Survivial of the Biggest Egos.

Cranky old dog Mike Munro snarls at news pups
From: The Daily Telegraph June 04, 2010 12:00AM

If the stories are believed to be true, Mike Munro is not going to be winning any Mr Congeniality Awards over at Channel 7 anytime soon. His temper is famous.

“The temper has erupted regularly lately and he has completely shaken younger producers and left one of them in tears,” a source said.

Munro responded: ‘If someone is not up to the job when we’re on the road and are maybe out of their depth, am I going to say so? You betcha.”

Yes Mike, it is hard to be humble when you are perfect. I am going to find out where you live and come give you a Chinese burn for saying “You Betcha.” No Excuse. Who actually says that? (unless your last name is Bush or Winfrey.)

I suspect Mike is more shitty with Chris Bath. Looking at this press picture, you can almost see the thought bubbles.

Mike “If I have to stay any longer standing next to this sheila in this studio, I am going to make someone cry. I am a journalist for God’s Sake!! I need to be out on the road!”

Chris “Fuck off Mike you twat. Everyone in this room hates you and wishes you would piss off back to This Is Your Life.”

My little sister P (gen Y delightful afterthought from my parents) began her career at a television station . She was the object of extreme torturing by her boss. He actually asked her once if she was retarded!! My sister eventually resigned after a year of daily bullying.

Anyway I am not sure how she lasted that long, but after a year of freelance work, she now works for someone who seems to have a bit more class – So Cheers to that!