Still a bit lost for words.

Woogworld is a general report on what goes on in our lives in our little street, with the occasional blast at idiots who exist amongst us.

One story making news today is the sentencing of Sarah May Ward for 18 years in relation to the murder of 21 year old Eli Westlake. It never fails to stop me in my tracks. It is the result of an act of total stupidity and one that will see this woman in jail until 2027.

In 1995, I was a newly graduated Primary School Teacher whose first job was at the tiny 2 teacher school of MacDonald Valley Public School. Eli and his brother Joel were among the 22 students at the school and I had never forgotten this talented, cheeky little boy. He had a fantastic sense of humour and a creative spirit which always meant when you were teaching him, you did not know what was going to happen! His parents were wonderful. Jan (pictured above with Eli) helped in the classroom as well as the community and Nigel was finishing the musical score for the film Babe. A great family.

Sara Ward was in a meth rage and had been drinking all afternoon when she borrowed her flat mates car to go get cigarettes in the early hours of the morning before she deliberately ran Eli down.

Knowing the Westlakes as I do, I very much doubt they will ever recover from this ordeal but hope their amazing strength as a family helps chip away at their pain.