Lara, you made me think…….

Looking at the photo of Lara DingleBingle all trussed up is her patriotic bikini, padded up and ready to face Shane Warne, well…… it made me think of regrets and how people deal with them.

I am a big fan of burying regrets deep deep down along with bad feelings and bad emotions. Whack on a bit of lippy, shrug it all off and get on with your day. That is what our family is all about. MMMMMMM Healthy!

I am slowly cracking the curse with our family, making then all talk about true deep down feelings all over Christmas and our holiday. They were calling me Oprah my the end. They also could not wait to get back to work.

Back to regrets – well it turns out I DO have a few. In the past 24 hours I regret;

  • choosing this nail colour
  • getting talked into buying a white dress
  • leaving it too late to try and get a babysitter
  • Telling Mr Woog why the fuck should it always be up to me to arrange a babysitter
  • eating an Ogalo burger – jeeze it was good. Strike that one.
  • Not getting air conditioning organised.
  • Lasting less that 48 hours on Feb Fast.
  • not taking an umbrella with me today

There is actually heaps more I can think of – but that was starting to make me feel like a am a really bad decision maker – which i am not.

The big regrets over the years are;

  • A huge and monumental falling out with a friend that polarised and entire university group.
  • Not sorting it out the next day and as a consequence – it has been dragged on for 4 years.
  • Not quitting my last job while i still loved it – but limped though a very bad management change and leaving feeling bitter and twisted.
  • Not travelling around Italy while I had the chance (although this one can be reversed)
  • Wearing a green dress to my wedding.
  • Having 7 bridesmaids at my wedding (never get drunk the night you get engaged and announce “You can all be my bridesmaids!” on the dance floor.
  • Losing 18 months with my funny and legendary sister over a stupid fight.
  • Not taking high school seriously
  • Not taking University seriously
  • Not wearing a bikini when there was a slight chance I could have got away with it. About 20 years ago.

So actually…….. go for it Lara Bingle. Wear that little bikini. Why the fuck not.

You never know where your life may take you, and although personally, I think you do look a little daft, and deep down you think it was a bad idea while you were actually doing that shoot ,(you can tell) you can always hang it up of the back of the dunny door and show it to your grand kids when they visit you at the nursing home.