No I am not talking about chafe, impetigo or slap cheek fever rash (all of which Woogs suffer from time to time). I am talking about things that are irking me to the core.

Constant Renovations
Recently, in my street, a magical elf came a calling and handed out pots of gold to everyone was home. We were out (probably doing meals on wheels). Everyone else whooped with joy and began drilling the shit out of their houses and teaing off the back section to put a huge combined kitchen/dining/living room with french doors opening out onto an entertainer’s delight. It has now been going on for months. On Saturday morning at about 9am, I went tearing out to the back lane to do some yelling. There were 2 gormless Irish Backpackers having their way with a jackhammer and a concrete drive. When I suggested they are breaking some sort of law/noise pollution level etc, they stared at me and said “Feck Off Ye Olde Beetch.”

Irish Backpackers 1 Mrs Woog 0.

Endless Kristina Saga
Each day, she of the ridiculous flicks is in the papers for some reason or another, and not in a favourable way. Today she is unapologetic for free upgrades for her children’s international flights. If I passed one of Kristina’s kids propped up in business class while I headed past into economy, I would pinch them very very hard. That is the sort of stuff that is “unforgivable.”

Sydney Living
The $141 parking ticket was finally found by Mr Woog in the Mazda’s console for when I overstayed my welcome by approx 18 seconds. For shame North Sydney Council.

I always get sucked in my sales. It starts with little postcards I get in the mail saying I get everything at 99% off if I shop the following day from 2pm-2.30pm. I rearrange my entire life to get there. It is inevitably full of all last years crap and stuff I have already bought at full price. The chicks who are there are frantic and there is a lot of “I was in line” “Here is the Line” “The line starts out the door” and “There is a line you know!” I count myself as one of these silly bitches and will no doubt be back do dig through loads of crap a few more times.

Adam Walters
Just because he is a skeeze.

Underbelly 3 – The Golden Mile
Is this the biggest disappointment on TV since Hey Hey It’s Saturday (Night – except on Wednesday Night)? Me thinks so. Not as much rooting though as the second one – which Mr Woog deemed his favourite so far. Interestingly enough, Matt Newton will be hosting the Family Friendly X Factor (does anyone watch this??)which is a far cry from what he has been up to lately. No judgement.

I said it about Iphones and will no doubt own an ipad in ten days time, but what is the deal? My Dad actually got me onto Iphones after an 8 hour demonstration about what they are capable of. He went to a class. In the City. With a lot of young folk eager to teach him. He went over on the ferry and used his Seniors concession card. He is going to do the advanced class soon. It is not an electronic sanitary product.