Taking the Piss

I was alerted by a lovely reader, to a new product on the market for kids. You may be aware of a list I compiled a while back in a post called Crock-a-doodle-doo. Well this little beauty shoots to the top if the list of Stupid Things to Buy If you have Kids.

The Potty Safeguard is a bag made of cotton that you carry around with you. When your kids needs to pee at a public toilet, you are to spend 5 minutes fitting this over the toilet, while your toddler stands next to you holding their privates and running on the spot. Relaxing. Your kid will not doubt piss on it, then you get to mix all the germs together and shove it back into your handbag. You also get to wash it – because you probably do not have enough washing to do anyway.

The inventors of this are on my list.

I know you are probably sick of hearing about toilets from me, but during a recent lecture on bathroom hygiene during family dinner, I pointed out that although the flushing had increased in our household, they still needed to work on their aim.

So another stupid product pops up. How to turn doing a simple piss into a fun game. Do our kids need more structured play in their lives?? Anyway, you actually stick this inside your toilet and the boys can piss on it.

Mr Woog then suggests we get one of those toilet mats to mop up spilt piss. After I finished gagging and threatening to move out, I came across the perfect solution. And informed then that there were now no unisex toilets at Woogsworld.