An Open Letter to Mr Woog

Dear Mr Woog,

As per your comments yesterday regarding my pants, I would like to point out a few things which may make you feel like an idiot.

While you went to work today, I celebrated the release of the May edition of Vogue by observing my monthly ritual and taking myself off to Yum Cha. By Myself. Delightful. I took this photo to send to a friend to make her jealous. Which was not very nice I admit but love the fact that I have worked out how to do it on my iphone.

So I started flicking and eating, flicking and eating etc. Then I came across this.

Then these pages – featuring trackie dacks.

In conclusion, I would ask you in future that you not make comment on my attire as it is quite clear you are a half-wit when it comes to what is coooooooool. And it is right if it is in Vogue. See those desert boots. Trendy. They make the rules up – not you. Keep to such topics such as interest rate hikes and autumn plantings and leave the important stuff to me.

I am ready for your apology.

Mrs Woog