Regular readers (all two of them – Hi Mum!) would know by now that Woogworld is not a fashion blog. (no shit Chanel) I do love shopping though. But ever since Mr Woog put a roof boot on the top of the car as to deliberately disable my attempts at entering Westfield Car Parks, I have turned to the net to get my fix.

I am delighted to find the clothes have swung back to the age where I was a semi-professional roller skater at the Windsor Skatel, swaying to the tunes Bonnie Tyler and Electric Light Orchestra. This seasons trends combines two of my most familiar elements growing up – The 80’s and Bogans.

Jeans West have an amazing collection of spray on stone-washed jeans this winter. I had a similar pair except mine had lovely big pleats in both the front and back. They also had detachable braces which you could wear over your shoulders or hanging around your ass, particularly perilous when doing the limbo on skates.

All major retailers and designers are doing checked shirts a-la Lindsay this winter. They can be combined with the enemy of southern cellulite – the legging (with or without the stirrup).

The UK chain stores are furiously marketing something called the Jegging – which is when your jeans and leggings have babies. They then encase your legs to show all your dimples. Cute! There is also the option of the Tregging – for those people who like the look of a legging but prefer the feel of a trouser. I want to find out who these people are and put them on my list…………………….

You then team them with your check shirt and you are fashion forward. If this is the case I am about 20 years fashion forward. Except we were able to hide a six pack of West Coast Coolers and a packet of Winnie Blues under ours. That is how we accessorised. You see, I am one of the original Boganistas. Right on trend.