WoogsWorld Cup

The world has given Beiber Fever the shove and is now focusing it’s attention on the World Cup in South Africa. I know nothing about soccer/football but pulled beers for 2 years in a North London Pub so Ido know that there are some true die-hard fans out there.

When there was a local derby on, the pub would be packed with screaming fans and we would have to serve beers in plastic cups so they would not stab each other in the neck at half time.

The only interest I still have in soccer is Harry Kewell, who my first son may or may not have been named after. He makes me go funny in the tummy.

I adore the classy things some people get up to to support the Socceroos. This is a perfect outfit to wear down to the Live Site at Darling Harbour over the coming weeks. Practical and you can not lose it on the train on the way home. Might need a scarf though.

Here is the Aussie’s Fanatics Tent City, and if you fancy bunking down with 1500 and using the same port-a-loo’s as drunken louts, then this is your spot.

I will never know why Harry Kewell and I did not end up together, but looking at this picture of WAGS below, I would say it was divine intervention. I would be seated in the back row of red seats in my mom jeans and a snuggie. With a hot dog. And a Pint. I love the cheeky lass in the front row, second from the left who is trying to give us a glimpse of her beaver.

Enjoy watching the World Cup, or your time as a World Cup widow!