Are you just happy browsing??

Having suffered from extreme sore-throatedness for an entire week, I am relieved I am on the mend with antibiotics doing their job and canesten at the ready. 

It has been pretty bad, but good news is that I lost 3 kilos due to the fact I could not eat! Also have not really slept for a week, apart from the night my pal Belinda gave me a normison and advised I washed it down with half a bottle of wine. The result was 10 straight hours sleep accompanied by a litre of drool. Felt a bit like Anna-Nicole Smith the next day, but at least I was not tired.

Yesterday I escaped the madhouse and went shopping with the divine Ms M. We hit up that mecca that is Chatswood Chase and were pleased to note we were were the only non-European car in the car park. We went to a fancy shmancy shop, you know the kind that sells t-shirts for $300? Anyway, they also only cater for semi-anorexics so the only thing that was going to fit me was a pashmina, or perhaps a handbag. 

We went into the change room where the store thoughtfully provides what they call a face scarf. A face scarf is like a burka hajib for rich chicks with too much make up on to use while trying on thousand dollar silk dresses. It assists the garment to stay clean. I doubted anyone would ever use one so I fitted one over my head. I waltzed out through the customers trying to find a sales assistant.

“Excuse me”I asked. “These do not seem to have a price on them. How much are they?”

Without blinking, smiling or even a small look of horror, the lady told me that they were not for sale, but I could keep one if I wished. How nice is that!! I thought I looked amazing! It certainly covered my imperfections.

We thought we would take a look at shoes, for of course the sales were on. Ms M took me to a shop where I fell IN LOVE with a pair of ballet flats that I knew I must own. (Mr Woog later pointed out that they were the same as my other red ballet flats… but these had leopard print – it is all in the details Mr Woog). So excited I got myself all jumpy up in the air and high fiving etc. 

My elatedness was soon tinged with pissed-offness. The service at this particular shop was non-existent. I will not name this establishment as I fear litigious retribution, but lets just call it Sambag for arguments sake.

These two twenty somethings barely looked up from their iPhones. They made the “ladies” who “serve” you at Mosman’s Country Road look like total professionals with a degree in hospitality and runner up is the Miss Congeniality contest.

But a great day anyway – and with my throat infection on the way out, this week can only get better and better. Life is always better with a new pair of red ballet flats.