Pimping SawHole

I suppose it was only a matter of time before this happened. Sawhole has made a name for herself as WoogsWorlds regular Agony Aunt. Her advice has literally helped 8 people with their dilemmas, and now I must be like Oprah to her Dr Phil and allow her share the good word.

She is the only regular blogger without a Blog – quite a feat if you ask me. Saturdays with SawHole remains one of the most popular segments on WoogsWorld. She has displayed excellent aptitude as the WoogsWorld Merchandising Mananger, so I must grant a request from Good Golly Miss Holly to have SawHole guest post over there today.

Good Golly Miss Holly!

Spread your wings SawHole, but I expect you back on board tomorrow ok? I just cannot get shake this nagging feeling of impending doom.