10 things I learnt this weekend…..

1. Despite everything in my closet I always wear the same thing when I go out.(black pants).
2. I should have gone home earlier with Mr Woog to relieve the babysitter.
3. Endless wine and too much laughter really is one of life’s pleasures.
4. No matter where you are in our house this weekend, you will hear the golf on.
5. Bongos can be played with both boobs and buttocks.
6. Beer before wine, you’ll feel fine. Wine before beer, you’ll feel queer.
7. Tennis Camp is the best friend of mother’s everywhere during school holidays
8. Sunday Papers are getting crappier
9. My pants got a bit tighter due to a visit to the new organic bakery St Malos.
10.And a bit tighter again due to my step-grandpa’s exquisite apple pie. The most amazing thing I ate all weekend. You cannot beat a dutch pastry maker. Not organic but orgasmic.