Wayne’s World


Budget night is upon us, one time of the year that Mr Woog requests silence, cracks open a beer and sits tensely, waiting for the fun to start. A bit like me watching the final of Australia’s Next Top Model.

And he waits while Kerry O’Brian talks to “leading economists” and listens to Mr Swan so intently, oh the concentration. Like sitting on a knife’s edge. Lots of groaning and texting and a fair bit of swearing.

After it is over he will flick off the TV, announce that our Foxtel Subscription is gone, as is the gym membership and the car. (There are only 2 of those things I use – take a guess) We will not be heating our house for the winter and all unnecessary purchases are banned.

He actually said once “If you cannot eat it – don’t buy it.”
He will be announcing this all to no-one, as I will be in my room watching Greys Anatomy. He will enter the room like a prophet of doom and I will politely suggest that this is not a good time to chat as the new hot intern has just taken his shirt off. Because we have Foxtel, I can rewind it so he can see.

The only interesting bit is the fact that our leaders and called Kevin and Wayne.