Jeez Louise and Thomas Sabo

Jeez Louise.

Louise is a friend of mine who told me today that i should blog every day…. even if it is boring and self fulfilling – but do it every day. I have trouble working out what i am going to wear every day – let alone share my thoughts and feelings!

BUT – i did get a pair of Thomas Sabo earrings today from Mr Woog who could not wait another 24 hours which was nice.

And our neighbours invited us over for a drink in the spa this evening which lead me to believe that they were full swingers with evil intentions…. but actually just lead to a pleasant hour having a soak with a glass of champers. Bit insulted really. What is wrong with us? We are not that hideous. (well I was in a swimsuit so maybe….. not so good. Mr Woog not known for his tan)

Another small box has appeared under the tree this evening for me from Mr Woog. Very pleased. Does not rattle at all. Demanded whether the earrings were better than the unopened gift – he assured me the unopened gift was superior.

Am sounding shallow right about now…. but i just do not want to see people wasting money on crap.

Have a do-gooder relative who said she was going to donate to a charity that benefits my son instead of gifts this year. I said i thought that was wonderful – but for me…. would still prefer a gift. As long as it is a good one.

So here is hoping for a basket of foul Body Shop re-gifted items and a cat calendar.

And thank you to Miss Lousie – who furnished me with a bottle of Croser this afternoon which has been put to very good use. oxoxox