Trend Alert – Double Denim

The old Texas Tuxedo is back, according to Vogue, who declares “head to toe is the newest way to wear denim.”

I am not sure that is entirely true. For all my years, head to toe denim has been around. From the glam-rock bands of the 70’s till now. But all of a sudden some lame-ass designer declared it back and here to stay, for at least 6 weeks.

And how to wear it??

“Mix up textures: Chloe had patchwork jeans with a chambray shirt, while the jeans at D&G and Ralph Lauren were ripped and frayed.”

Thanks Vogue UK – but I have other ideas I would like to share.

Denim Jumpsuit
For a seamless, effortless, chic effect. Pale denim with matching shoes. It is timeless. It is unisex. Seams down the front of the leg add a sophisticated touch. Just looks like he is waiting for Rick Astley. Bravo!

Double Denim Celebrities
Never ones to out a foot wrong in the style stakes, Britney and Justin are just divine. My only advice would be to add some accessories. Liven it up a bit. Otherwise perfection. They made magic together.

Denim + Denim + Bedazzler + Camel Toe = Stunning
Now this lass does not need to think about anything. She has hit all the right marks with this outfit. The hair is perfection. The chandelier earrings are a nice touch. I love the cheeky rhinestone t-shirt peeking out under the jacket – and about the jacket – fits like a glove. So do the jeans, particularly in the crotchall area. And one can never have enough fringing. NEVER.

So how do you work the double denim look into your everyday wear? I took inspiration from Abby-Lee walking the catwalk this season. I already had a the main elements in my closet and I am sure you will as well, they being jeans. This is an easy trend to get into and one that will take you from day to night with a change of earring. Let me walk you through this look – (I am on the right)

Turn up your sleeves a bit. Go with a neutral boot. Do not wash your hair. Choose either sunnies or a trucker cap – not both as you may end up looking silly. I also added a splash of colour with a red t-shirt, which I may end up regretting.

I hope this style guide has been of some use to you as you find your way through this maze we call fashion. I look forward to bringing you more key trends over the AW 10 season. Next up………. Making it happen with Mumus.