Always a good conversation to be had is the topic of the Execution Meal.

A quick glance at what real death-row inmates order as a last meal, let’s just say they were not concerned about their blood pressure. Most of them ordered fried chicken, fried okra (yuk), fried onions, fried bread and french fries. To drink it was Dr Pepper or Coke. One bloke ordered a coffee – very civilised.

I suspect they had not heard about THE SANDWICH.

Well, my execution meal has been confirmed, thanks to The Avenue Cafe in Mosman, AND in particular, THE SANDWICH. I was lucky enough to have lunch there today with Miss Louise, whose delightful chicken salad was the healthier choice. Which is why she is thin and I am…… well not thin.


  1. BBQ Lobster salad with a glass of Piper.
  2. THE SANDWICH!!!! Slightly toasted sourdough filled with the most delicious roasted pork you have ever eaten, complete with crackling etc, rocket and then the most AMAZING apple and mint chutney. Seasoned to perfection. From this cafe only. Want to move into the flat above this cafe so i can be close to it.
  3. A scoop of Maggie Beer’s Burnt Fig, Caramel and honeycomb ice-cream.

So there you have it – totally totally yum. Almost worth filling your boogie board up with dope.