Hungarian Irish Woog Superspecies

I married into a loud, eating Hungarian Family who like to talk loudly and eat. This dear family, like all of Hungarian descent, do not care about cholesterol, portion size, fat content or vegetables.

My side brings the common Catholic Irish strain. Together Mr Woog and I have created a super-strain of Hungarian Irish boys.

My Dad was studying to be a catholic priest when Mum boom-chicka-bow-wowed in and stole him from Jesus. My grandmother had a hard time getting over it. My family’s side concentrates on drinking, gambling and Sunday Roasts, with a bit of infidelity thrown in – like all good catholics. Hey, you can always say sorry and all is forgiven! Easy.

The Hungarian component just concentrates on eating. It is good to. Check out some of the dishes which , well I am not going to say were eaten – more like conquered, last night at the Cosmo Bondi.

They actually deep fry bread. And Cheese. Silence falls only when you are served and loud bellowing resumes the minute you finish. Topics of discussion focuses around the menu, whether you should have creamed spinach or the quality of the sour cream.

Passionate hungry Hungarians – go out to dinner with some if you get the chance.