Shoes N Sux

I have no idea about why my husband bitches and moans about evertime I buy a pair of shoes.

Seriously, I wander in, scoop up 4 or 5 to try on. Narrow it down to 2. Do a mental stocktake of my current collection to see whether I have something the same or similar. Shut my eyes and really question myself if they are comfortable. Then consider which pair to purchase. Then purchase both.

This ritual generally takes place at Mollini, Witchery, Gary Castles (only ever one pair here – never two) Nine West or David Jones. It happens less frequently that it used to. I actually was at the counter at Oroton yesterday with a pair of their new (half price) leather ballet flats in my hand…. when i decided i did not really need them. Seriously.

Last year I took my son HW to Shoes N Sox to get his first pair of school shoes. Apparently it is very very important to get very very expensive ones.

The line to get in the line to get a ticket to be served stretched out the shop and past the cupcake shop.

It took 4 attempts on seperate occasions but finally HW got his shoes.

12 months on – 2 weeks out from the beginning of term. I am like a pro.

We were outside Shoes n Sox at 8.45am this morning. A lovely lady let us in early and we were out 20 minutes later with 3 pairs of shoes and the store was jam packed. We are going to have to sell the car to pay for the shoes – ut at least he has the equipment to walk everywhere now anyway.