The Work Christmas Party

Working solo has its benefits and its drawbacks. I am one of a million Australians who work from home. That figure grows each year as people throw off their suits, whack on their trackies and pop on the kettle. Some people work very effectively from home, while others are absolutely useless at it. I am fairly useless at it. You see, I am not averse to pushing back projects in … [Read More...]

Pantone Colour of the Year 2019

It is that time of year again folks, and I know that you hang out for this annual post about the Pantone Colour of the Year! But before we get into it, I have to … [Read More...]

Confidential Confidence Cordial Considerations

Concert season is well and truly in full swing across Australia at the moment as we fill up our calendars with Christmas concerts, Presentation Assemblies, Dance … [Read More...]

The Christmas Coldsore comes early!

Tingle cells, tingle cells, tingle all the way! So much fun it is to have a fester lip today YAY! So it isn't my usual HOLY SHIT WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU annual … [Read More...]

A new danger.

It was not elegant and it was not pretty, but the impact was immediate. On Monday morning, during Huffy Puffy, I did something to my neck. Now, I hire a lady to … [Read More...]

Madness takes its toll. Please have the exact change.

I am not that clever as to come up with that title myself. It is from anon. Lately I have been doing a LOT of research into hormones. Being a lady of a certain age, … [Read More...]


  Walking through the car park this week at a busy shopping centre, I stopped when I saw a lady. She would have been maybe in her late 60's. She was … [Read More...]

Totes Worth It

So many of you by now would know that one of my Bloggy Besties has opened an awesome online store. You can shop all the goodness at Babymac's Add To Cart HERE. I was … [Read More...]

Bitch Troll from Hell

My current Huffy Puffy Trainer to the Reluctant has been riding my ass for three years now. Twice a week her cheery face turns up, carrying some weights or other … [Read More...]

Have you ever been shamed by your choice of sustenance?

Do you know how sometimes you read the papers or read news online, or scroll though bullshit on Facebook, and you come across an article like this … [Read More...]

The Little Bag for Emergencies

If you have ever had babies, you will know the importance of the baby bag. You basically could not leave the house without this bag, as it contained all of the … [Read More...]

Why isn’t alcohol on the PBS for perimenopausal women?

Stuff & nonsense, the latest installement of our PMs sexist skills, a call for medicinal alcohol, coping skills for parenting teens and our first ever booze … [Read More...]

What is your secret on staying on top of your shit?

I have a secret. I harbor an imperfection. Ok, let’s start again. I have MANY imperfections but there is one that presents itself almost every single day. I am … [Read More...]

Do you know what today is?

Today, Tuesday the 13th of November, is International Kindness Day. Sometimes I think that we might be overdosing on THEMED days. Take for example, Brazil started … [Read More...]

A Retail Tale

Apparently the undies and bra department at the local department store usually have 5 staff, but this week when I went to get some new scaffolding, there were only … [Read More...]

Why Wellness Warriors Worry Me

  I just do not care. I do not care if you are a vegan, quit sugar or scoff sugar. I do not join in on your horror that your maple syrup you used for … [Read More...]

Is love forbidden here?

It was a normal Sunday morning in 1991, when I woke up in my bed. It was a single bed, made even smaller by the fact that my boyfriend was wedged in beside me. I got … [Read More...]