Week In RePhew.

Last night I got myself a bit spruced up. I arranged a babysitter and shaved my pits. I put on a bit of lippy and ran J’s Barbie brush though my hair. Man, I was going to town!

Literally, into town.

I did a freebie copy writing job for an accounting firm as a favour to my uber-accountant (try hard to make that sound sexy!) and in return, he and his hilarious wife were shouting us to a slap up dinner in Haymarket, complete with copious wine.

After an amazing dinner, we wandered back up George Street to find a place for a nightcap. On the way we passed a punch up, a few hundred drunks, heaps of people heading down to watch the footy at Darling Harbour (quite possibly the most appalling place on the planet) and an alarmingly large number of 17 year old girls who clearly forgot to put their skirt on before venturing out. It was a fucking zoo.

We went to the Marble Bar. There was a line of John Ibrahim lookalikes waiting to get in. Pass.

We then went to the Ivy.

The Ivy is a huge bar on 4 levels. It is the ultimate tool shed. Tools EVERYWHERE. It is also known as the Dry Cleaners – where you go to pick up a suit. Geddit?? Took me a while as well.

There was also a line at The Ivy. We stood at the back contemplating where to from here when the bouncer looked over at us, gave us the once over and then let us in! Straight in! We walked to the top of the line, smiling pitifully at the people waiting to get in. I was having a Nicole Ritchie moment.

Then we realised that the line was there for the purposes of checking ID’s.

Anyway, we enjoyed our drink while watching people get inappropriate with their workmates. A Long Island Iced-Tea was just the thing to assist me in a giggly ride home in the taxi. Totally worth the job.

A few other things happened to me this week.
  • I managed not to get a parking fine.
  • I did not get to the gym – very very unusual
  • I WON A PRIZE!!! Click here to find out what.
  • The kind folk from Benefit Cosmetics and Trilogy Skincare are showering me in products to give away – so make sure you follow me blawg to be eligible. Details soon.
  • My son H got a great report from school – favourite bit was “He makes the most of light hearted moments.” which I read as class clown. So very proud.
  • I have been on Weight Watchers for 11 hours. AM STARVING.
  • I got giddy when I read this review from a super duper popular blogger. Am pleased that my readership now extends to beyond my immediate family.
  • I found a kindred spirit over at MummyDiaries who writes like a woman possessed – You will LAUGH.
  • I survived a difficult week as the CEO of Woogsword – not like the super pervy Mark McInnes, former CEO of David Jones! What did you do Mark??

Villain of the Week? Too easy.

Hero? Am taking suggestions.