Weekly Wap-up in Woogworld

What a shit of a week in Woogworld. Truly hideous.I think our old friend Lara Bingle may have had worse though. Still hating Brendan Fevola – what a turd.

Not going to bore you with a blow-by blow, let’s just say it blew.

Today I embarked on my first steps in my new career – LANDLADY. Mr Woog and myself playing good cop/bad cop with Mr Real Estate was pathetic. I used phrases like “make it happen”, “I am willing to walk away on this one Robert” and “Get back to me as this offer is good for 24 hours”. I then went and sat in the car while Mr Woog and Mr Real Estate engaged in a passionate diatribe about the evils of banks and the fascinating shares v. property market argument. Afet a few minutes I started honking on the car horn just to show the agent that time was money and I had plenty of other places to inspect. Not the truth. I was hungry and wanted to go to Bakers Delight.

Came home to the news that my dear Nanna has had a stroke and has got pneumonia and has been taken to hospital. Cue the hysterical calls from Mum. This is particularly bad timing as poor Mum and my sister N have a moderate to severe stand off happening and it is a little to much for her.

J has opted in for another massive ear infection that will see us in surgery again Monday morning. A big shout out to all the cool staff at the Chatswood Day Surgery – yes we are back!!!!

Bright side is that our dear neighbours have gone to Canberra for a few days leaving me the key and code for their pool. Delightful.

So watch out for new postings over the coming days – I am sure there will be news, be it good or bad.