Dear Mr Woog and Woog Jr’s

Hi Boys

Thought I would share some really interesting information about the toilet – in general.

  • Seated toilets with draining systems can be dated back to 2500 BC
  • 1688 saw the invention of the Water Closet (WC) as developed by one John Harrington in the UK
  • Modern toilets incorporate an ‘S’,’U’, ‘J’, or ‘P’ shaped bend that causes the water in the toilet bowl to collect and act as a seal against sewer gases. Now that is very very clever!
  • In 1956 Charles Rothauser, a Hungarian immigrant, named his plastics company “Caroma” and began manufacturing bathroom products, including the world’s first one-piece plastic toilet cistern (the cistern is the water tank above the toilet that stores the flush). The Hungarian Connection!!!
  • A traditional Australian way of saving water in a drought is to drop a housebrick into the cistern to reduce the volume of water in it. But in some cases you need that extra big flush! Clever!
  • In 1980, with $130 000 government assistance, Bruce Thompson of Caroma developed a cistern with two buttons and flush volumes (11.0 litres and 5.5 litres).

It is really interesting to learn about toilets. They seem so simple when you look at them, but they are quite complex when you learn about the inner workings. I am so glad that I have looked into it all, so all you need to do is concentrate on flushing it.

Check out this cool picture below. We have the fun advantage of having two toilets in our house, so I would love to hear the sound of the flush more often please.

If it’s yellow, let it mellow – If it’s brown, flush it down??

The rule does not apply here.

Any Questions?