Just like living with Tony Barber……….

Ever feel like you are a walking encyclopedia? The constant questioning from the kids is like Tony Abbott – ever-present and annoying.

J, the 4 year old, has hit his black belt in questioning and I have taken upon myself to supply him with lengthy, detailed answers to the most simple of questions. He listens intently then asks another question. I think it is his way of getting attention.

“Mum, why is the sky?” I mean that does not even make sense.

Anyway – on particular day recently, H had a very wobbly tooth and started asking about the tooth fairy.

“How does she know you have lost a tooth?”
“How does she get into my room?”
“What does she look like”

“Why does she pay me for my tooth?”

That one got me thinking……….
“She turns the teeth into Jewellery and she sells it on Ebay”

So last Monday, H took the following to school for show and tell.