Heros, Villians and the week that was.

Highlights in WoogWorldWeek include me and Mrs Bell at Vinnies on Monday morning and discovering a piece of furniture I did not need. $40 + 2 cans of spray paint = very happy. Please note they are not my books – obviously.

We decided to make some healthy lifestyle changes and have decided to quit drinking wine during the week! So instead we invested in a Soda Stream and have been enjoying an endless supply of Vodka, Lime and Soda. See how we save money?? And i do believe you avoid the hangovers as you are rehydrating along with the alcohol. And lime is a fruit! Healthy.

From the Look What I Bought Today Files

My dream of being a landlady is coming to fruition with the purchase of this little place up the road. Now to find someone who wants to give me money every week…….I will be adding to it and passing it straight onto Westpac. (they are such pricks)

Today saw the great gardening adventure continue by Mr Woog. If one Saturday passes where he does not mow, whipper-snipper then blow vac the garden, apparently his world collapses. All part of his OCD. I followed him this afternoon trying to get a shot of his butt-crack which is ALWAYS hanging out of his pants, but he knew what I was trying to do. Here are the fruits of his labour.

This weeks Hero is the wonderful Lilly – who comes every Tuesday. She is my hero because she found the source of the filthy smell and removed it. I love her.

This weeks villains are the lending folk at Westpac and the horrible harassing policeman. Oh for Shame.

Am puzzled my this gross heat. Just saw the neighbours leave so am off for a swim in their pool.