The Causes of My Self-imposed Media Blockout

Ok so time to weigh in a bit on chicks in the media this week. I am going to get into muzzle manufacturing and make a fortune.

First up Jacinta, yes you are lucky you find motherhood a cinch. Come over and we can go though your bullet points, as I am obviously missing something. Jacinta wrote an article in last Sunday’s paper regarding the fact that we should all quit our whinging about raising babies and getting spewed on is funny. Oh the can of worms you have opened! If you are already bored of hearing about it, then DO NOT CLICK HERE. PS cute baby.

And Alannah Hill. You are just a plain stoooopid. Saying you wished to be sexually harassed by that creepy creepy Mark McInnes, former CEO of DJ’s makes you look like a total ho-bag. Even you must admit Alannah, you came off a bit desperate. I suggest you lay off the champers before facing the media. She is back-peddling today with the announcement of a Sorry Sale.

taken moments before her gaffe with designer Alex Perry…….girl you is about to get in soooo much trouble!

Hill said her business partner was “so furious” about her comments that she would hold a “sorry sale” on Saturday, and donate half the proceeds “to some sort of a women’s shelter or sexual abuse (charity)”.

Asked what she would do with the other half of the funds, she said: “I might pass them on to the nice girl with the hyphen in her name. I’ve forgotten her name.”


Bristol Palin, 19, calls off her engagement for the second time to Levi Johnston. Why am I even reading about this when I can just look at magazine covers.

Kristina Keneally and Verity Firth, it is called a phone. Use it.

Now I am not in the habit of sledging women, it is just sometimes these things need to be said.

And as for you, you are still perfect.