Self Imposed Long Service Leave

I have been blogging FOR A VERY BLOODY LONG TIME NOW. Since 2008, if you can believe that. And now, eleven years later, I think it has finally happened. I think I have used up all my words. I have blogged through a quarter of my life, through 3 desktop computers and 2 laptops. I have been stressing out about this for weeks now before I realised something. It was about … [Read More...]

Sounds I do not like.

There are some sounds that I adore, like the popping of a champagne bottle, or the sound of an ATM machine that indicates to me that there is cash coming my way. I … [Read More...]

My Special Talent

If you know me in real life, you would know that I am full of irrational fears. Like swooping birds who try to poke my eyes out. Like cream based condiments. The … [Read More...]


I live in a suburb home to plenty of dogs. Being a dog owner myself, I get to know them as we wander the streets together. There are a pair of huge poodles, whom … [Read More...]

Important Information for Men Folk.

Now before I begin to tell this story, there should be some background information that I need to share, to truly set the scene. Freezing cold weather has truly … [Read More...]

The Angry Adjudicator

We arrived an hour and a half before our section was to begin. Where were we? We were at an eisteddfod in the St. George area of Sydney, an area that we were soon to … [Read More...]

It’s Just My Opinion ​

Back in the day, I used to write a lot of opinion pieces for other media outlets. I can tell you this for free, to be a successful opinion writer, you needed to … [Read More...]

Enough with the Fat Shaming!

One of the decisions I consciously made this year was not to accept contracts or work with weight loss companies. This mainly streamed from frustrations about … [Read More...]

It ain’t all that bad….

Having turned my phone off for 24 hours due to living under a cloud of impending doom following the current state of play in the world, I remembered something my … [Read More...]

The Cost of Tomorrow

So, tomorrow is the big day kids. Election day. Now you know for yours truly this is like Christmas, complete with the stress of all the parties, shopping, … [Read More...]

Why do you live where you live?

I like to spend a part of my sleep time awake, thinking about things. It can be anything, nothing is too bizarre or mundane. Things like why do I have to still … [Read More...]

Running with Cows

Last year I purchased a pair of leopard print loafers from Country Road. They are possibly the most amazingly comfortable shoes I have ever owned. These shoes are … [Read More...]

Ugly Crying and other things

This week there was ugly crying, there is more information on the Woog Berry Correctional Facility Period Scale, tales of pork and a potential crossroads in footwear … [Read More...]

The Sandwich Generation

On the weekend I went along to a gathering of gals who graduated in the class of 1991. Oh, a school reunion can send many folks running for the hills! Dredging up … [Read More...]

Attack of the Self Licking Ice Cream

Pollie Waffle, our underground political reporter, writes exclusively for WoogsWorld. Aren't we lucky to have her? But hopefully not for much linger as the worlds … [Read More...]

WTF is an acronym?

Teenagers have always been strange, frightening and mysterious. I have thought this when I was a kid, during my teenage years and now, as I try to navigate the … [Read More...]

Pollie’s Preppers guide: how to survive the election.

Pollie Waffle, our main woman in the political know, is at it again. This week, she advises us on the best way to survive the election. We find ourselves, dear … [Read More...]