Mrs Woog loves…….. Uberkate

This is a beautiful story of friendship. When a girl from the western suburbs of Sydney met a girl from the Northern Beaches back in 1992 at University. Now these 2 characters could not have been more different. Like night and day.

One was a wide eyed virgin, representative sportswoman, brilliant scholar and gorgeous to boot. The other girl scraped into university by the skin of her teeth, spent more time at the bar and smoking fags on the lawn than actually attending any lectures. Yes this odd couple fell in friendship love, a love that has endured to this day.

Ok, so the virgin is my friend Uberkate. She was only a virgin until the Easter break after we all teased her a lot and she travelled home to give her “flower”to her JohnnyCheeseCakeFace boyfriend. He was promptly dumped with Uberkate swearing she would never do that again. Oh how things change.

We have seen each other through ridiculous boyfriends, revolting flats, irritating colleagues, weddings, babies, toddlers, husbands, work, getting fired, another job, small spats, medium spats, fashion disasters, parental health issues, to tattoo or not to tattoo, garage sales, eBay triumphs and about ten thousand litres of wine. Despite still looking like Elle McPherson’s hotter younger sister, I love her to bits.

I love how clever she is and has always had the ability of turning nothing into something. Uberkate was a television junkie. She appeared on camera, behind the camera, under the camera and used the camera to prop herself up after production wrap parties. All the while she created. Fiddled with bits and bobs and started making cool beaded jewellery. That we started wearing. Then she started selling.

She then wanted to do a silversmith course. She asked to if I wanted to do it with her.

Sure I would love to!” I enthusiastically responded. But pulled out when I learnt it would clash with Melrose Place.

But she went, and created, and stamped and polished. She gave the TV career the ass and backed herself in her own business Uberkate. These days that little business has grown into something very special.

So to celebrate Uberkate finishing Dry July (where I must admit we did see each other that much during that month) and with Father’s Day coming up, we are giving away a very special prize for Woogsworld readers. You will kick yourself if you do not enter, or you can send me your address and I will come and do it for you!

Dads’ deserve to be spoilt and Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity. The Uberkate Living range for Men has been designed for Father’s Day, to give Dad a unique gift he will always treasure.

The Uberkate Living Range for Men comprises of two pieces. A set of cuff links and a key ring, both of which can be personalised and embossed with initials of the father’s loved ones.

To celebrate Father’s Day, Uberkate is giving one lucky reader the chance to win a Living Range Father’s Day set valued at $595.

If you win, (lucky cow) you can work with Uberkate to have your set customised as you required. And if you have not heard of Uberkate, go to and have a look at her amazing range of personalised jewellery that will make you want to drool. I drool all the time, especially at the gold. This is on my current wish list….

and this…..

and maybe a little of this…….drrrrrrrooooooooooooooooooooool.
To win you need to do the following……………….

  • Leave a comment on THIS post explaining why you want to win. Simple. Oh and you need to be a follower of WoogsWorld.
  • Go to Uberkate’s FaceBook Page and like it.
  • Go and make a cup of tea knowing that you might have already solved that dreaded “What should I get my dad/partner for Father’s Day?” issue.

My Uberpal Uberkate will select a winner on Friday 13th August and winner will be announced on Woogsworld.

So go and drool NOW!