Boob Ecomonics – A Public Service Announcement

What do Oprah, Trinny & Susannah and I all have in common?? (apart from stupid names)

We are all obsessed with boobs and bras. Apparently 80% of us are wearing the wrong size.

Like NSW Premiers and Lindsay Lohan’s sobriety, our boobs change A LOT during our lifetime and we are expected to keep them high and dry as they droop and sag.

Ok – so I do not get charged extra for being super hairy when I get my legs waxed, despite the extra product and time required.

I do not get charged more when I have a spray tan, despite going through twice the normal amount of tanner due to larger than usual surface area.

And when I am lucky enough to get a massage – I pay the standard rate.

So WHY do I have to pay a small fortune for a good bra! Isn’t it enough I have to live with them!

Check out Janelle’s Online Shop on Ebay and never pay $120 again! Get in touch with her to help you work out your size – or do what I did… Go to David Jones and get their “bra experts” help you to determine your size. A most humiliating experience when the 19 year old “assistant” actually starts singing A,B,C,D….E,F,G.

And put the saved money into your Crisco Christmas Hamper Account – or a bottle of Vodka. Whatever floats your boat. You and your boobs can thank me later.