Just for the taste of it…

Last weekend I heard some dreadful news which I am having trouble coming to terms with. I was catching up with my Sister in Law, chewing the breeze as one does. I took a sip of my Diet Coke when she said something so terrible, so heinous that I think my heart stopped. "Enjoy it while you can..."She said. "That brand is in trouble....." You see, dear reader, she works … [Read More...]

“I’d like to introduce you to who we call the Defiant Woman. And right now, she doesn’t give a shit about you.”

I was rattling around the kitchen this morning, making a coffee and listening to ABC Sydney. Wendy and Robbie had a guest on, one who I adore. I was lucky enough … [Read More...]

Rock Bottom

"Rock Bottom!" It is a phrase that is sung out in our house on a daily basis. For example, I will go to make a coffee in the morning only to find the empty carton … [Read More...]

A Fine Romance

Pre-children years, Mr Woog and I would quite often go out for coffee and cake after dinner. Looking back, the thought of drinking coffee after noon is hilarious and … [Read More...]

How To Dress in your 40’s+

For Iris Apfel, 97, it is all about the layering. As a woman, hitting my mid-forties has been an interesting experience. And when I say interesting, it has been … [Read More...]


The above image is the one that accompanied THIS article. If you cannot be assed to click through and read it, it is about a new procedure that delays … [Read More...]

Three pairs of jeans that I respect and admire.

It is interesting that I would choose to do a fashion post when I am on day 2 and all I really want to do is eat an entire barbecue chicken while watching back to … [Read More...]

Smashing it

People who work as online entrepreneurs like to make Facebook Videos, explaining to their followers how they are SMASHING their business and personal goals, and if … [Read More...]

Weeping for your well-being

CIS:CIRC.366-1964 A recently spent a few days away with a dear friend. She is kind of like a goat to my thoroughbred tendencies. Basically, Mrs Webster is ace … [Read More...]

Rethink your 13th drink. A cautionary​ tale from a school mum.

Last week, the door of the canteen opened and a very ashen face Mrs. Walsh walked in. She announced that she was feeling dreadful. It turned out that the evening … [Read More...]

Beauty Essentials

I will never forget when my mum bought me my first lipstick. It was at the GEE BEE counter (Grace Brothers attempt at trying to be cool) and it was not dissimilar to … [Read More...]

On having one’s ass kicked

Not going to lie to you ladies and gents, this winter has completely kicked my ass. I am not sure why, I cannot recall being as crook over winter in the 46 years … [Read More...]

I’m not that innocent…

"But Mr. Zuckerberg! I am innocent!" But my words fell on deaf ears and I was placed in Facebook Jail for violating community standards regarding nudity. I had … [Read More...]

The Cheeseburger Churn

When you are younger, you tend to have guts that are made of steel. You could eat all the gluten, all of the dairy, all of the white bread you could manage, … [Read More...]

Weapon of Choice

Weapon of Choice #notsponsored There is a supermoon/retro in retrograde situation going on which is rare, and is why I am blaming on World War Three going on in … [Read More...]

Just add it to the list…

Recently, a friend popped over for a cuppa unannounced. Some people freak out an unannounced pop-ins but I don't really care. We live on a well-worn path of … [Read More...]

To the man in seat 18A

So the thing is, I love holidaying and travelling, visiting other countries and of course, eating all of the things. But flying? Well, let's just say I am not the … [Read More...]