How to age ten years in ten minutes.

So Jessica Simpson has cut her hair in an effort to look like Carol Brady. It is a good thing that she already owns a fair collection of Mom Jeans. I actually think it suits her, which is no great compliment seeing I am at the pointy end of my dirty thirties and have carved out my winter look by use of the track pant.

But she is influenced by some style gurus.

Kate Gosselin
A woman known more for her hair and her love for the talk show circuit than spitting out kids like a bunny.

Heather Mills
Like Kate, Heather is seen often hopping mad slaggin off Sir Paul to anyone who will listen. Does anyone see the pattern? Why would you make yourself uglier AFTER the divorce?

Ahh the chameleon. Anorexic chameleon. No seriously they share the same lizard diet.

Salt n Pepa
The original asymmetrical haircut triple threat. Carried off with some sass and tude.

It is a slow old news day in Woogworld.