Money Saving + False Economy + Benefit Giveaway!

In these harsh ecomonic times, I am continually coming up with ideas to save money in our household. I thought I would share with you some ways in which I meet the monthly budget.

• Park correctly and pay the meter and save up to $144 a month.
• Do not take the cat to get it’s claws clipped. $24 a month
• Cancel your acupuncturist appointment and get the cat to do happy paw clawing on your back and head –
$ 120 a month.
• Make your own vodka from potatoes – $300 a month
• Get the kids to demonstrate how sick they really are by setting up a series of impossible physical challenges to complete – If they get through them, the prize is a doctor’s appointment. Potential savings $160 a month.
• Ignore the Mazda’s obvious suspension issue – $500
• Return videos on time – $45 a month
• Do your own micro-dermabrasion with a body loofah and soap- $110 a month

I saved an extra $18 last month by not getting my eyebrows waxed. I took to them with a pair of tweezers and my magnifying mirror with extreme gusto. After about 20 painful minutes I had a situation on my hands. Not only had I created many gaps due to the removal of my “blonde” hairs, I was also left with one and a half eyebrows instead of the usual 2.

It was something not even the lovely gals at the Benefit Brow Bar could do much with , so they sold me the Instant Brow Pencil. I LOVE THIS. It is easy to use and there is no chance you can stuff it up. You will love yourself sick. This has been a lifesaver and a product I am so impressed with, I bought the company.

No I did not, but I told them my tale of woe and brown-nosed a bit and they sent my out 2 Instant Brow Pencils along with 2 Highbrow Pencils to giveaway to readers. The Highbrow Pencil helps you look like you have not just come home from a night out with Russell Brand. It is like an eye-lift. Without the use of stitches and shit.

Valued at $80, this set is one of Mrs Woog’s Favourite Things.*

Leave a comment on this post and tell us your best money saving tip. Next Friday 2nd July, the winners will be notified and your rowdy brows could be a thing of the past.

Interesting side note, it would have been cheaper to have paid the $18 for the professional brow wax – but hey… I am still learning about budgets. According to Mr Woog, this exercise was an example of False Economy.

* This post is not a paid post. No cash for comments here! I am a bit like Oprah in the sense that we both have our favourite things and insist on pushing them onto unwilling people. I have some more Favourite Things Giveaways to post soon so come back and see me sometime. Especially if you like Vodka. And let’s face it, who doesn’t! Check out this post to enter in the Baby Origami Giveawaybecause there are just so many ways to fold a baby.