Penny V Pammy

My talented, funny and oldest friend Penny W suggested I blog about Pam Anderson at NY Fashion Week. Really, what is left to say.
I thought, no Penny, I will not pass judgement on Pam. She is 42, has been married 3 times to dickheads, has so many pages on Wikipedia I cannot be bothered to read them and is apparently broke.

Enough bloggers are having a crack at her today (while she shows us her own) and it is all a bit obvious. And Penny, after some solid self-relection, Pamela Anderson is really not that different to you and me……. we all have 2 sons.

Pam’s outfit actually brings me to thoughts of bad clothes – and that Penny, brings me back to you. (Not now however, you are a Yummy Mummy with an edge and a killer rack).

But thoughts of floor length zebra coats and skin tight plastic pleather pants do spring to mind during nights out with you ten years ago- which is fine if you are pimping at the cross but not for when you are running the Events Department at a leading Sydney 5 Star Hotel.

But unlike Pam, It would seem Penny, that you have grown up! Happy Birthday gurlfrend. oxoxx
photo Stephen Chernin