And now, the end is near………………………….

Having farmed off my kids yesterday for an overnight stay with various relatives, I am enjoying one of the last days of the school holidays sans children. So far I have read all the Sunday Papers, had another snooze, given myself a facial in the way you do with a magnifying mirror in the sun and had 2 coffees. Although my face now looks like I have just been in a major scrap with the cat, I am glad I have a few more hours till my bliss is destroyed by the return of Mr Woog and the Woogettes.

I have filled a large garbage bin with all the broken crap from the showbags. I have found H’s school bag under his bed and chucked his entire lunchbox out, complete with 2 week old sandwich. I have also found the pages of homework he was to do during the holidays. I am planning an outing to have the lovely ladies from Manhattan Nails pedicure off the extra sole on the bottom of my foot. Then another snooze.

I could not have gotten through the past fortnight with out the help from some special people and organisations. I would like to thank my major sponsor First Liquor. Thank you for the endless bottles of fine wine that I shared with many friends during the late afternoon while our kids ran amok. I would also like to thank the fine coaches at Tennis Camp for truly caring about the progression of H in the sport. I acknowledge Mr Woog for the morning coffees and head pats as he ran out the door to work. Nick Junior for supplying at least 2 hours of entertainment a day (is that illegal for kids to watch that much?? Probably.) The thousand moody teenage emos at Luna Park on Friday for not ramming me too hard in the dodgem cars and the kind folk at the Royal Easter Show who assisted me in cleaning out my bank account.

Looking forward, I am anticipating an excellent cold and flu season with young J, whose habit of catching every bug going around strengthens from year to year. H will be delighted to show his classmates his progression of having totally fucked up teeth. The loss of a top front tooth is big news in Year One. He got $3.50 which was all I could scrape together in the console of the Mazda. Mr Woog is about to move offices in the city, so I shall enjoy endless evenings of complaints about movers, builders and rents.

I am counting down the days (28) till our annual Marriage Saver Tour to Bali. And I know that in only ten short weeks, school holidays are back and I can stay in my PJ’s till ten. And drink wine at 4pm.