Mrs Woog Loves…… Vodka O

Come about 5.30pm in my street, if you listen really carefully, you can hear the sound of a hundred fridges opening, the lone glass being filled with wine as mum’s silently toast themselves for almost getting through another day….. or so I have heard.

In an effort to be a healthier, happier family, Mr Woog and I decided to quit drinking wine during the week. We now choose a refreshing Vodka, Lime and Soda for cocktail hour here at Woogsworld. Mr Woog can become very obsessive about these things and tried out A LOT of brands before coming across the genius that is Vodka O.

The reason why Vodka O is Woogsworld’s tipple of choice is because you can have 3 large ones and wake up the next morning not feeling like you are going to barf. It is Organic, something I scoff at in fruit and veg (they always look dirty) but something I look for in alcohol.

Using pure Australian spring water our unique evaporative and charcoal filtering process creates a super smooth taste. Vodka O is free from chemical impurities and contains no residual herbicides, pesticides or fungicides, which means more natural goodness.

And less seediness the next day. Mr Woog also likes it because it is cheap.

Some time ago, I made the suggestion that you could make your own vodka from potatoes, but through trial and error, I can now see that nipping up to the local boozer for a bottle of Vodka O is far far easier.

I could have actually filed this one under Ingenious Invention #3.

The hotties at the Vodka O Marketing Department have supplied me with 3 bottles of the best ever hard stuff to give away to Woogsworld Readers. We have both agreed that it will be sent directly from their office, as I might be tempted to syphon off half the bottle and top it up with water, a la my 15 year old self did to her parents liquor cabinet. Remember Rocket Fuel??

So to win a few drinks on me, there is a few things you need to do. You need to be living in Australia please please don’t abuse me Yankees, be over 18 and be a follower of Woogsworld. Not a follower? Easy just click on the FOLLOW button on the right.

THEN, leave a comment on THIS POST telling me how you would enjoy your Vodka O.
I recommend a cocktail called Mrs Woogs Shrinking Butt. Fill a glass with ice, add a big squeeze of lime, add a big slurp of Vodka O and top with Schweppes Sugar Free Agrum. Stir and Skull or Sip – depending on the day you have had. And only 1 Weight Watchers point!
Winners will be announced on Woogsworld next Friday 6th August – so check back in then.

PS Am super super excited about my next Giveaway…. here is a little clue!