Separated at Birth

Watching the news this morning, I was quite frankly stunned to see footage of Mafiance Shayda Bastani being arrested at Sydney Airport. She was about to board a plane to KL – First Class mind you (lucky cow). Shayda is the partner of Fadi Ibráhim, who was the subject of an attempted hit last year. Shayda got her knickers is a twist and as been arrested for allegedly conspire to murder the suspect who pulled the trigger. GASP! The Ibrahim Family are a hard working crew who seem to have terrible luck when it comes to connections with organised crime. Always in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Girlfren….. you are gonna be in sooo much troble wit chor mamma!

This drama was played out only a few suburbs away from Woogsworld, where the most outrageous thing anyone has ever done is to dump their prawn heads in someone else’s bin.

I have become quite obsessed with the goings on of the Ibrahim Brothers. Couple this with my obsession with getting Kim Kardashian’s hair, and something kept nagging me.

” Honey, I am going to go get that nasty prick who shot you in that there tummy”

“Shayda, while you are on my couch, would you mind feeding mah Cheetah?And get off mah phone”

So THAT is why I have never seen Shayda and Kim in the same line at Woolies before!

PS This post is done in Hot Pink to show support to all things trashy.

PPS No really, the Ibrahim’s are a really nice family. Please don’t come get me!