Faux … [Read More...]

The Panettone Police

Not since the great drop crotch jean debate of 2012 that played out on my Instagram account, have I received so much backlash from a piece of video content … [Read More...]


On Sunday mornings, after my traditional sleep in, we all tend to tackle the house's shortfalls, of which there are many. Horatio is excused from this activity as he … [Read More...]

How to survive a ladies’​ lunch.

From what I gather from friends who have it, Social Anxiety can be a complete pain in the ass to live with. According to Beyond Blue, at least 11% of us will … [Read More...]

Why you should get a Great Dane.

Those who follow along on Nassicistgram know that yesterday, I came back from a meeting and found that the kids had locked up the house real good before they went … [Read More...]

Hello,​ Endorphins. This is your Captain speaking. Settle in, and stay as long as you please.

"This is Captain Fred speaking. You my have noticed that it is quite the storm happening and trust me when I say, the only person who is more scared of a storm than … [Read More...]

North Shore Trophy Wife Irrational. Loses her shit over the ​noise.

It certainly didn't happen overnight, but it was only yesterday it dawned on me. I was becoming increasingly irritated at fuckwits. I was on the spectrum of … [Read More...]

Forced Family Fun

Oh school holidays! I hang out for you to be here. The lazy mornings, no extra curricular activities, sausage sizzles for dinner. I romanticise about the family … [Read More...]