Baby Origami – Fold that Baby for Free!

Ok, so I spent an hour working out how to do it and it cost me $4.95 to conduct this draw via RANDOM.ORG and a few meltdowns but I am pleased to announce the 3 winners of the Baby Origami Giveaway! The stress of the whole thing has made me question giveaways…. which is a shame as I have a Benefit Cosmetics Giveaway ending soon……..

Diary of a Madcow, Debbie, (whose sneaky double entry was deleted before the draw – so something I would do!) and Ellie who used Woogsworld as some sort of chatroom with another reader, are the winners of the amazing Baby Origami Wraps, an unique Australian design that is wrapping babies up all over the world. Mark my words, you will see this on Oprah soon. Please email me at [email protected] asap with your details and address.
In other news, my 4 year old son J has been advanced into the pre-primary ballet class. His “Ballet Studio” is a full on professional academy full of wafer thin teens who dance full time. I feel like a baby hippo every time I go there. Anyway, Sherioney, the ex-professional ballerina come receptionist at the school told me that his class would now be on a Saturday morning from 9.30am.
I said that was fine, as it would give me a chance to shake off my hangover. She looked at me pitifully. I then asked her if it qualified me getting one of those Ballet Mum stickers to put on the back of the Mazda.
For J’s reward for doing so well this term, I took him to the doctors for his 4 year old jabs. So proud.