Tricky Dicky

I always thought woman in the media got a really hard time. Having had extensive experience in front of the camera (see previous posts), I can understand why tv folk are vain. You look like shit unless you are 17 years old and a size 4.

I flicked the Today show in this morning and was a bit concerned when I saw Richard Wilkins interviewing Mel Gibson.
Mel Gibson is a bit of a twat if you ask me. I can remember when he was soooo hot. He just seems a bit up himself now. Hot in an old man, craggy way still though. Pity his personality makes him so vile.
Richard on the other hand – well i hardly recognise him! He has been in LA for toooooo long. My god – looks like Mickey Rourkes cousin. My favourite part of the interview was when Mel said he did not want to look like he was caught in a wind tunnel and refused to have plastic surgery. Richard (if he could) was have looked appalled and embarrassed I am sure.
Anyway – enjoy the gallery of Richard over the years. Remember when he launched MTV in Australia! He was almost as hot as Nik Kershaw. My friend Belinda met him (see picture) at a ball and said he was just the nicest guy.

Just lay off the botox and fillers a bit Mr Wilkins – coz you do a top job otherwise! oxox