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I am well aware that you are probably sick to death of hearing about my boobs and toilets, so I thought I would share with you a few new additions to my toolbox.

He needs a smacked bum and 10 minutes in time out.

K-Rudd can hear the sound of his supporters fleeing. It truly pains me to add this to the toolbox but I hope I will not need it in there for too long.

Well Done Rusty for giving up the fags, but we do not require a daily blow by blow about it. You are just not that interesting.

Bingle news has been rare lately, but we now learn that she is seeking money from her ex-finance, sueing him for loss of income she incurred while snorting coke at the Piano Room.

They are also having a clearance on the Entire Board Of Directors of BP.

Any tools in your box you cannot live without??