The Award Winning Blog

Well it is about fucking time someone customised and presented me with an award for my blog. Yes thank you Mad Cow, you crazy beeyotch for going to all that effort. Am a bit pissed off that I have to share it with the NDM, Good Golly Miss Holly and Candy’s Family. And I am glad you did not ask me to do any of the lame things that you have to do when you sometimes win a blogging award, like share your biggest secret or outline your hopes for the future, because the answer to that is A. I have no secrets and B. I hope to get to the Benefit Brow Bar this afternoon for a little waxwork.

But just so you know, here are ten things about me that might just bore you to snores.

  1. I am a social being. Quite often Mr Woog will arrive home from work to a full house of wine guzzling women and a thousand kids.
  2. I have a reflex issue in my ear where if I attempt to clean it with a cotton bud, I dry retch.
  3. I have an impressive collection of ballet flats, despite never having done a lesson.
  4. My dream job is to be a resort reviewer.
  5. If I cannot do that, I would like to be Beyonces Back Up Singer/Dancer
  6. I cannot stand McDonalds except that is a total lie, oh what I would do for a cheeseburger.
  7. I derive from a large blended family of drama queens, loudmouths, emos and egos. It is never dull at Christmas.
  8. My 3 best friends recently gave me a mild to moderate kick up the pants for being too negative about life and shit. Kick was appreciated.
  9. Mr Woog has just arrived back from the Seafood Markets with Prawns and Champers for dinner – he is soo transparent. Ok you have to wait a bit, I am nearly finished with this.
  10. I have broken my no writing rule on Sundays. Oh well, it is not everyday you are awarded the MFMBWLVACCFS award, it to not acknowledge it would be just rude, I am sure Jesus understands.

And in the interests of Karma and paying it forward and all that bollocks, I am kicking this award over to London City Mum, who I am not sure likes to cook, but I sure knows she enjoys a tipple.
Now be gone with you, I have a date with Mr Woog.