Date Night

Mr Woog and I took advantage of my sister’s offer to babysit last night and took ourselves out to dinner. My wedding and engagement ring have decided after 8 years to give me a nasty red rash, which may be an omen. Anyway I have not been wearing them due to the discomfort.

We went to a little wine bar for a pre-dinner drink. I went and got the drinks. It was fairly packed and there was the whole shared table thing going on. I announced in a loud voice when I gave Mr Woog his beer:

“You are heaps better looking in real life compared to your RSVP page.”

Now Mr Woog is not known for his sense of spontaneous fun. His face went bright red as the whole table turned to check him out.

Onwards to dinner – ordered etc. The waiter comes over and I request some chilli jam. And I say again in a loud voice to Mr Woog;

“Sorry, I did not even ask. Do you like spicy food?”
then to the waiter “We are on our first date.”

You can tell the waiter was pleased to hear this and scuttled back to the rest of the staff to let them know. Mr Woogs chair was facing the staff so again he was the subject of stares and judgement.

I was having a delightful evening. Mr Woog not so. Anyway he then goes on to suggest I change the name of Woogworld to something else in case any of his clients read it. I suggested he go jam it. Or if he would prefer, chilli jam it.