Taupe is the new Beige

The main thing that got on my tits this week are young idiots who think it is alright to bash people for no apparent reason. Twice in the last two weeks, visitors to our city were subjected to horrible unprovoked attacks by young men/children. I am not sure if I have been listening to too much talk back radio this week – but I am outraged! Oh for shame! Thirteen year olds?? Really??

As a Syndeysider I am appalled and embarrassed.

Onto other news, tonight sees Mr Woog and I join a particular group of friends for dinner. This occasion occurs 3 times a year at a restaurant of the host’s choice. Discussion focuses mainly on finances, real estate and child rearing.
Here are some snaps of our last event.

Delighted and very surprised to be asked to feature in a Style Guru’s amazing blog. Correction, not me, so very clearly in the non-stylish genre – but my house. Go to Table Tonic to check out my philosophy on decorating. Must-have reading. While you are there – have a peek at her online store. And gimme some of that!

Brendan Fevola has been cleared of any wrong doing in the Binglegate Shower incident. Thank god! I can now stop worrying about him. Fuckwit.

Best thing I ate all week were the steaming dumpling at the New Shanghai Chatswood, downstairs at the Chase. Run. Worst moment was ……. well nothing. It has been a beige week, which is better than black but not as good as hot pink.