Your questions answered.


I have taken a few days while recovering from my “food poisoning” on Saturday night, to read through some of the letters I have received lately. As my brain is still mending itself – it is easier to answer questions than to rant at the moment.

Have you always been a bitching mess? – Emily VIC

Thanks Emily – one I have been asked plenty of times over the years. The answer is no. There was a time where I was a glass half full type of gal (fuck I hate them now) but late twenties started to suck the fun out of me. So, it has really only been the past 8 years, which coincided with my marriage.

Was it love at first sight with Mr Woog? – Brian VIC

No – we pashed at the Pub as a joke. Guess I am just a really really good kisser. And Mr Woog could not be bothered to keep searching. We were ripe for love at 21.

How do you and Mr Woog manage to keep it altogether? – Theresa VIC

My – we have a lot of readers from Victoria – nosy bastards. Mr Woog is the king of apathy and I am the queen of bossiness. That is what it comes down to. Get that combination right and you are onto a winner.

Also Vodka.

What are Mr Woogs most annoying traits? – Anna TAS

Easy – skid marks and obsessive compulsive disorder.

Ideal Job? Beyonce


What is in your fridge? Vodka, J’s antibiotics, wine, soda, a lot of half used probably out of date condiments and some kraft light singles.

Your nickname for Mr Woog? ATM

Mr Woog’s nickname for you? Dreamcrusher.

There are a few more there which I will get to when I have the chance. You see I am very busy trying to get through the first series of 30 Rock.

Till then

Mrs Woog