Naprowines and Bongo Boobs

Talking to my funny older sister this morning. She was lying on her couch suffering with the mensies. Flo was in town. She was surfing the crimson wave. How retro.

Anyway I suggested she medicate with something I call Naprowine. Naprowine was invented by a good friend of mine a few years back. It is when you have 2 Naprogesics and a small glass of wine. No matter what time of day it is. I have done it and it is like a miracle. My friend has been known to do it at 7.30am before work.

Anyway, She was also depressed because a young Gen Y bloke at her work said to her yesterday “You would have been so hot 20 years ago.” and meant it in the most sincere fashion.

Why are men (sometimes) so stupid?

Out to dinner last night with some dear friends. Mrs Finlayson was getting ready when she asked her husband this old chestnut.

“In all serious, please be honest. Does my bum look big in these pants?”

“Your bum is fine, Your thighs look big though. Across the front”

She was gobsmacked. We all were when she retold us around later at the restaurant. This was however after a few bottles of wine and a demonstration from her on how you really can play the bongo drums with your boobs.