I need a HAZMAT suit. STAT!!!!!!!!!!

Today I was enjoying a child free day. Took kids to school. Did Reading groups with H. Swumg home via Frankins and settled in on the couch to watch 30 Rock with the blinds closed. Such a beautiful day outside.

Anyway, I then decided to clean out the boys room and do a mini-makeover. I have no idea what came over me. I was having such a nice day.

I am now sneezing every 30 seconds, feeling queasy, angry and have broken out in a rash on my arm. Those little grots. Have you ever moved a bed of a 3 year old and looked under it? I will make you gag. Yogurt tubs, plates, packets of Sakatas (half eaten) and foil of a thousand chocolate Easter eggs – from last year. Apparently J had turned under his bed into restaurant for one. And also an Art Gallery. The walls are trashed. There will be words. And the dust….. oh the dust!

My most amazing find under his bed was a pair of shoes I had purchased, bought home and never saw again. I had no idea where they were. Do now. A small slice of happiness from this whole exercise.

Am pleased my eBay beds have stood the test of time! Only a few carvings were found.

Anyway the reason I am sharing these photos with you is that this room will never ever ever be this neat again. EVER. And i have wasted 2 hours of me time. Plus 15 minutes blogging about it. Am going to go and take an antihistamine.